Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

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Perfect size phone!
Although, still too small battery, even for this size. (compared to P20, which is similar size)

  • jam

i like it.fully packed.but im really a fan of 3.5mm port.

Phone is definitely outstanding and promising.
Jack is not essential and is not needed.
IP protection is not essential and is not needed. No warranty covers water damage.
Battery is great enough as the CPU is not powerhungry.
Other features are very velcomed.

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2019no ip68, no deal!Man which warranty covers water damage??? Noone.
Also unless you live in a rainforest IP protection is useless.
Is for clumsy careless people rest of the users dont needs to pay extra cost for IP protection which is nothing else just an expensive feature not worth to have by people which care for their phone.

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2019And where is the sd card slot, what the hell xiaomi!For what???
My Phone Moto X4 have 64GB disk space and i filled like 40GB in 2 years.
From which 12GB is for games.
Who needs a SD Card slot if the phone space is big enough.

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2019Battery needs to be bigger! And a headphone jack! Some IP r... moreWith that powersaving CPU battery is good enough.
Jack is not essential and is not needed.
And IP protectio in for clumsy people.
Anyway no warranty will cover water damage so IP protection is just very expensive gimmick which have no use.

  • Anonymous

Why Xiaomi dont announce SAR values?
For example mi8 se. Nearly 1 year past, there is no information about SAR value

  • DudeMan

Lead2XL, 20 Feb 2019I was tempted by last year's Mi 8 SE but didn't go for it b... moreWhilst I agree this phone may not have satisfactory screen on time, I don't see why you would set an arbitrary limit on 4000 mah phones. As per GSMs Mi 9 review, the smaller battery actually compares well against bigger capacities thanks to a more efficient chip and screen. For example, my Redmi has a 4100 mah battery but gets the same rating as the Mi 9!

Benchmarks are the only thing that matters.

The battery is the biggest compromise in this device other than that its really nice !! I love the back and its beautiful.

I was tempted by last year's Mi 8 SE but didn't go for it because of the limited number of LTE bands, same problem now with the Mi 9 SE. I can use phones with LTE Band 7 in Canada, where I live, unlike Americans whose carriers don't have Band 7, but I worry about the resale value of phones lacking LTE Band 4 (1700/2100) which is much more common across North America. Plus the small battery, only 3070 mAh, is pathetic for a 2019 phone, a total deal breaker for me. I am currently using the Pocophone F1 with a 4000 mAh battery and I wouldn't be happy with a battery that was much smaller than this.

  • gringo

bettery to go for redmi note 7 and 7 pro. better battery, jack, fm radio, sd card slot ... sd 710/712 no difference

  • Anonymous

no ip68, no deal!

Battery spoilt a very good phone..

  • Anonymous

And where is the sd card slot, what the hell xiaomi!

  • Anonymous

Battery needs to be bigger! And a headphone jack! Some IP rating would also be great!

  • Anonymous

Size, weight, cpu, price, all good anything to say on this. For me on March it's gonna be this or Xperia 10 for the Sony interface and design