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  • HI

I bought the phone And Bugs when open it but the 7days return not the display was like 40% not going down by manually select display its going up they update my phone sevice center the performance gobe crazy low and can't even run apps like crazy still crashing on september update I return jr fir defect but they stil fixing the same device but no replacement is still broken even though i arrived in 7days refund policy but still no they stoll fixing said nothing wrong the software hqs defect from


performance of the phone


overheating when charging not in use

new phone updared in September 2019

Patch Update

tell them what's happening on the phone still no replacement of the device they still keep fixing it, from what happen in other updates in OS performance change along the patch the phone is not an android one Xiaomi still putting up ties with China to compensate with Privacy protection even though they put whole XIAOMI OS on Phone

  • Abdel7ai

I'll mention what is not good about this phone:
The most and foremost bugging issue is inability to connect to 4G. I only connect to 2G. If I use 2 sim cards, they seem to affect each other and I become out of coverage even though I have full signal. I did all what has been recommended to troubleshoot connectivity but did not solve the problem. I came to conclusion that I should go back to Android 9. I only found version 10 of android 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. I think this issue started to develop after version 10 installation.
The second issue is the screen brightness at night. I cannot stare straight at the screen at night because it is bright just too much. I had an iphone and I remember I was able to dim the screen good enough.
The fingerprint is good, but when in my pocket, the phone manage to unlock spontaneously if I am sweaty 😅.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for like 1½ year, and this is my review.
I'll start with the pros.
So great display, but with low brightness. Premium design and very good camera. Fingerprint scanner in the screen. Gorilla glass.
And now, the cons.
The phone is quite laggy (maybe factory reset could help). "Once I was walking through subway, with Bluetooth headphones, someone called me. In that moment music stopped playing, phone was freezed. After like 10 seconds I could finally turn on the phone and again, freeze. After 30 seconds phone has send a signal to my headphones and watch, that somebody is calling me." With Bluetooth there are many more problems, so... When I am doing something on the phone the Bluetooth starts lagging, when the phone is loading a website, Bluetooth lags even more. So using Bluetooth headphones sometimes is very big pain (I had 2 headphones, both were lagging, because the phone. When I use them on the computer /via Bluetooth/ - no big problems). Camera app is also sometimes quite lagging. Battery is not that good, as it was, but that was expected. Wi-Fi connection is... sometimes I can't watch HD YouTube video, so... not that good.
My review after 1½ year is 4/10.

  • Anonymous

after gettin the update , my phone has been charging slowly

Some Mi A3 Owner, 25 Jun 2021As of June 2021, the phone has been infected by some old bu... moreSo, after the the 6th of July's update, some stuff got fixed even tho it wasn't listing any specific bugs-fixes. But anyways, some problems are resolved, Yay!
1) The mic problem in WhatsApp is now resolved.
2) Bluetooth seems better, but not entirely sure since I haven't used it for long enough time.
3) Two weeks after the update, and the phone restarted only once. That's way better than the at least 2-3 times a week, but still a problem.
4) Battery drain didn't improve an inch, I think it got even slightly worse, unfortunately.

And that's it, now we just need to have the battery performance better, and we'd be happy with the Mi A3 for some more years, I guess.

  • Dev

Some Mi A3 Owner, 25 Jun 2021As of June 2021, the phone has been infected by some old bu... moreYes brother I am facing same problems, other than that mobile is working absolutely fine, just need to fix these all issues you had mentioned

Some Mi A3 Owner, 25 Jun 2021As of June 2021, the phone has been infected by some old bu... moreYes I have exactly the same problems, running out of the box 64gb European version with no modifications whatsoever :(
However, yesterday my phone just received a new update, so let's hope that comes with fixes for those bugs.

rafi, 24 Jul 2019Does it have HIGH RES Audio support for headphone?Nowhere it says that it has Hi Res audio, but i can tell you that it has very good audio quality through wired headphones, like i use Sony WH-1000XM4 with MiA3. The only issue for me with this phone is lack of Bluetooth codecs.

