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Xiaomi Pad 5

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Ivan, 12 Apr 2024What are the impressions with the HyperOS? The update has p... moreI can confirm that the new update has Android 13 9n Hyper OS. Security patch is untill march 1st 2024.

    Xiaomi rolled out HyperOS for this tablet. So, you can now enjoy it.

    For me, it doesn't seem to be big different. It's not that much better than MIUI because unlike MIUI, it doesn't show all icons on status bar (the one that has battery level, WiFi and airplane mode, etc.). It becomes troublesome when you have to drag down the notification bar or status bar to make appear the control centre every time you check out to see whether you have turned on something that doesn't show on status bar or notification bar. So, I like MIUI more than HyperOS, so, I'm not updating it. I'll only update it when I must have to one day.

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      • Ivan
      • pux
      • 12 Apr 2024

      What are the impressions with the HyperOS? The update has popped up for me, but I haven't installed it yet.

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        • timoxa0
        • M$x
        • 10 Apr 2024

        johan007nl, 08 Mar 2024When does this get android 14?? Or Hyper OS??It will get an android 13 base HyperOS only, but there is a A14 HyperOS port on xda

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          • MyUsernameisDifferen
          • t7X
          • 06 Apr 2024

          Hyperos got released for this, well for me, I'm in the Philippines

            When does this get android 14?? Or Hyper OS??

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              • xZero
              • JHI
              • 11 Feb 2024

              dosil, 07 Sep 2023no sim card slot? how to use internet without Wi-Fi?What are you about? There's WiFi. There is Bluetooth. You can even connect it to USB-C network adapter.
              If you want portable connectivity, buy portable WiFi Hotspot device. Tbh it's better than native connectivity anyway.

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                • xZero
                • JHI
                • 11 Feb 2024

                The best tablet you can buy on budget. Nothing else cuts it.
                I would even dare to claim that it's flagship killer; It works amazing for anything, even gaming. I even play Call Of Duty mobile on it.
                Camera is decent for a tablet in this price range. Personally, I don't even anything but video call camera on a tablet. Screen quality, sound quality and performance is what matters, and this tablet checks all the boxes.

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                  • imBROOOOOOOKKEEEEEE
                  • f{t
                  • 08 Feb 2024

                  i might get this idk but for gaming this is absolutely amazing just a little but abover mid range

                    Does this get Android 14 or not?? I found several different stories on internet ..

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                      • TheBest
                      • t7X
                      • 22 Jan 2024

                      this one of the 💞 best tablet everyone has 👍

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                        • ok
                        • IVT
                        • 12 Jan 2024

                        trueAK, 23 Dec 2023Come on guys, just think will surely get Android 14 and eve... morewhy the heck do you need to sent a link bruh????

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                          • Anonymous
                          • XPV
                          • 04 Jan 2024

                          Adithya , 20 Sep 2023Bro have used both oled and LCD for more than 10 years... a... moreYou must have used this tablet on 40° places, I have used this tablet for 2 years and no issues and where tf is black screen

                            Come on guys, just think will surely get Android 14 and even about it has a lot of development for itself, and if you talk about Poco X3 Pro, the same device which is on Snapdragon 860, haven't you seen this video-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MW5hAB-IfnE&feature=youtu.be

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                              • Anonymous
                              • t7I
                              • 09 Dec 2023

                              Senn Lens, 03 Dec 2023I guess this tablet might not getting Android 14 as it has ... morehow???? its hardware are so latest

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                                • Anonymous
                                • I@H
                                • 05 Dec 2023

                                This has the same processor as Poco x3 pro. does it have deadboot ?

                                  JMBL, 17 Nov 2023Will this tablet get Andeoid 14?I guess this tablet might not getting Android 14 as it has reached end of life. Just only left security updates until next year. Then, it will be unsupported forever.

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                                    • JMBL
                                    • XQZ
                                    • 17 Nov 2023

                                    Will this tablet get Andeoid 14?

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                                      • TYC
                                      • CbI
                                      • 06 Nov 2023

                                      Crz, 13 Oct 2023You can keep your 2 cents. People have been enjoying this t... moreBro, paying less than premium tablets desnt mean that you get an LCD screen with serious black crush issues. I am a user who had to sell it after 6 months due to this black crush issue.Its like dark scenes details are almost non existent. I think the panel quality is really bad and its not a software issue

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                                        • Gann
                                        • tui
                                        • 29 Oct 2023

                                        All in all, no black crush, not the best screen, but best on it's price for LCD. Those looking for higher quality screen and OLED, it is up to you, but please don't compare to non-sense.