Xiaomi Mix 4

Xiaomi Mix 4

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  • Anonymous

Wao...so amazing.... 👌❤️❤️🇧🇩

  • Anonymous

Charlesz, 10 Aug 2021Yet again a company using the same 6.67 she'll it'... moreIsn't the under display camera different enough. but yes the design these days is getting boring and self repeating on any manufacturer.

  • Kev

notafanboy, 10 Aug 20218MP periscope LOL Very badI have to say. 8MP has worked fine for me, be it an 8MP ultrawide or Huawei's 8MP 5x zoom camera. The battle comes down to how well Xiaomi has written their upscaling algorithm. If it's not good.....then this zoom is likely a gimmick past 10x.

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021I mean there are a lot of cloud storage services and extra ... more- nice and high capacity cloud services can cost a lot and needed Internet connection.
- I thought I can get behind sdcard with otg. It's a hassle (good for occasional file transfer though).
- I agree with keeping important file elsewhere.

And the size of media that recorded on phone getting really big (photos and videos). It's definitely helpful to have extra space.

I guess for a 600's USD phone is not garbage, but i was expecting something more in line with the Mi 11 Ultra.

  • Anonymous

That's a pretty good size TBH. These other comments don't really know anything. Trolls just bashing for the sake of trolling.

There is no camera notch yet the screen to body ratio is 86.7%. There are phones with notches that has better ratios. I guess it's because the screen is not curved. Very interesting phone we need a review on youtube

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021Except the sd card are as slow as sh*t,even the most expens... moreStill, slow speed is better than nothing.

  • Anonymous

Phone Reviewer, 10 Aug 20211080p display? There's literally no excuse for high en... moreThey used fhd resolution to allow more light to reach that under display camera for clear selfie. High resolution display block more light due to high pixels density resulting to poor selfie photos

  • Anonymous

I thought it was the same 6.81 with the mi 11 ultra

Almost 3 hours of presentation for this? pfffd what a disappointment, panel full HD plus? wtf ?? hahahahaha battery below what was expected of this series? here the only thing they are trying to sell you is the camera under the screen nothing more! no innovation, nothing attractive, few colors the usual basics but what ??? Let's not forget that ugly chin

  • Anonymous

Still using USB 2.0, so disgusting.

  • Charlesz

Yet again a company using the same 6.67 she'll it's just like a OnePlus 7t pro. All these companies repackaging the same body come on now lets have something different for a change..

  • Xender

That chin thou

8MP periscope LOL
Very bad

  • al75

USB 2.0 WTF???? 2021, samsung S5 feb 2014, USB 3.0

  • anonim

so many comments and no one mentioned about fastest charging in the world? huh

  • Ano

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021Xiaomi! This phone need version 128gb/12gb + SD Card slot! ... moreWhy don't you just put up your own business and create your own device!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Cameras are underwhelming. Would have preferred it to have the same setup as mi 11 ultra, even if that meant a higher price

Asrig, 10 Aug 2021Why not ? There's literally no downside having SD slot... moreAbsolutely correct... SD slot is an important n interesting options for Game n Movie lovers.... please Xiaomi add this feature...