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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

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  • Starfish

Why many people said their phone keeps crashing.. are they use their phone to fly a rocket to the moon?

  • Lamensis

i must agree, this info is wrong. its not emmc but UFS 2 storage

  • vladzavadsky

There is UFS 2.0 Storage

  • Dappy

Dappy, 16 Aug 2019It's freezing when it gets hot like above 38°C Dunno w... moreAfter using a custom ROM about 8 months I can easily say the random freezes are still happening but not like MIUI, in MIUI, the phone randomly crashed 2-3 times a day, now just once a week.

I have the 256GB version and I have to say that in the 1 year I have had this phone, it hasnt let me down one bit. Who needs an SD Card slot for this size of storage.

I play Real Racing 3 quite regularly and I can say that the experience is truly magnificent. I also have the Redmi Note 8T (4/64) and that is also the same for the same game.

If your not a big fan of Huawei due to the spying crisis then Xiaomi are your best people for phones.

  • Anonymous

babak, 20 Jan 2020mine doesnt have 4k video recording after miui 11 update, i... morenot mine, it still has 4k

  • expellite

So, today I received MIUI on my phone. It's a small update concerned mainly with the notification shade in Second Space. Nothing new. Android version is the same. No update to the security patch. Duh!

  • Expellite

k8, 13 Jan 2020how is the battery life on Miui 11?? any major benefit to u... moreOh, wow! I forgot to answer.
I've never been on MIUI 9, coz it was instantly updated to 10 after I unboxed the phone! However, I don't see a noticeable improvement in battery life compared to 10. There could be some improvements. I mean, MIUI 11 comes with semi-system-wide dark mode; but since the screen is IPS LCD, I don't think we can benefit much from that. It's only easier on the eyes. The aesthetics and haptics have been improved, though. Battery life is slightly improved, or remained the same in the worst case scenario.

  • 🤣

Still ok, normal miui bugs and the cpu it's a little bit outdated for new games(it's lagging in TFT). I recommend(march 2020) redmi note 8 pro, his camera is better than mi mix 2. Oh, and battery it's the biggest problem, just 2 hours of pubg with 30% brightness and battery saver on. Normal use ~6 hours sot.

  • Anonymous

I'm still using it in 2020. and the phone is great! definitly worth every cent...

Fish, 14 Jan 2020Can I return my mi mix 2 and take other new phones by addin... moreI think that will depend on the policy from retailer that you bought from it.

  • babak

mine doesnt have 4k video recording after miui 11 update, is anyone the same/

  • Fish

Can I return my mi mix 2 and take other new phones by adding some more money?

  • k8

expellite, 06 Nov 2019Hey guys! I received an Stable MIUI 11 update, based on And... morehow is the battery life on Miui 11?? any major benefit to update? i am still on miui9 afraid of major bugs that miui usually has (battery life) (intended or not).

  • expellite

Hey guys! I received an Stable MIUI 11 update, based on Android 9 on my Mi Mix 2. I really hope Xiaomi will not forget about this device, and is going to update it to Android 10. But, Pie is fair enough, considering that this was originally a Nougat device.

  • Phuckang

Stable MIUI 11 update arrived for my Mix 2.

  • OmyS

jim teo, 05 Nov 2018I like this phone. I really do and I don't want to let it g... moregCam

Anonymous, 09 May 2019too expensive in Saudi Arabia. Its price is 21,000.00SAR or... moreFunny but I bought it for a thousand riyals. Maybe for the lack of stock its expensive now. Buy the mix 3 its cheaper.

Currently has the up to date Android OS and it gets updated time to time. And the best thing about Mix 2 is it's camera. It has a single camera but it captures better than any similar or dual camera phones. It was the flagship model so it has also the high end hardware. It can swiftly handle any kind of bigger apps and games. The battery backup lasts till a day and half but for heavy usage it lasts for a day. The fast charger helps to get it fully charged in an hour and minutes. The screen is bezel less and full HD so it also catches the trend of 2019 type of phones. Worth buying it.

  • Anonymous

Nice actualy but... Sometime its laggy a abit better use samsung