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Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

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  • PlasticDoor
  • xhp
  • 23 May 2024

looks like i already found what phone i use for gaming only and i ready to Fired useless app on the phone that i use to comment

i hope i will not regret it after get F2

If only i can open the phone and add external Card Manually

If There no External Card Cloud Still exist right for Alternate External? idk what hepened to my head The day i write this comment

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    • Artyex
    • y6V
    • 17 May 2024

    4 years straight and it's still a solid phone that needs no upgrade. It still feels brand new when scrolling and jumping between apps. Using it as a backup phone nowadays, but it gets heavy use when needed.

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      • Ini Budi
      • YUN
      • 04 May 2024

      Had an issue a month earlier, fingerprint on My Poco F2 disabled, in the security menu not showing fingerprint. Always check update, just saying already latest package.. Any suggestion?

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        • Yuksel
        • Jia
        • 26 Apr 2024

        151kmh, 25 Apr 2024I'm using the paranoid android 13, latest stable versi... moreI've been using it for 4 years and it's still stable and works perfectly.

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          • 151kmh
          • nDB
          • 25 Apr 2024

          Custom rom boi, 20 Apr 2024I've been using this phone for almost 4 years. The cha... moreI'm using the paranoid android 13, latest stable version, and I can happily say that it's the most stable ROM i've ever used on any device

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            • Custom rom boi
            • DxW
            • 20 Apr 2024

            I've been using this phone for almost 4 years. The charging flex cable stopped working, but I easily replaced it myself with a cheap $2 charging flex I found online. I'm using a custom stock ROM with Android 14 from paranoid android(uvite) that provides a flawless Pixel-like experience. I love this phone because of its timeless design and full-screen display that can even compete with newer phones today.

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              • Anonymous
              • 60%
              • 19 Apr 2024

              MladenJ, 04 Apr 2024Is it worth changing the new battery, the current one is at... moreNot really, it's almost impossible to find an original battery. And the aftermarket ones are simply trash. I changed mine and 2 months later I put back the original. This felt like an upgrade 😂

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                • Gigi
                • srP
                • 10 Apr 2024

                Still using it after 3.5 years. There were zero hardware problems during this period, even the battery still holds the whole day, and charging is quick as well. I'm stuck on the last MIUI, but it works almost flawlessly and snappy, so I'm a bit scared to flash some third-party ROM (Yes, I know security risks are rising, and I'll probably flash LineageOS soon). It was a great decision to buy this device.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • wrH
                  • 05 Apr 2024

                  If any of you guys wanna check your battery health, you can use accubattery to check the remaining mah capacity of your battery. You'll need to use your phone normally so the app can gauge the remaining life left. Toodles

                    Is it worth changing the new battery, the current one is at 50% after 3+ years, it discharges quickly and charges slowly if it is not a problem with the Usb C charging port. The battery is about 25 €.

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                      • pin
                      • S37
                      • 02 Apr 2024

                      Watch out HyperOS is coming to more devices, personally i will opt out and start looking for a clean AOSP

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                        • Farhan
                        • vFx
                        • 02 Apr 2024

                        Hi everyone!
                        I found a deal about a poco f2 pro for 185 USD.Should I buy it?I was a user of the K20 pro.So obviously it is something I really wanna buy.Can you guys please tell me what should I look for before I buy it?How can I check the battery accurately, mention that too please.Thank you in advance

                          Boycie, 07 Feb 20243,5 years of using. Incredible quality for the price back t... moreYes , I've had it for 3 and a half years and it's really well made for the last 3 months, I also have the new 13T pro and I have the impression that the POCO is better made because it's all made of glass and aluminum, while the 13T pro is much stronger in terms of hardware and price.

                            I've never unlocked the bootloader, how to do it and is it possible to install Hyper OS or another OS, does anyone have a recommendation. After 3 and a half years, my battery is at 2500 mAh, it drains quickly when it's on, but I don't use it until when it's off 100 % takes a long time and charges more slowly and is it worth changing the battery for a new one at the service center or is it possible that there is a problem with charging and the C slot on the mobile phone.

                              151kmh, 04 Feb 2024If anyone reading here with the problem of phone not chargi... moreSometimes is not the flex. Been there, done that.
                              I putted some layers of electrical tape on the bottom connector, and it worked great.

                                Gann, 01 Feb 2024Long story, the all screen no notch display is a joy to use... moreSwap the camera module for the K30 Pro Zoom, and voila. OIS now.

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                                  • Boycie
                                  • sw3
                                  • 07 Feb 2024

                                  3,5 years of using. Incredible quality for the price back than (310 euro), you can even compare it with today offer of newer phones. Build, battery, cameras, soc, even display (60hz is a big minus, but all other features are there)... just name it. Still working almost like first day, even battery, and I was a gamer back in the days. Charging 2 times a day was normal, cause of pubg... It is shame that does not getting software and security updates anymore...None of new Poco phones doesn't feel so premium as this one...

                                    If anyone reading here with the problem of phone not charging, it's not the USB-C board, but it's the flex cable between mainboard and USB-C board, it needs replaced, or jumper wire across. The copper is so thin in the wire it cracks from temperature changes, resulting in current not passing through anymore. A temporary fix would be to put a few layers of electrical tape on top of the connector so it presses down, but it only works for a few weeks at most.

                                      RuiRamosPT, 09 Jan 2024Me. Twice. Everything is available online.Is it just hardware swap and plug-and-play or do you have to flash K30 pro zoom software too? Also do you know if it works in custom roms too?

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                                        • gimmmeyo
                                        • 3SI
                                        • 02 Feb 2024

                                        anyone updated to miui 13? hows the battery life compared to miui 12.5?