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Xiaomi Mix 4

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USB 2.0 on this ? really?

year 2025 people will still be complaining no headphone jack LOL...however I will say they should have gone with a different screen size-know they are trying to use common lines and sources...same old 6.67 on like 30 Xiaomi phones now :)

  • Anonymous

Senseh, 09 Aug 2021Come on, im ready to upgrade from Mix 2 How's your experience with Mix 2? For how long have you been using it? What issues did you have previously?

  • Anonymous

No microSD card slot, no 3.5" jack, no buy thanks. SD 888 is terrible for battery backup.


  • I need money

I love 💕 this phone.

  • ktk

all it needs now is an AOSP rom and it's the perfect phone (for me)

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2021Type c 2.0… really😒Yeah, it's the question that has been crossing my mind several times!
They have the technology of that, why they don't do that
Like Samsung or oppo or even OnePlus 3.2🙃🙃

  • Senseh

Come on, im ready to upgrade from Mix 2

veeeeryyyyy nice🤯🤯🤯

1juan, 09 Aug 2021oops no 1440p1440p on such a small screen is a waste and only drains battery. Furthermore, most videos are in 1080p and cannot be displayed on a 1440p screen without scaling artefacts.

No microSD card slot, no 3.5" jack: no buy. Companies will only learn from us customers who care for quality and do not accept treatment like this.

  • Anonymous

Devil , 09 Aug 2021No ceramic back? This is not Mi Mix. Let's see real Product soon

This will have 8MP periscope according to many leaks. How sad and disappointing is that, if true? The Mix line is supposed to be their best, yet the cameras will be worse than the ones in the Mi 11 Ultra. What is wrong with Xiaomi?

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2021I will go for poco f3Price range will be TOO different, like 350usd vs 950usd for for the Mix 4

  • Devil

No ceramic back? This is not Mi Mix.

  • Anonymous

Type c 2.0… really😒

Nice Design ! Finally we got rid of the selfie hole. It's time to move from Samsung to Xiaomi.

Great Under Display Camera .

  • 1juan

oops no 1440p