Xiaomi Mi A1 (Mi 5X)

Xiaomi Mi A1 (Mi 5X)

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4 years and 11 (almost) months. Going like great gun. Excellent Call Quality.
If a phone goes that long on performance, Definitely company manufacturing it going to loss.
So Xiaomi droped the ANDROID ONE series like a Hot potato .... to remain in relevance.
Alas ! No more A1 series wonders from Xiaomi with clean fast interface + an SD-Card slot.

    • J
    • JohnyBGood
    • DhV
    • 21 Jul 2022

    It's a decent phone. It first I hated it so much, and even reverted to Android Oreo 8.0 to get rid of some bugs in newer updates. After a while, it held on pretty good. Comparing it to a similar phone Huawei GR5 2017, the huawei lost its luster quickly and became really slow, the A1 slowed down but not as bad as the GR5. The A1 however is not a spectacular phone and the marketing around the camera is deceiving. It's a budget phone and the camera will take nice photos only in very well lit preferably sun-lit situations. At night or indoors, the camera is not good at all.

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • 6qj
      • 16 Jun 2022

      I've been using it for 4 years too (2018-2022) and it still works fine. At first, the battery was an issue for me but I got accustomed to recharge it every day now and then. I haven't installed yet Lineage OS but for me Android One is still a very good one without major issues. Some apps are starting to show some buggy issues since some months ago so I think I'll have to upgrade from next year at least. Android 9 was the last version it has and its support upgrading stopped in June 2020 so I don't recommend it to buy it as second-hand now unless it was a gift and only use it for phone calls and menial tasks.

        • D
        • Dina Dinizi
        • iKx
        • 10 Jun 2022

        Very good phone. I've had it for 4 years and I use it constantly. It fell on some stones and the screen cracked, but I didn't replace it and it worked with a broken screen for 4 years. Now its starting to lag and will slowly stop working. I am buying a new phone now, but this one was amazing!

          • a
          • adfgdf
          • 8sv
          • 08 Jun 2022

          Worked like a charm although the battery started draining in a couple of days, so they changed my battery with a new original (supposed), after 6 months the battery lasted like a day and i noticed the screen got pushed up the frame so the battery must have been inflated and i had to turn it off so it wouldnt explode. Guarantee was for only 3 months so they didnt cover it up.

            • C
            • CHOBOLOLOY
            • Rxc
            • 05 Jun 2022

            The best phone i have , and still using it today . Battery is still decent even though its 4 years old. I love the stock android experience, very smooth and no lag. I hope Xiaomi will bring back Android One in the future phone, the best software on android ever. MIUI is very unstable and buggy.

              • V
              • Vader
              • M{Y
              • 26 May 2022

              Best phone I ever had. 4 years already, and the battery is still holding

                xyz345, 12 Nov 2021My Mi A1 still works fine but needs a new battery though.replaced my battery with HIPPO ones and it runs like a champ again. still love it!

                  • C
                  • Christian
                  • LaI
                  • 09 May 2022

                  I got this phone in Sept 2017 , used it until Nov 2021 - It never failed me. Amazing phone

                    • v
                    • vks
                    • KAY
                    • 26 Apr 2022

                    Kharisma, 23 Apr 2022I still use Xiaomi Mi A1 till now, and i have two phones, i... moreAm also using still. Such wonderful phone.

                      • K
                      • Kharisma
                      • Kxh
                      • 23 Apr 2022

                      I still use Xiaomi Mi A1 till now, and i have two phones, i use Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G too. Thanks for all Mi A1, i love this phone.

                        • P
                        • Puneeth J
                        • rKD
                        • 07 Apr 2022

                        N abbas khan, 13 Aug 2021Nice battery back up ya,keep this mobile ,nice model am usi... moreBro! I would say to keep this one only as present all mobiles are just same with different branding unlike before Android 9 models,as all present are with 8,12 gb of Ram still laging and throttling issue as well overrated screen which breaks by a slight slip from hand. Also after purchasing service is difficult as well ain't economical so all Android 9 below version mobile are dedicated and ain't AI so far better and smooth experience

                          • a
                          • anujkk
                          • 7kb
                          • 27 Mar 2022

                          reemaaxxll, 28 Feb 2022I'm still using my Mi A1 here in 2022 (4yrs) which sti... moreMi A1 was indeed a great phone. You can try Pixel 5a or upcoming Pixel 6a.

                            • N
                            • No more C.hina made
                            • m{C
                            • 20 Mar 2022

                            reemaaxxll, 28 Feb 2022I'm still using my Mi A1 here in 2022 (4yrs) which sti... moreMabye they support invande ? I Will not buy anything

                              I'm still using my Mi A1 here in 2022 (4yrs) which still works fine, Xiaomi never released another great android one after this device.

                              But it's look time to change for another mid range set, probably Sam A52s. I'll be missing android one experience -_-

                                xyz345, 12 Nov 2021My Mi A1 still works fine but needs a new battery though.Same, I might replace mine too, its still a great phone after all.

                                  • x
                                  • xyz345
                                  • t7Q
                                  • 12 Nov 2021

                                  My Mi A1 still works fine but needs a new battery though.

                                    • J
                                    • Jimmy Q
                                    • 6pF
                                    • 02 Oct 2021

                                    For all the people asking to release Mi a4 or something similar... You always have the option for Havoc OS, /e/ or Lineage OS and its pretty much the same smooth experience. Xiaomi just couldn't give 2 cents about android one anymore

                                      • S
                                      • Senthil
                                      • D02
                                      • 12 Sep 2021

                                      Sid V, 04 Jun 2021I am using this phone since it launch year (2017) and I am ... moreSame here Sid, using this mobile since October 2017 no phones now comes in this Display Size with near stock Android experience... though Android is outdated my mind doesn't want to change it... even thought of changing to Apple SE2 which is lesser than this size still the premium build of this phone is far better

                                        Vic4BBM, 06 Sep 2021After nearly 3+ years of using MiA1, I have purchased Micro... moreLol, realme narzo 30a would much better