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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

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  • Bees

I recive Mi PAD 4 as a gift from some one but not functional in my country operator. Ethiopia

  • Universe

sam, 12 Dec 2019working GPS good or not?I nean Wifi version GPS works on google map but receive mode in Shareit doesn't work. But LTE version i think both it works good.

  • Universe

sam, 12 Dec 2019working GPS good or not?GPS working but when using shareit app it doesn't work when receiving mode.

  • Universe

pcfreak, 09 Jan 2020Hi, after about one year of use, suddenly I also got this noise.... moreThat's probably because your tablet is Global version? Mine is CN version and both speakers are fine no buzzing sound nor humming sound.

  • pcfreak

krystian, 04 May 2019help me, guys you heard from loudspeaker some buzz sound ? or it... moreHi, after about one year of use, suddenly I also got this noise. Have you fount any solution?

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2019Wi-Fi version doesn't have GPSI bought this Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 4GB RAM 64GB ROM LTE Tablet PC Multi Languages Black version on Honorbuy, (but I don't use a sim card) exclusively for GPS use to make GPS programs for some GPS forums. I have a remark for the data here on this site.
I am very satisfied with the use of this device, only the layout of the data settings is not clear.
The data regarding the satellite reception is not as described ,,,, GPS Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS ,,,,,
I also receive the European Galileo satellites.
Photos screenshot of this device with two programs ,, GPS Data ,, and ,, GalileoPVT ,,

  • Mofazzal

How i assemble sim at this tab show by picture

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi SUX, 17 Dec 2019I purchased Xiaomi pad only 4 months and I only use this tablet ... moreBeen using this device for over a year now. It's still a great tablet for the price. I only wish they has a Global version and a bigger battery.

  • wan

ML-ADDICT, 13 Oct 2019is this good for playing Mobile Legendsnot just mobile legends. i play pubg mobile so well

  • Anonymous

sam, 12 Dec 2019working GPS good or not?Wi-Fi version doesn't have GPS

  • Xiaomi SUX

I purchased Xiaomi pad only 4 months and I only use this tablet for watching YouTube and comic books.
Face unlocked only works when bright light expose your face so almost useless.
F**king Xiaomi doesn't comes with Google so I download none Google app just named Google installer which someone made it but I don't trust so I download 6 different files made install Google play store and YouTube.
6,000mAh battery is very bad quality, after 2 months feel like battery dropped down to under 3000mAh.
You can feel charge very fast and drain very fast, very cheap quality.
Sometime f**king Chinese pop-up notification I don't know which app pop-up so really pain in the ass to find disable it.
Mostly someone reviewed just got the new product and turn it on works normal but they surprised haha

  • sam

working GPS good or not?

  • Baba Yaga

This is one of my best tablet,strong lifetime,stylish body,quick n smooth system

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2019may i use it to make and receive voice calls? No phone on WiFi version. Choose LTE version.

  • Anonymous

may i use it to make and receive voice calls?

  • Zemi

What's the price and from where can I buy this
Can I buy this online kindly then share me the link


is this good for playing Mobile Legends

spectator, 02 Oct 2019Nope... Just crappy 10 watt charging Wow, if that's all you see then there's no pleasing you. It's a tablet, dude...are you using it as much as your phone? Do you need to charge it up in the morning before you go to work? the thing last a LONG time. Easily get 5 hours of SoT. I rooted it, installed Havoc OS Pie and it rocks! best tablet for the money, and it charges at a decent rate so... Don't knock it till you try it.

  • spectator

Takeshi, 18 Sep 2019Does this tablet support a faster charging?Nope...
Just crappy 10 watt charging

  • Eddy

good tablet for the price. got mine with Chinese ROM. Installed Google Play aand all other Google Apps - works perfect. Use this as an ebook reader and browser. Also great for emulators - playing PSP games like it was 2006:)