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Im surprised i tried to sell this beast sd855 + wireless charge phone for RM650 150$ at very great condition but nobody seems to interested to even have a look. Guess i will keep it as backup phone :)

  • CamRun

MI fan, 24 Apr 2021Xiaomi, are you just killing these phones? What happened to... moreTurn off always on screen feature, it uses all sensors all time, and this makes it,s lifespan shorter.

when the android 11 release for this phone??

  • N1Ph QFQEUXM just arived in Serbia.... Patch for April. It schould be preparation for 12.5

  • MI fan

Xiaomi, are you just killing these phones? What happened to these phones for about last month?
My Mi 9 died last week. It worked perfectly for 1,5 years, no lag, no problems at all.
A week ago it suddenly began to turn off and on again. The next day 2 times, the next day 3 times, and finally it turned off and become dead brick. It responses nothing, neither charging nor any button combinations. The repair shop replaced a few capacitors and it helped for 4 hours, after that it turned off again. They told me that it is the chipset. It seems over the internet that for the last month many MI 9 died this way. Is it Xiaomi with their misbehavior firmware that caused the hardware to die?

Noto, 10 Apr 2021Will MIUI 12.5 be released for mi 9?Yes

  • Macieyla

Noto, 10 Apr 2021Will MIUI 12.5 be released for mi 9?Probably yes.

  • Noto

Will MIUI 12.5 be released for mi 9?

  • Driv3r

What will be recommendations after MI9? Beautiful phone, very fast for daily use. But need more bigger battery, camera (not use gaming,.).

  • Kocka

Hi,i have problem with my fb,everytime when i open the app crashes down,i do hard reset,update software,reinstal the app,but sitll the problem exist,does somebody have this problem and how to fix it...

  • hon

processor is superb.
the speaker sux to the max.
battery capacity was fine with miui 11, but miui12 drain the battery.

not perfect but after 2 years it still beat most of the phone with its price vs spec

  • Anonymous

The quality is not there. Yes, the chipset is good, but software and cameras are not. The ads, the bloatware also are downside.

  • 0wner

Maths kroon, 26 Feb 2021Really terrible quality in sound while recordings video! Yes, i have to agree with you. after record video, always can hear some noises, crackles.

  • N1Ph

Kriszkovcs, 07 Mar 2021Shittiest bluetooth ever. I own a xiaomi airdots pro and th... moreI don't have any of the mentioned problems and I am using airdots, mi band 4, smart composition scale 2.

  • Kriszkovcs

Shittiest bluetooth ever. I own a xiaomi airdots pro and the mi9 is barely connect to it. The same with the xiaomi Bluetooth speaker. The iPhone 6s connect faster and more problematic-free than the mi9. Oh, and i don't get the notifications, when i closed the apps. I have to put that tiny padlock to the app in the background apps function. These are appeared after the latest update. Btw, good phone. Fast, good screen, good sounds, good battery life, good gaming.

  • Maths kroon

Really terrible quality in sound while recordings video!

  • XDM

had mines since launch EXACTLY to the date 2 years ago and still going Strong, flawless and fast, latest up to date Os support and snappy as day one.

  • icpro

Mohamed alaa bebo, 29 Jan 2021What about the phone performance and photos quality after u... moreI have installed the MIUI12 security pack in miui 11 for the ultra power saving. in MIUI 11 i had 512 hours, while after upgrade to miui 12, it decreased to 350 hours.
if you don't care about the super wallpapers, i suggest not to upgrade

What about the phone performance and photos quality after updating the mi 9 to miui 12 ??
I am still on miui 11

RKY, 06 Dec 2020How long does Xiaomi typically supports their phones? I... morenot that long maybe 2 years at most. but the good thing is most xiaomi phones especially the flagships have plenty of 3rd party rom support. for example the old mi note 3 was abandoned on android9 but installing LineageOS brings it up to Android10 with frequent security updates.