Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2019Ure trolling. Given how efficient the u55 is going to be, i... more855*

  • Anonymous

Odin, 05 Jan 2019Disappointing Battery shoud be at least 4000mahUre trolling. Given how efficient the u55 is going to be, it’ll probably feel like any 4000 maH ureself has used

  • Odin

Disappointing Battery shoud be at least 4000mah

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2019Still no jack = not buying.Buy Samsung, LG, Meizu, Poco..

  • RDav

Xiaomi asking to wait a ridiculous 360 hours to unlock phones. I am not using a phone for 2 weeks to get all my messages during that time erased with an unlock. So I don't care how good the phone is, hello Huawei .

  • Anonymous

Still no jack = not buying.

  • Suro boy

Stereo speaker please !!

  • Hitendra

For Mi M 9 Battery should of 4500 or 5000 mah

Gss, 04 Jan 2019550 or 600 euros for sureNo brother, price is revealed to 445 US Dollars.

  • Gss

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2019should be 300$550 or 600 euros for sure

Price should be around 400 USD.

Does it support Always on display, water resistant, LED Notifications? These three is my basic requirements. If yes, I will switch Xiaomi again.

  • mike

finally fast charging ..32 W

  • xiaomi user

should be on my hands now

  • Anonymous

should be 300$