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  • Poom

MewOne., 07 May 2021Hello guys ... I wanna ask those who are veteran on using m... moreI would recommend flashing a .zip with a newer modem config

  • MewOne.

Hello guys ... I wanna ask those who are veteran on using mi9T, how can i solve suddenly drop linebar(data) and unstable connection..example like, playing games, its suddenly lagg or chatting on social media, the line bar dissapear

  • Anonymous

Very good

  • hossein menatali

when will get android 11?

  • NewFan

Sasori, 26 Apr 2021From what store? Does it support sim card?Sorry for the late reply. I am in Malaysia and bought the Mi 9T from a seller on the Shopee online shopping platform. Yes, the phone supports local sim card and LTE network. I tested everything using the phone test menu (accessed by multi-tapping on the Kernel Version in My Device) within the 7-day return period to make sure the phone is usable. Apart from the slight screen burn, everything function like a new phone including the battery.

The best mid-range phone of all time
best display
very fast cpu
best camera
best battery
fast finger print

  • Sasori

NewFan, 21 Apr 2021I just bought a demo unit Mi 9T with slight burn-in for USD... moreFrom what store? Does it support sim card?

  • Jazz

Almost 2 years on, and I'm still using my Mi 9T. Custom ROM (of course) using Picsel Inexperience 11, and it's as close to a perfect user experience as I have ever been with a phone in my 12 years of using Android phones. The problem Xaiomi have now is that I normally upgrade my phone almost every year and now I have no desire to change. I will keep using this phone for as long as I am able to get a ROM with the latest Android release.

  • NewFan

I just bought a demo unit Mi 9T with slight burn-in for USD 70. It is a 6+64 variant, is in immaculate shape and come complete with original box and accessories. The burn-in is only at the corner and is barely noticeable under normal use.
The phone booted up with MIUI 10 and I got it updated to MIUI 12 already. Battery is in good condition, still having 95% capacity according to Accubattery and I can get 8 hours SOT with full time mobile data. For 70 bucks, it is definitely worth every buck and better than 2021's budget phones IMO.
The things I liked about the Mi 9T are the solid build quality, good battery life, loud speaker and good audio quality through its 3.5mm jack. MIUI is not exactly as bad as some people said and it has plenty of nice features like adjusting sound quality depending on what earphones I am using (Mi In-Ear Pro).

  • Hollyberry

As to the SAR in the comment above you can use an emf protection case. But don't go for a cheap one as a lot of them don't work. sources https://emfportal.com/how-do-cell-phone-radiation-protection-products-work/

As for the phone, I and my Daughter have one. The battery was the main selling point for me.

  • Jerry

I don't understand why, but I have to play around with my charger (disconnecting and connecting my usb cable, and also the plug) to get fast charging... it's getting annoying as the chance of me getting fast charging is becoming slimmer each time I play with it and yes, I have tried various different cables, it works at first, and after a couple of charges, it reverts back to charging slowly.

Joerod, 08 Apr 2021I've had mine since Feb 2020, still looks and performs... moreSame, I've had mine since Mar 2020 and am satisfied still. just hoping for android 11

I've had mine since Feb 2020, still looks and performs like new, no lags, very happy with it. I have the black carbon model.

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021i'd say to go for the poco x3 nfc, as it's newer,... moreWell duh, of course a phone that was released a year and a half after this one. is newer than this. Headphone jack isn't something the Poco has over this either, since the 9T has one.

I've had my 9T since early last year, still going strong. Obviously were money not an object I'd have replaced it with a 2021 flagship by now, but I don't think any part of the 9T is lacking enough (other than the stock ROM) to justify a replacement yet.

  • Anonymous

arsalankk, 28 Feb 2021Can a android phones nerd help me with this? used Mi 9t wi... morei'd say to go for the poco x3 nfc, as it's newer, more efficient, and has a headphone jack, a microSD card slot, and a 120 hz display. the mi 9t is pretty good, but it comes with a few compromises (no microsd slot, 60hz amoled display, battery degrades really fast) and the mi 8 is quite old and doesn't have a headphone jack.

Owner of the Mi 9T since July 2019. Planning to upgrade as soon as it gets 2 years old. Never failed on me, great performance, great camera, amazing screen. It was perfect for the price, at the time. Now the battery naturally is not as good as it was when I purchased the phone, and I had to deep clean the USB-C as it begun having problems when charging. Not sure why everybody complaint about the motorized selfie camera. I love it, to me its perfectly fine. As I used it maybe 10 times in 2 years, why would I like to have a hole in my screen? no way.

  • 123

My phone stop working after 1.5 years. Screen when black and doesn't turn on. Doesn't seen to be a fixed online.

  • Anonymous

Seems for some reason, this phone quickly went unpopular when compared to beginning of its sales

  • Mi9 lover

svdcons, 02 Mar 2021I've been using this phone for over a year now, and it... moreMy phone doesn't have the negative points you cite. Have it for 1 year and still love it.

update the specs please, it's upgradeable to A11