Xiaomi Mi A1 (Mi 5X)

Xiaomi Mi A1 (Mi 5X)

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  • Devakumar

I bought it on Dec, 2017 till now i am using it.. such a great phone i ever use.. i am using custom rom on it pixel experience os 11. using it along with iphone and samsung still i don't have a thought to drop it..

  • Vlad

Great phone. I'm using it, since april 2018, but in the last month, it went automatically into factory reset/fastboot, and today, after I forgot to charge it, last night, I had a surprise, in which my phone, boots up only to show Android one logo, than shuts down. I took it into a GSM shop. I hope that they will manage it to fix it.

Cris72, 14 Mar 2021Hi! Just wanted to share my love for the Mi A1, here in San... moreTry Pixel Experience ROM.
It's great with near pixel like experience while using.

  • Jayan Joshua

3 years and still going good with just small issues with headphones jack, volume rocker and power button. Otherwise no problem with the software. Good work Xiaomi

Hi! Just wanted to share my love for the Mi A1, here in Santiago, Chile. I use it as my second personal phone number device (my main phone with work phone number is Redmi Note 8 Pro, great phone also). I'm using LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10). Works great, fast, battery last a lot, it's light and thin, great screen. Camera app does not work as the stock ROM camera, but it doesn't bother me. I did not install Gapps and without Google Services it's snappier. With LineageOS I do have issues with loudspeaker sound while on calls and GPS is not perfect but it works quite well.. I still love it. You get more customisations options with LinegeOS. Cheers GSM Arena!

3 years and 6 months of use.
What a great phone produced by Xiaomi.
Some camera shots taken on bright days with clear blue sky, full bright sun were coming "very close" to those taken there and then with iphone 6s.
Yes for low light, there is slight problem.
But it captures good details of faces, even wrinkles.
Seems, just, because its Camera aperture is small
just f/2.2 compared to modern day Mobile phones
, Like Realme, Vivo Oppo etc. which usually carry a large Aperture .. f/1.7 ..even for some later models Xiaomi made the same mistake.
With the present iteration of Xiaomi like note 10 pro etc. perhas Xiaomi has started course correction by at least making the Aperture size f/1.9 ..
This may be able to capture more details ...or not yet to see.

Great device, especially Mi A1 camera is absolutely magnification of the portrait mode.
I like that device and I'm using it..

Mi A1, 16 Feb 2021Great and very detailed review! I have been using this phon... moreIt's 3.5 years almost that I am using this phone.
Even I am going to switch to custom ROM once I get a replacement of this phone ( I may go for iPhone or Pixel this time due to compact sizes)
I have had experience with custom ROMs and I am impressed by Pixel Experience rom. Very clean and no nonsense. Other best ones are - CrDroid and AOSPextended.
Lineage OS is also a great choice.

  • Mi A1

Durarara, 09 Feb 2021I thought I wanted to move on to another phone when the upd... moreGreat and very detailed review! I have been using this phone for more than 3 years. And yes I want to hold on for at least 1 more year. I am not so much into custom ROMs. But may be I can use one in near future. So just curious about why you chose EVO X OS on any other custom ROM? How this one is better than others? Hope you are still active here!!

  • Durarara

I thought I wanted to move on to another phone when the updates had stopped. Then I tried my luck installing Evo X OS and it was my first time with a custom ROM. I feel like I might hold on to Mi A1 for another year. The news about the highest radiation phone did make me rethink.

3-year review:
I wanted a phone that is minimal all around hence the Android One. I did peruse the GPS a lot through Mi Fit almost every day (without a fitness band) and Waze minimum 3 times per week. There were very few occasions the GPS gone mad but negligible. It happened because I turned on Battery Saver while running, or suddenly switching Wi-Fi/data for Waze, or starting a drive from a poor GPS signal to begin with (but self-adjusted along the way).

I wasn't a camera person, so no comment. I was the kind of person who Google everything and randomly too, so browsing was pretty solid except for a very few unoptimized website (I expect them either bloated WordPress or JS framework). Social media were fine as I was more of consuming rather than posting online. Video calls were fine too. I only played casual games, everything was fine.

