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  • Yue
  • t@g
  • 23 Oct 2018

true story, 15 Feb 2018been using this phone for almos a year ..after i updated i... moreMaybe you have the same problem as I, my mi note lte keep turning on and off by itself because it has a problem with battery. Go check your battery, bring your phone to the service center..

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    • Mah
    • ubI
    • 22 Sep 2018

    MI note can update miui 9 global???

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      • Anonymous
      • ypY
      • 16 Sep 2018

      I just got a problem....i was trying to update my mi note 4 beta rom and accidentally deleted the os and system folder...mine was 64 gb verient ..then installed the os from a service center not from mi service center...after fixing my phone i got another problem the internal storage has reduced to 2 gb..how can fix this what i have to do

        • Z
        • ZaxZuckerZ
        • thv
        • 05 Aug 2018

        In 2018, and i dnt have any problem with my phone.. It run very well for me. Except, i have litle bit problem with battry & main camera..

        Just that, and no more problem.. One thing, i get updated to miui 9 too.. And its work.

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          • Lix
          • tue
          • 24 Apr 2018

          true story, 15 Feb 2018been using this phone for almos a year ..after i updated i... moreBut my Mi Note is ok after updated. no problem!

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            • true story
            • tVq
            • 15 Feb 2018

            been using this phone for almos a year
            ..after i updated it to miui 9... it's horiible everyday i had to restart the phone cos idk why but for me everytime the phone suddenly turn off and turn on by itself (not shutdown just the turn the screen off and on by itself) i can't take it anymore even when I'm playing games this things happen..trust me guys this problem keep happening WHILE I'm writing my opinion that u guys are reading right now...pls dont update this phone to miui 9

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              • PKM1
              • gN{
              • 09 Feb 2018

              AnonD-727077, 29 Dec 2017Good day mates, I have a simple question here and it wou... moreGet creative ep 630

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                • AnonD-727077
                • tu6
                • 29 Dec 2017

                Good day mates,

                I have a simple question here and it would be GREAT if anyone could provide me the answer. I'm really dying to know this. I just got myself a new(original) Mi Note Lte recently as my secondary phone. I want to know what is the best (Bass) headphone for this phone. I'm searching for all round good sound, rock acoustic edm etc with a satisfying Bass. Bass that really bashes the brain but still Mantain the all round qualities, not killing it. I tried the Mi earphones like the pro hd, pistons and I can't really accept what it offers. I also noticed that the loudness of the headphone sound is not really high.

                So far, I have tried Sennheiser's CX series, IE 80 series, Sony Bass buds and quite a few more. But I truly feel that, the sound produced by those earphones in mi note is not it's fullest potential. Like something is always missing. Most of the times, it's the loudness. And the punchy Bass. So I thought, maybe theres a earphones out there which is the True fit for my mi and it offers what I need.

                So, if anyone, Anyone at all, could tell me that or suggest to me the best bud for my mi, I will be in your debt man. For real. I will truly appreciate it.

                V.V R

                  • S
                  • Sammy
                  • IVF
                  • 14 Dec 2017

                  Arifuify, 16 Feb 2017Try updating, mine is miui 8.2 global stable..If can't then... moreBrilliant!! It works!
                  Can I also use this on my iphone?

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                    • AnonD-715447
                    • 0Bu
                    • 13 Nov 2017

                    Hello guys. I just wanna share a problem i have with this phone. Since i bought it i can`t connect to the internet except my own. I did a factory data reset and everything was ok for 2 days.Then the problem started again. Is there anyone who know`s how to solve my problem?

                      • x
                      • xclif
                      • ftM
                      • 06 Sep 2017

                      doli pizzle , 13 Jun 2017my mi phone is not longer booting and I tried to restore it... morePlease check your battery, it happened to me also. Most of these phones battery last up to 3 years, so you might consider changing the battery. Good luck

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                        • salis
                        • r3H
                        • 02 Aug 2017

                        please am using minote lte for long am trying to get new file i did not have we try different file did not work in process of putting new one i lost my mi network please help me

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • Ksd
                          • 20 Jul 2017

                          Alex, 23 May 2017Is this phone got Marshmallow now?Yes mines is currently running marshmallow

                            • d
                            • doli pizzle
                            • Nug
                            • 13 Jun 2017

                            my mi phone is not longer booting and I tried to restore it, but isn't working. pls help

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                              • Farhan
                              • Kix
                              • 07 Jun 2017

                              I've bought this phone for 8 months. Now i got a problem with the phone. When i opened an app, the screen turned black and red . Suddenly, it's totally black, and i can't see anything from the screen. When the screen turned on , the bottom off the screen is very hot. Is there any solution for my problem?

                                • j
                                • john
                                • pY1
                                • 05 Jun 2017

                                "Is there by any chance to insert SD card?" -

                                There is NO chance of that. You will be limited to the internal storage only.

                                  • K
                                  • Kthi
                                  • Mfx
                                  • 29 May 2017

                                  Is there by any chance to insert SD card?

                                    • O
                                    • Owen
                                    • 25E
                                    • 28 May 2017

                                    Alex, 23 May 2017Is this phone got Marshmallow now?Yes

                                      • A
                                      • Alex
                                      • v3B
                                      • 23 May 2017

                                      Is this phone got Marshmallow now?

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • uRJ
                                        • 17 Apr 2017

                                        AnonD-451787, 10 Apr 2017Yes i know that. What i meant is that you need to set the ... moreyes, I like this function but now my phone not able to select both sim to be active together.
                                        Once I set the internet to sim2, sim 1 auto deactivated....Can only used 1 sim at a time, don't know what happen....