Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

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  • icatalin32

Tech Master, 06 Nov 2019No sd 855+, no ufs 3, only 30 w fast charging, no 90 hz ref... morenot everybody need top cpu+gpu on the market. a good midrange is all i need plus the other premium specs like rounded and big screen, good camera, ir, loud and quality sound, etc. I want price quality with a big accent on quality and xiaomi does that. When is going to be released globally?I can't wait. I was gonna wait for a big black friday discount on Oneplus 7T Pro but now with Mi Note 10 and maybe Pro at a good price lower of course than 7T's, I can't wait. I want it badly. I want it in Romania asap.

  • Anonymous

Tech Master, 06 Nov 2019No sd 855+, no ufs 3, only 30 w fast charging, no 90 hz ref... moreThis is not a flagship phone. This is a camera phone by Xiaomi with a great camera. Phone is made for camera use only.

  • icatalin32

gsmarena, please make some clarifications. Is there going to be a Mi CC9 Pro Premium version too?it's confusing since everybody talk about Premium version too. Mi Note 10 is going to release the same - Premium and non Premium? Pro or non-Pro? Who knows more?

  • Tech Master

No sd 855+, no ufs 3, only 30 w fast charging, no 90 hz refreshed rate display. So the only thing good about this phone is just the camera and the battery and literally nothing else. This phone is just for camera people

  • leecher88

Hi Guys
Can i insert a micro sd card ? This is very important for me Because it has a dual sim thanks for replying

Greets lee

  • Model

No srerio speakers, dolby atmos only mono sound speaker

  • Anonymous

ahmed ferhan, 06 Nov 2019In this phone there is no pop up camera, 855 SD processor, ... more"Why should I buy it?" Because the moment a phone with better specs gets released, even if you don't need and will never use the better performance, you'll want that one instead and anything even slightly less will be deemed literally unusable by you.
Are you going to use your phone constantly playing games that you need an 855 Plus SD chip, do you record videos and take photos nonstop that you need immense storage? Do you go on 12 hour business flights every day and have such a tight schedule that you need the biggest battery size there is? Lastly, do you constantly do all three of those and more that you ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE the best?

  • ahmed ferhan

In this phone there is no pop up camera, 855 SD processor, external sd card, USB-3, stylish design as CC9/ mi 9 lite, why should I buy it ??? 108 mp camera is not necessary all time. this type of big size phones are problem to carrying

  • ahmed ferhan

I thought I will buy it but after seeing no external card slot then I have changed my mind. Rather I'll be waiting for the Samsung galaxy S11

Finally Rounded screen 💪💪💪 great phone xiaomi

  • darulmaxmur

outside China, this should be Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro

  • Wie meng

Wow all great spec, but where the dual spaeker dolby atmos?? Sadly.. I verry love dual spekaer, skip for this phone

Will it be officially sale in Indonesia?

  • tin

please update specs of this phone thanks.

  • sajjad

400 eru for sd730 !?

it seems to be awesome.
it is really awesome.

  • The_Expert.

NO mSD Card Slot? At 400 or so Euros Price??? Hmm, that's a SERIOUS "CONS" for me.... Plus, the Screen Size is too much, making the dimensions of the Phone unnecessarily bulky/big. Tablets are 1 thing, and Phones are another.... You see, I do NOT have any Hip-Hop Style Trousers, to fit such big phones in my pockets.... I like carrying a Mobile Phone with me, NOT the Remote Control of my 42" Smart TV ;-)

  • 123

BUT it is only chinese model no global version.
Redmi Note 10 will be the global player
Please release it soon so I can buy.
Chinese model is never good for Europe with language, bands, and google services limitations. And slower OTA.

Xiaomi should work on better processing soon, paint like after effect if not in direct sunlight, a lot of noise in shadow or blurry low light, all can be better with just software upgrade. For now the output is best looking at 12mp, that is if you don't want to enjoy noise or loss of detail per pixel at 27mp.

visual, 05 Nov 2019That thickness is not for the battery but to accomodate the... moreSo true!