FYI, I've never changed the battery partly because I'm aware not to overcharge or 'boot-charge' the phone.

Evo X OS on Mi A1 review:
Last year besides the lack of update, the phone's hardware keys started to fail. With Evo X, we can customize so many things besides the good score among the custom ROMs. I really love my newfound experience with Evo X:

1. I make the long-press on the home button to summon the volume control. Double tap on home for sleep. Double tap anywhere to wakeup. I also set up face recognition besides finger prints. You can even customize some button gestures to launch a specific app.

2. I can know the specific charging performance like how many amps, volts and even temperature. You can be objective which cables had seen the better days and which can still perform well. I noticed the battery lasts longer on Evo X but not sure if I'm biased.

3. The camera app (I assume GCam? Because I installed the Google package when flashing the ROM) is overall better but I'm not sure whether it's objective or it's just me increasingly using the cam during pandemic.
I also bought DroidCamX so that I don't need to buy a webcam for my custom PC. With a proper lighting (natural light and a ring light), my online sessions look really good. I'm thinking of posting more pics online after experimenting with lighting and photography in general.

4. Just because the official support has ended, I'm considering to root the phone. Currently, I'm experimenting with Termux, Andronix, and VNC Viewer with Taskbar by Braden Framer to see how far I can go to replicate a desktop experience. My advice, restart your phone after messing with the 'desktop' environment,
Even just with Taskbar to make apps windowed, aside from the lagging cursor over chromecast (but keyboard is okay), it looks really nice when you set the minimum width setting higher to sort of 'scale up' the display.

Why I might move on:
I'm actually considering iPhone 12 Mini right now but I can't rationalize the purchase given Mi A1 is still kicking. However, I just read the news about the highest radiation phone and it got me to reconsider changing my phone.
Not to mention the 135g lightweight iPhone Mini that would do me good for reading. I bought an e-book almost every other week and read them using iPad and Mi A1 interchangeably though Play Books.

Thanks for reading!

  • Ankit

SONIKA, 24 Aug 2020i tried to rest my device bt it shows this message and my s... moreI am facing same problem

  • Mi A1

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021in my phone showing tower as triangle in top corner has an ... moreYou have not given much information about your problem. So as I understood.. A cross on triangle icon means "mobile data is turned off."
I have dual sims in my phone. The sim which is using data is showing 4G on triangle.
The other sim in which data is turned off is showing x on triangle.
The other possible reason of cross is when there is no network on your phone.

  • J

The only problem is a battery life. 3000 mAh for 5.5 screen is a joke (Mi A2 much worse). Unless you're a light user this phone still hold a day. Camera is great. Performance is average in 2021. (Btw I'm using this phone to play genshin XD). Scored 103.000 on AnTuTu v8. Overall pretty nice phone.


After warranty expiration its wifi speed dropped to 2 MBps only.
Cannot fix it with updates or factory reseting

  • Anonymous

in my phone showing tower as triangle in top corner has an intimation X. what will be remedy to this problem

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Are you sure about that? And are you talking about Mi A1 (s... moreLet me clarify.
Mi A1 being stock Android phone doesn't have an inbuilt call recorder. You need to install 3rd party app from Google Play for the purpose. Then it works fine.

  • Anonymous

Just googled phone with highest radiation and this phone came up crazy

  • Anonymous

Vic4BBM, 18 Jan 2021Call recorder works fine even on Android 9. Are you sure about that? And are you talking about Mi A1 (stock android) ? May be those phones who have different os such as one ui, miui, color os etc.. they can still record calls. But as much I googled, there is no way to record calls on Android Pie (at least on stock android). Those call recorder apps are recording only your voice but not the other person voice.

Mi A1, 15 Jan 2021Actually No! I am still using Android Oreo and my friend is... moreCall recorder works fine even on Android 9.

  • Mi A1

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021Perhaps your phone has been updated to current Android One ... moreActually No! I am still using Android Oreo and my friend is on last supported android update (pie, I guess) I really need call recorder. So I didn't update my phone.