Xiaomi Mi A1 (Mi 5X)

Xiaomi Mi A1 (Mi 5X)

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  • Anonymous
  • 04Q
  • 22 Feb 2023

February 2023, still using it after 4 years. Battery is awesome compared to the fact it's 4 years used: daily use of calls and social networks and it last whole day.
Touchscreen works smooth, speakers are flawless. I use it with 64GB memory card

    • K
    • Krasimir
    • B}K
    • 12 Feb 2023

    G, 28 Sep 2022Does anyone have the stock charger of this phone Mi A1? min... moreXiaomi adapter-mdy-08-eo,,input 100-240v,50/60hz 0,35a,,output 5v-2A

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      • Ryuunosuke
      • XTM
      • 09 Jan 2023

      Mi A1 is a better phones for 2023, but the radiation is too dangerous to our health its 1.78 kW radiation.

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        • Minu
        • ter
        • 27 Dec 2022

        Paras Dhingra, 12 Sep 2022This phone is fucking immortal, it's the nokia 1100 of... moreSorry but Nokia 8, 7 Plus and 6.1 are way better

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          • Minu
          • ter
          • 27 Dec 2022

          Batumbakal, 28 Sep 2022Hi I got my 2nd hand mi A1 in very lowest price and still a... moreStay as much as you can on Android 7. It would be a bit catastrophic if you updated it to Android 9.

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            • Anonymous
            • HkX
            • 25 Oct 2022

            I am back to MiA1. I am in process of changing the phone for my work related communication. So for my work place sim I am using my old MiA1 again. It is 5 years now and still working perfectly fine.
            I will change to custom ROM once I get a new handset from my work place.

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              • Esemtix
              • 83V
              • 18 Oct 2022

              NMN, 16 Oct 2022Does it support oTGyes it does

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                • NMN
                • tet
                • 16 Oct 2022

                Does it support oTG

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                  • Anonymous
                  • XNJ
                  • 14 Oct 2022

                  G, 28 Sep 2022Does anyone have the stock charger of this phone Mi A1? min... more5V 2A = 10W charger. I still have it.

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                    • G
                    • Lxf
                    • 28 Sep 2022

                    Does anyone have the stock charger of this phone Mi A1? mind sharing the specification of it, or the exact info written on its charger. TIA

                      Hi I got my 2nd hand mi A1 in very lowest price and still android 7... It's ok if I upgrade to latest Android version and software... No bug at all???

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                        • Taste
                        • sS%
                        • 16 Sep 2022

                        I still using it until now.. Thank you Mi A1...

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                          • Mark
                          • gGj
                          • 13 Sep 2022

                          My phone worked fine almost 5 years to this day, but today suddenly battery went crazy. In the middle of the night it went into "exothermic breakdown" as the video bellow describes it (there was no fire, just heavy smoke and released acid). The phone cracked in the middle and burned internally. I was able to save one of the two SIM cards with a help of sharp knife, so that I cut off melted plastic around the chip. The other one was to damaged.


                            Vinceeeeee, 12 Sep 2022What brand ?? How many mah ?? Where did you buy ? Link plsi'm from indonesia, bought locally at Hippo official store on marketplace. it's standard 3k mAH, i didn't trust the extra juice batteries

                              domoon, 11 May 2022replaced my battery with HIPPO ones and it runs like a cham... moreWhat brand ?? How many mah ?? Where did you buy ? Link pls

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                                • Paras Dhingra
                                • Dkp
                                • 12 Sep 2022

                                This phone is fucking immortal, it's the nokia 1100 of Android world.

                                Going to buy another phone next month but not going to sell my 5yr old A1.

                                  This has telephoto and my expensive 11T pro does not.
                                  What a weird world.

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                                    • BEBEL
                                    • gCY
                                    • 04 Sep 2022

                                    great budget phone ==even today is v. good

                                      4 years and 11 (almost) months. Going like great gun. Excellent Call Quality.
                                      If a phone goes that long on performance, Definitely company manufacturing it going to loss.
                                      So Xiaomi droped the ANDROID ONE series like a Hot potato .... to remain in relevance.
                                      Alas ! No more A1 series wonders from Xiaomi with clean fast interface + an SD-Card slot.

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                                        • JohnyBGood
                                        • DhV
                                        • 21 Jul 2022

                                        It's a decent phone. It first I hated it so much, and even reverted to Android Oreo 8.0 to get rid of some bugs in newer updates. After a while, it held on pretty good. Comparing it to a similar phone Huawei GR5 2017, the huawei lost its luster quickly and became really slow, the A1 slowed down but not as bad as the GR5. The A1 however is not a spectacular phone and the marketing around the camera is deceiving. It's a budget phone and the camera will take nice photos only in very well lit preferably sun-lit situations. At night or indoors, the camera is not good at all.