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I have this phone one year. I have to say that is pretty damn good . 6:30-7 hours SoT . Camera with GCam is fantastic on this price. 665 power efficient + 720p is damn great combination . It never get hot , only if you play a demand game

  • Trickidad

One of the best Android One phones out there! Great specs for the price don't 720p screen throw you off it looks great thanks to the screen size. Processor is capable and cameras are good and get better gcam installed !

  • Cmac

This is a great phone..I have been using this phone for 6 months on Tmobile in USA. I moved my service to Straight Talk and now i cant get any messages with pictures. Does anyone know the correct APN settings?

  • Ed

Sarath, 03 Jul 2020Does the fingerprint sensor ib Mi a3 work with sweaty finge... morePlease don’t go around with sweaty fingers.

  • Syed

Brasil, 12 Aug 2020Who uses a Quick Charge 3.0 here? Are you experiencing a gh... moreI am also facing ghost touch issue in MI A3. Serviced the phone multiple times at Mi Sevice center. But the problem seems to be permanent.

  • BismarX

Maltese Mista, 28 Jul 2020How braindead do you need to be to first release the mi a2 ... moreWell, if you look at the fact that the former has LCD screen and the latter has AMOLED, it makes sense. Also less pixels will give you better video rendering performance not to mention AMOLED energy consumption supremacy. And you will be surprised how good the picture quality this smartphone has despite the fact that AMOLED has considerably smaller resolution.

  • MiA3user

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2020i just purchased in july20, update 10 & apply all patc... moreThe battery problem started when the android 10 update came out. Before than, this phone lasted with 15h+ screen on time, now it's barely 5-6h. So the battery is about 60% weaker. The only choice that comes to my mind is rooting the phone back to android 9, maybe that will bring back the old MiA3 optimisation with the 15h+ screen on time.

Who uses a Quick Charge 3.0 here? Are you experiencing a ghost touch while charging? I used 2 different QC3.0 but still there's the ghost touch. But when i use the main charger from the box while charging, the touch is ok..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020We need Mi 10 Youth (Mi 10 lite zoom) to be the next Androi... moreIs already confirmed Xiaomi will stop Android One program, there won't be a MiA4.

  • Satadru

It's a brilliant phone, with perfect configuration and really value for money. I am using this phone for about six months, not a single time hanging!! Excellent camera, fine battery backup, good picture quality..

  • Anonymous

We need Mi 10 Youth (Mi 10 lite zoom) to be the next Android One phone from Xiaomi - Mi A4

  • Anonymous

i just purchased in july20,
update 10 & apply all patches,
battery bakup is ordinary,
i use wtsapp, OLA & maps mostly.
never calling.
end of the day battery is 20-30% only.
wht should be the issue ?

  • Akhil

Man, you can go for this blindly.
No lagging
No battery issue
No display issue
Smoothly run pubg
Triple camera with decent photos

Using this for 6months+ (no issues)

How braindead do you need to be to first release the mi a2 with a full hd screen in 2018 and then release a new successor mi a3 in 2019 and give it a 720p screen?

  • Jef

Ahmed Medhat, 17 Jul 2020Awesome so no problem after android 10 update Can you fo... moreI don't have any kind of pink pixels or anything like what you are describing. Seems like there is an issue with your display.

  • Jef

Salon.as, 17 Jul 2019Problem of the price very expensive in 250euro we have need... moreYou can find it much cheaper if you look around a bit. I bought it for 160€

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2020HELP!!! I think there is something wrong with the phone&... moreWell hard reset the phone and if it still do it then you got hardware failure. There are some apps that can read the sensors like Aida64 if you can see what's actually happening.

Hopefully you have warranty because if not you can't get service or parts anywhere with those chinese phones.

  • Anonymous


I think there is something wrong with the phone's gyroscope. It seems to be working only on portrait and not on landscape. Tried playing games that requires the sensor and when I am on landscape mode, It always is turning left.

  • Anonymous

Mohamed, 15 Jul 2020From 90% to 30% I got 7 hours of screen on time with 4 hour... moreBusy man you seem LOL but I do get your point, when it comes to battery MI A3 rocks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020Can I input external audio direct by any wire from my sound... moreTake a look at this one too:


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