Xiaomi Mi 8X passes 3C certification, shows three variants

Ro, 09 August 2018

No one expected Xiaomi to release a third alteration of its original Mi 8, but here we are with yet another leak confirming the existence of the Mi 8X. Three new model numbers M1808D2TE, M1808D2TT and M1808D2TC popped up on 3C certification website that are believed to be different modifications of the handset.

Unfortunately, there's nothing else that the listing gives us, but if the latest report is anything to go by, the Mi 8X will use a Snapdragon 710, have an in-display fingerprint and a 3,100 mAh battery. And the previously leaked images point at strikingly similar design to the standard Mi 8 version.

In any case, the 3C certification hints at a nearing announcement and we expect it to be in the following month or so.



Reader comments

  • Mix 2s

They doing exactly same thing, like Samsung was from 2011, until, 2016. Or like Huawei/Honor/Nova does in the last 2 years. Look where is Samsung in the last 7 years (1th in sales, world wide), or look Huawei, 2th in the world right now. I guess floa...

Flooding the markets like total maniacs. Eh, let them. I have my phone and I'm happy with it!

Disappointing. Or I for one - With the Mi A1 and snapdragon 625 - I don't need it to be faster. Give my a symbolic boost to compensate for 2:1 screens and give me that 4k battery. What we want is a Redmi Note 5 with USB-C and Android One. That'...

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