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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

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  • Daniela

I came back after some times and I want to say that my Mi Note 10 lite doesn't have any bugs anymore and it's works perfectly fine

  • dewmin

As my opinion this is awesome device at this price range. I have been using more than one and half year without any issue and still work fine. Perfect camera performance and display experience i have got.

  • Daniela

Daniela, 19 Jul 2021This that i dont like: - the display use a lot of battery ... moreyou use it general. The battery can handle for me 22 hours but i use this phone a lot like every 5 minutes. I dont recommand you if you pay attention to the details cuz you know, its xiaomi, with many bugs like finger print doesnt work every time, the display can freeze and ! if you want this phone for gaming i recommend you Mi 10T lite, buy Mi Note 10 Lite if you dont really play games and if the design is important for you

  • Daniela

Daniela , 19 Jul 2021Hey everyone, here i want post a review as a new user of th... moreThis that i dont like:
- the display use a lot of battery
- after MIUI 12.5 the phone is very hot after charging or after playing not a hard game or after posting an insta story
- I use google camera for front camera bc the camera makes my face yellow and so clean in a bad way
- also dark mode doesnt work really well
- its hard to use for a long time bc of the weight
Things that i like:
- this phone is so fast like wow
-the design still love it
- the feeling when you tought it is :0 premium
- face id works even in night time
-in general is a good phone making usually photos with Mi Note 10 Lite
- the feeling is wow when

  • Daniela

Hey everyone, here i want post a review as a new user of this phone. I have my Mi Note 10 lite 6/ 128GB midnight black for almost 2 weeks and i want to write everything that i like and i dislike using this phone. I am doing this cuz before i searched a good review but i didnt found anything so yeah, i know everything about this phone cuz my parents gived me the permission to choose whatever i want and i choosed this phone bc of the battery, the design and the camera. Also,before i wanted to buy Mi 10t lite but i just liked the design and i choosed this phone. The first time when i saw the phone i was just like wow its so beautiful and it really is. My mom have Mi 9 and the display size is aproximative the same but it just look bigger bc of the design. It looks premium im not gonna lie, this phone remainds me of samsung note series cuz they look pretty same, the notch doesnt bother me, you have no idea how beautiful it looks with dark mode just wow

  • Anonymous

Mi User, 02 Jun 2021I don't know about you all... My phone is still workin... moreDo you play games?

  • Siddhant

While playing pubg, it lags a lot .The fps drops drastically and I can't move the screen. Someone please help how to fix it ?

Yes, after Miu 12.5 android 11, battery performances improved, finger print response is a little bit better than before, camera is still awesome, but there is this issue when receiving calls, the icons disappear and phone keeps ringing, i can't answer until I press the power key several times. Secondly, there is still bugs on the screen. Anyone with the solution this problems Please.....?

  • Akm

Some of the time phone dialer dose not work
You cant make call
Dialer exit by its own

  • Anonymous

Harley1989, 12 Jun 2021Hi everybody this review came after I have used the phone f... moreUhmm, almost all of xiaomi phones have these bugs before. These are common bugs of android 11 miui. But most of these are already fixed due to miui 12.5 update.

Hi everybody this review came after I have used the phone for lots and lots of time so this review is extremely fair and just and this is my experience with this phone matter-of-fact I don't recommend you to buy the phone if you are someone who pee's Close attention to small details the phone is buggy the dark mode is awful a lot of applications don't work with it even when you're swiping down to get like the bar thing it doesn't work properly I have done a reset for reset for the phone and it did nothing after after the last update I had a big issue with answering calls which is the main thing the phone is about I could not answer any phone call that comes the phone gets stuck the answer button does not work I have to lock the phone and then unlock it and then scroll down or swipe down so I can get the bar going and then I have to answer from the notifications area which extremely takes a lot of time especially if you're driving or doing something or if it's an important call I don't recommend you to buy this phone and extremely upset with it but I have explained is just a tiny minority of what I have noticed and the phone

  • Anonymous

purple colour is stunning.

  • SalkoDinamitas

After miui 12.5 global update, phone works perfectly, fingerprint unlock works fast and correct, proximity sensor working normal, everything is perfect and smooth.

  • arsal

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2021Don't buy this sucker it has a screen issue my mobile is working perfectly from august 2021

  • Anonymous

Don't buy this sucker it has a screen issue

  • Mi User

I don't know about you all... My phone is still working fine and keep exciting me with its performance n battery. Even camera is good. Already 9 months,, still in good condition...
Everything depends on usage

  • Viet

the MIUi 12.1.4 suck
my phone turn black when i'm in a call
Can't connect to the true wireless LG Fn4 , when i can connect then the music quality suck
something happen to the screen

  • Anonymous

Princeston7, 17 Mar 2021A while ago I updated to Miui All was well until... moreI suffered the same issue. No fix todate. If you want to be able to use it for a little longer ensure the 'anti-flicker' option is OFF. and keep the screen brightness at the lowest possible level.
Very disappointing though. This phone had potential.

  • Andy

Loved this phone before I made the mistake and downloaded the OS update(12.04 stable). Screen started flickering to the point I can't even sign on. Phone is no longer usable as a result.
So my advice re this phone.. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL UPDATES!!!

  • Sworuv

I bought this phone 7 months ago. Bt today suddenly its screen not turning on... everything is ok bt the screen is not showing anything...I think it is damaged... very annoying experience with Xiaomi