Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

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  • Don

Xiaomi legendary

  • jojo

Anonymous, 28 Sep 20197.92". Screen-wraped tablet.its screen is 7.92, not the length

6k 30 fps... I think this is a big upgrade over 8k 15 fps on the Red Magic 3.

  • Anonymous

TaReQa, 28 Sep 20197.2" 😉7.92". Screen-wraped tablet.

Considering Xiaomi is already testing under display cameras, Xiaomi's concept phone for the 1st year of the 20's is gonna be better I hope. Just one step from going TRULLY fullscreen phone.

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2019dont big screen 8" but please 6.8 inch7.2" 😉

  • Mig

Phone screen protectors and cases manufacturers: AM I JOKE TO YOU?!!!

  • Anonymous

Price couldn't be lower. XD

  • Anonymous

i wish nothing if i had this phone

  • Anonymous

WTF in the retail packaging there is a case LMAO

We finally have a phone that is literally "all screen", or it's too close to it.

  • Anonymous

PartTimePhoner, 27 Sep 2019Camera is..... 6K? 2160p is 4K but what is that 3240 thing?No!! it is 8K.

  • Nazif Tas

1 Mi Mix Alpha = 2.5 iPhone Xs max and iphone 11 pro max and and almost 4 iphone 11

Moral of the story: Iphone: Am I a joke to you???

  • Anonymous

dont big screen 8" but please 6.8 inch

  • AreF

PartTimePhoner, 27 Sep 2019Camera is..... 6K? 2160p is 4K but what is that 3240 thing?8k

  • Xiaomi

What a lie about price, strongest version cost 605 US dollars.

  • LTPS

Poor battery for bis display !!!

  • Ray

very intersting opinions here but I for many would conclude that much as the critics, fans and sympathizers would love to possess this phone and try out the innovations, the current estimated price tag is seemingly a challenge for most.

Ronu Sarmal, 26 Sep 2019I really dont know what today's smartphone companies want to pro... moreYou just can't compare it. It's pointless by any means. First of all, you need more additional devices to match your DSLR with the phone. You need an laptop, cellphone, radio, mp3 player, tv,air conditioner, dvd controller, speakers and so on. And if just a camera was a point, with your DSLR you can make good,in some cases great pictures but it's not a pocket size device. And for perfect pics you need additional objectives which are expensive enough, battery life is usually crappy. Need to carry Xeon flash , again bulky and somewhat expensive. And you can't use it in every situation. Let's say that I wouldn't give my DSLR to someone to take pic of me and buddies for example. Or i wouldn't use it in restaurant to take some crappy romantic pics of me and gf... DSLR is great but in limited use scenarios.

Camera is..... 6K? 2160p is 4K but what is that 3240 thing?