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  • Ali

I am confused really!! What are the difference between mi9 and k20?? Both of them are from xiaomi and they should carry same specifications exactly!! So far as I know the only difference is mi9 is global one!! So why I found contrary in people's opinions for both phones in this website??
Thank you in advance,,

  • MrFingerIII

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2020wtf are you trolling? this phone supports Usb On the go(OTG) cl... moreThis Phone doesn't upgrade to 10.0 you mean Miui interface update to 11.0 lol

  • Agyat

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2020wtf are you trolling? this phone supports Usb On the go(OTG) cl... moreTrolling? I'm a real user and I faced this problems, yes it's support OTG but you can't copy/move any files from internal storage and I have a SanDisk 64GB OTG,
Blame? If you want prove give me your FB/WhatsApp contact. I don't blame without proof...

  • Anonymous

Agyat, 01 Feb 20203 months ago, I started playing call of duty mobile now I have s... morewtf are you trolling? this phone supports Usb On the go(OTG)
clearly that is not mi 9t. you are babbling with no sense.

MrFingerIII, 01 Feb 2020The phone is decent not even on the Caliber of my former Oneplus... moreWhat version of MIUI are you on?

  • Agyat

3 months ago, I started playing call of duty mobile now I have screen burning issue, all call of duty mobile negation buttons are always on so I used deep black wallpaper and after 2/3 call of duty mobile matches whole screen become dark and few weeks ago xiaomi gives me Android 10 update, after Android 10 update app crash problem, I did factory data reset but problems are not slove, this phone doesn't support OTG so I lose my all data. what the fuck is xiaomi on xiaomi? My first and last xiaomi phone. My RM:1,400. Gone to the hell.

  • MrFingerIII

The phone is decent not even on the Caliber of my former Oneplus5
This phone is good in some area but crap in others like Bluetooth connectivity is unstable very unstable
My old phone I could get in and out of my Truck and it would continue to play music and other audio just fine without having to play with anything
This phone here will break the connection and shut my radio down unless I make sure before hand no apps are open when I get in it sucks balls

Every other phone I had has never had this issue and it seems like it will never be resolved
I am going to try to Pro version in hopes the better chipset might fix the problem but very doubtful
Other than that issue phone is pretty good i'm not into playing games on my phone except poker and gambling games I got a PC for real gaming makes no sense to me to play a major game on a phone just makes no sense anyway that's all lol

galoal, 28 Jan 2020mi 9t or note 8?I would choose Mi 9T or even Mi 9T Pro ( 60 Euro price difference to buy the pro version ) but it depends on whet you want to use your phone.
Buy the Note if you want the pen or a nicer screen, but Mi9T feels faster on day-to-day tasks. Also the camera is a little better on the Note 8.

The phone is really fast, can handle all new games at high or very high graphics.
The screen without notch is perfect
It looks great with the big screen and glass back
The battery is good if you don't play graphically intense games
The back camera is awesome during the day

After 6 months of usage the battery is below 90% ( I played a lot of COD mobile though )
The battery could get a normal user through 2 days without charging but when gaming for 2-3 hours a day, it needs a recharge every night
I recently dropped mine in water and it seemed to be ok but after a few hours ( even though I let it dry completely, or so I thought ) the display got damaged. The touch still working but the black spot under the screen got bigger and bigger and now it's full black so NO WATER RESISTANCE.
The back camera is thrash at night!!! The selfie camera is pretty bad during the day and even worse at night

  • Theekshana

Does anyone have any problem with this phone's camera or photo quality at evening or night?

Auto flash feature is not working properly on mine. Is it a common problem or can there be any problem with my phone?

  • nn

Always update core components for security and privacy to keep pace with pirates and uninstall crap software you don't use

  • arize1703

Does the Mi 9T support 27W charger?

  • galoal

mi 9t or note 8?

This is my personal suggestion to all of you.
If you got your new shinny phone, and you happy with how it works, the battery life and so..
For the last 8 years, I am doing same mistake, only cause of the stupid notification on the phone, that there is new version for the software.
I had HTC one , the first model, that called m7 if I remember it right , would hold the phone on single battery charge for 2-3 days. While using it for calls, music, video.
After update, it would lose 3-5 % on night stand.
Same with HTC M8 .
Now, about 7 months ago, after long debate with my self, I got my self, the Xiaomi Mi 9T .
I really was happy with it, the speed, battery life.
It would hold 2.5 days , on heavy usage (Mine usage) which, is , skype always online, whatsapp, music, Waze, emails. Youtube.
FOR 2.5 days! It was perfect.
But then, NEW UPDATE MIUI 11.
Jesus. the phone hold now more or less 1 day!
I am actually thinking to sell my old one, to get same exactly phone, just for it to have the OLD 9 android version MIUI 10 out of the box .

So I suggest you, find a way to disable notification, but do not update it! Possibly root to stop OTA downgrades

Every one know, ok not everyone, when you use old device, and use some new technology on it, new OS features like MIUI 11, no one would change the phones. Manufacturers such as Apple Sunsung Xiaomi all they care about is new sales and profit. It is called "planned obsolescence".




root it if possible and story receiving OTA "downgrades"

  • to

nanagdad, 28 Jan 2020How is Xiaomi's planned obsolescence going. Are you experiencing... more Xiaomi trapp/hell you have klicked things you don't want, make sure

Uninstall all unwanted apss
Select your standard apps
And apps you can't uninstall remove all privileges, autostart camera file access and so on

  • Anonymous

Saleem, 21 Jan 2020Did it installed correctly/normaly. I also recieved Update on Mi... morewe got the same issue, when i reset my phone
before installing the a10 update, updates disappeared
we're not the only one who experience this.
we need to report it to the forum
for the action plan.

How is Xiaomi's planned obsolescence going. Are you experiencing phone lag in performance, overheating, battery drain, slow charging, Boot loop, freezing, or phone restating on its own with each and every new updates oh! I mean new downgrades especially with MIUI

  • Emre

Pierino, 25 Jan 2020It's such a great phone, but lousy choice of ringtones is kind o... moreJust use your own ring tones