Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

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  • crazy

There is no ultrasonic fingerprint under screen(Mi 5s plus). Only Mi 5S have ultrasonic fingerprint under screen

I agree with Hugo, but this is now a "me too phone" now that 6gig, low rez, meh battery phones are out there.
If he wanted to kick ass, he should have gone 4000+mAh,or 8gigs, or higher resolution.
People pay more attention to specs than to body colors (especially on the forums they announce this stuff)
Once new market countries reach saturation, it's going to get a lot more competitive.

  • Chrjns

Its compact for a 5.7 phone even though its on the thick side... 128 gb black will be mine....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2016No SD Card? Lmao!! No high end Xiaomi products have SD card slots, Hugo barrah talked about why here:

" He said, "For high performance devices, we are fundamentally against an SD card slot."

He claimed that microSD cards are vulnerable to failure and in most cases malfunction in various conditions. Pointing out that counterfeit SD cards are quite common, he added they are usually of "extremely poor quality" and slow as well. Barra says some of the issues caused by microSD cards reported by Android smartphones users are app crashing and loss of data."

  • Castiel

Why is Xiaomi still using 1080p?

  • AnonD-590220

please review this as soon as possible gsmarena heheh

  • Anonymous

GSM arena , please review Mi 5s Plus.

  • Anonymous

No SD Card? Lmao!!

  • Yousef nofal

previous expectations were faulty.


Had high expectations but
No SD card, NO O.I.S. , NO Amoled screen (only 1080p at 5,7" = lower pixel density than expected)
Think I'll wait for Huawei's offering, mate 9, later this year.

  • AnonD-555834

when it will come to india

  • AnonD-573583

can't wait for this one!! love it and reaaaalllyyyy reallyyy into it..

  • sabb

Are these official specs? hard to think dual cam set without OIS