I love everything about this phone, the only reason i have to change this mobile because it has no LDAC support, Not even APTX, Only SBC&AAC. I bought Sony WH-1000XM4 and i cannot listen in full potential wireless. But its audio quality is very good through wired.

  • HI

My mmm men!!! my phone cant even get replacement cant even replace until it was broken

I have only one choice to break my phone to update sonthat it will replace it's just SEVEN DAY 7 DAYS they still dont want to replace

Just kidding I wont do that but men why not being replace rhe software bugs that doesn't include form thw liat of xiaomi phone they should include stuff from the Page so that it will show you what inside the Update or a virtual Machkne lets you update it on the cloud but not in the phone so that it will work many phonrs are breaking rigjt now including XIAOMI ANDROID and other OS COMPANY in the top of EWASTE like food eat garvage that kill a tbousand of people in sea in the ocean we are reaponsible of that including APPLE

  • Some Mi A3 Owner

As of June 2021, the phone has been infected by some old bugs since the Android 11 update, and none has been fixed. The problems are:
• Random restarts. (it's happening twice a week for me, many times happened in IDLE, and generally I don't use it heavily!).
• The microphone doesn't work in WhatsApp after 1 or 2 voice messages, afterwards you'll need to stop the app and restart it again.
• Battery drains faster than the stock version, this problem arose since Android 10 update. (But not a terrible drainage for me, it's kinda bearable, but still unacceptable for a phone with 720p AMOLED display and 11nm chipset).
• Bluetooth connectivity is hit or miss, sometimes it gets completely unreliable.

Fix these problems, and you'll have an awesome, very capable phone as it used to be before the updates.
- If you're a user of this phone, please let me know if you have similar problems
- If you're considering buying this phone, then obviously I wouldn't recommend it (newer generation budget phones will most likely outperform this one)

PS: I'm using the phone without any tweaks or ROM customization. It's running the pure way out of the box, I'm only using a launcher from the Google Play which doesn't affect the OS at all.

Anonymous, 28 May 2021Bring back android 9, the 12 is causing some problems with ... moreHey chill out bud... it's a fact that android 1 program only provide up to two years of os upgrade.. so why bother with android 12 tho.. it's a simple calculation i guess?

  • Anonymous

Bring back android 9, the 12 is causing some problems with the phone and it has u restarting the phone alot

  • Ammar

Do not buy this shitty phone. If you unfortunately have, do not upgrade to android 11. This Android updated fricked up my device. Lots and lots of bugs.

  • Pinky75

I have a Mi A3 and I love it but I'm struggling with two things and haven't found any solutions so far. When I'm playing a game (merge dragons for example) double tap just doesn't work like it did on my last xiaomi. I can do it but it's very much a tap then tap again, rather than a tap tap. Is this just something I am going to have to get used to or is there a setting somewhere - I've been looking. My second issue is I fitted a glass screen protector on last night and now the finger print unlock no longer works, no biggie but I like using it.

  • Jibman

I'm experiencing some minor glitches after I updated to the android 11, things like battery drain, several times the phone freezed up and I had to wait a few seconds before it came back to normal, some apps not working properly until I restarted the phone. When the phone had the android 9, it worked like a charm, I love my mi a3, but y'all gotta fix these problems or give us back the android 9...

  • Mohamed Fawzy

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2021I feel like Xiaomi should make new Android One devices, tha... moreI am a big fan for Android One devices, and i hope i could found more options from different companies

  • Ed

Hi there... after my unit is updated to Android 11 march update.. the battery depletes kinda fast.. even though i've turned off sim data,navigation,location,...etc ... anyone facing the same problem as mine too?

  • Anonymous

Alex66, 18 Feb 2021I have a problem with the Handsfree microphone , it's ... moreSame

  • Anonymous

I feel like Xiaomi should make new Android One devices, that area is currently being held only by Nokia and I'm sure people would appreciate more options from the company than MIUI