Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

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  • Anonymous

i want 512GB rom & 6GB ram version

  • ain

Morsel, 05 Nov 2019The main reason this phone isn't using flagship SOC(855) is... moredid samsung tell you this? they could just modify the image sensor for their next flagship like they did with their 48MP GM1 sensor which was upgraded to a 48MP sensor called GM2

  • ain

Black dude, 05 Nov 2019So the 50X zoom is not happening...if there is 50x zoom, it would be via hybrid zooming. It would be hard, if not impossible, to fit a 50x optical zoom lens in a thin smartphone body.

Morsel, 05 Nov 2019The main reason this phone isn't using flagship SOC(855) is... morei think there will be another version with SD855+ and ufs 3.0 storage soon because In dxo mark website they mentioned all the photo and video taken by CC9 PRO PREMIUM EDITION but this one is cc9 pro

Good spec, but still don't like mi ui

  • iphan

where is gyro eis

Design inspired by Huawei.

Not IP68?

So the 50X zoom is not happening...

Does the new xiaomi Mi CC9 have global 4G LTE bands?

  • Hdr345

No ufs 3.0?

  • james

no card slot :(

  • Morsel

The main reason this phone isn't using flagship SOC(855) is because Samsung's condition or agreement with Xiaomi. Because Samsung really doesn't want anyone else to bring a flagship before them with their 108MP sensor. And I think why Samsung is giving this sensor to Xiaomi in the first place is jut to minimize Huawei's dominance in China. It's just my guess.

  • AnonD-874772

The front of the smartphone looks like the galaxy note 10.

  • Anonymous

without dedicated memory card slot. No buy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019Congrats Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro for getting top score in Dxomark.And failing to score a point for selfie cam.

  • Anonymous

Congrats Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro for getting top score in Dxomark.

  • JayK

Ach nooo it is soo THICK, so close to 1 cm...
I was looking forward for this release I could be the firt who buy this phone: Snap 730G is enought (I dont need stronger one), cameras looks amazing it has a cool features
But the thickness is CRAZY - even Asus Zefone 6 is thinner with better HW and similar battery... It will be big loose for Xiaomi that thay choose battery (thickness) like that.
4000 mAh is enought I dont underatand step like this.

  • Radu Steven

Its interesting since it has 2 tele cameras and if it's right then it's gonna be really helpful but im still waiting for moving lens to eliminate that quality loss when digital zooming

Spemer, 30 Oct 2019Bad: No OIS, no Qi wireless charging, notch, heavy, fat at ... moreExcept that it has OIS. Oh, and on two of the sensors.