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  • Anonymous

DiabloZ, 06 Sep 2021Im an asmr enthusiast, im confused of this phone's spe... moreCheck if your phone is not in audio Mono mode

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021Try a stereo sound test, it can be done through youtube eve... moreThis phone is not stereo mate, only loudspeaker on two speakers. So yeah, you're right, it's mono but dual speaker.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021stop spread lies How?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021stop spread lies They're not lies. Never had 5G speeds anymore with my Poco F2 Pro on MIUI 12.5.2. It displays 5G, but it's actually only connected on LTE. Before the update, it would shut down the other SIM card and I get real 5G!

  • Anonymous

DiabloZ, 06 Sep 2021Im an asmr enthusiast, im confused of this phone's spe... moreTry a stereo sound test, it can be done through youtube even..if left & right isnt seperated then for sure the headset is a mono

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2021I can confirm after 12.5.2 update, the Poco F2 Pro no longe... morestop spread lies

  • Anonymous

BEN90, 07 Sep 2021You ain't the only one that's using 5G in his cou... moreGood for other users then who had no 5G problems after updating to 12.5.2. But I'm warning others that plan to do so, because a bug free experience after the update is not assured, given the poor track record of Xiaomi's unresolved bugs after the update. Not all users are the same. Many actually prefer Nova launcher over their default phone launchers. I've had 2 Lenovo, several (5+) Xiaomi, 1 Asus, 2 Samsung, 1 Huawei and 2 LG devices and all of them use Nova Launcher prime and had no major problems with custom launchers, except this Poco F2 Pro! I'm starting to think the dysfunction in 3rd party launchers is intentional on Xiaomi's part but since my other Xiaomi phones on earlier Android versions don't seem to have the same software defect, I suppose it's just poor, sloppy software programming and support for Xiaomi's Poco F2 Pro which Xiaomi seems to have abandoned already in favor of the newer flagship models where it continues to sell.

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021Look, this is a BRAND NEW defect and it's software rel... moreYou ain't the only one that's using 5G in his country. Another user here already highlighted that he's having no issues with his 5G after the update. Many on YouTube also updated with no issues. So, you can't successfully advise people not to update to a software version, because of a problem that ain't universal.

My phone has no charging issues, so needless of commenting on that. The inbuilt launcher is also quite appealing to me, so I've never even bothered using any custom launcher, and for that no issues whatsoever with my navigation gestures.

  • DiabloZ

Im an asmr enthusiast, im confused of this phone's speaker when it is connected to a headphone or an earphone. Is it because of the mono speaker that the phone cannot go binaural?(kinda like 3d or 8d sounds). Or is it just because of the types of earphones? I even tested it with so many headphones and earphones. The sound output is still the same. Maybe anyone can make it clear for me?

  • Xiaomi

Any of you all have problems with the IR blaster on the Poco f2 pro sadly it's not working on mine

  • Kevindb14

It's sad to see that so many people got problem's with there Poco f2, that should not be happening. Fortunately I don't have any problems with mine. I hope Xiaomi comes with a fix in miui 13 for some problems i have heard it's coming any time soon.

  • Anonymous

BEN90, 03 Sep 2021It's a problem with your specific update, and not a ge... moreLook, this is a BRAND NEW defect and it's software related. And you have no idea how it's such a big deal because there's no 5G in your country. It's more serious than the original problem of being forced to be on single SIM only if you choose 'Prefer 5G'. I need to highlight it because I have not found a solution to it and need to keep other users from updating to MIUI 12.5.2.

There are many other defects that I've mentioned in the past like battery problems but for the record, at least 3 other users in this forum also had this problem so it's not limited my unit only. It's a design fault. Besides as I've mentioned, its an easy fix after you have your phone opened so there should be no problem paying for repair. The bottom center bar, I've no longer repeatedly mentioned it because I've found the solution: use the default Poco launcher to hide it because if you're using custom launchers, the option mysteriously disappears! That's clearly a bug but now thanks to me, I've shown a workaround. Now the other software problems have no solution - dysfunctional navigation gestures on full display mode if you are using custom launchers like Nova. Now if you have found a workable solution other than NOT USING full display mode anymore, I'm all ears. For the 5G problem, I need other users to know it exists because there's no solution yet not unless you rollback to MIUI 12.5.1 or earlier. Now if you can outline a workaround other than 'NOT USING 5G' at all for an expensive phone that was advertised to be 5G capable (although only 1 band! which is another shortchanging by Xiaomi), then I'd be happy to not mention it anymore. If anybody here can outline me a procedure how to rollback from MIUI 12.5.2 Android 11 to an earlier MIUI based on Android 10, then I'll stop criticizing this bug laden phone from Xiaomi.

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2021In my Poco F2 Pro, it keeps displaying 5G when I choose �... moreIt's a problem with your specific update, and not a general problem. For some reasons, your specific version of poco f2 pro seems quite problematic. I've not been having problems with mine. Even the charging problem which I agree affects many users hasn't affected and won't affect mine.

Maybe, you can just change that phone rest. Continuing to bash the product here (for problems specific to your unit) won't change anything. Many are using poco f2 pro without hassle.

It happens with other devices. I remember when I used Samsung galaxy s3. Others were using it with no problem, but my screen died after 5 months of usage! It was insane, that I angrily had to smash the phone someday (madness of anger).

  • Anonymous

I'd like to add that I have nothing against Xiaomi. It's only this specific phone model. I have 4 other midrange Xiaomi phones and 1 Mi Pad 4 plus tablet in our household and none of them were/are as problematic as my 256GB Poco F2 Pro. If it costed like my Mi Pad 4 plus or Mi Max 3, the many bugs would have been forgivable. But no, it's not a cheap phone and a phone at this price level, I do not expect so many software bugs and having a battery charging problem that required opening up the phone even before the first year! And no, I'm not alone with this battery charging that seems to spontaneously appear around the phone's first year.

  • Anonymous

BEN90, 01 Sep 2021That's a very wrong information, Sir. I've done t... moreIn my Poco F2 Pro, it keeps displaying 5G when I choose 'Prefer 5G'. I have 5G signal, yes, but phone connects to 4G only but displays 5G! How is that not fakery by Xiaomi. It's Xiaomi solving the previous bug - shutting down the other SIM when you choose 'Prefer 5G' and replacing it with another bug that displays 5G when it's actually connected to 4G only!

  • Anonymous

BEN90, 01 Sep 2021Stop spreading fake information. I see a user here who'... moreIt's fake 5G. The problem in which the phone shuts down the other SIM when you use 5G has been solved. Xiaomi's solution? Display a fake 5G network logo even if it's conected to 4G. I do not lie. I speak from my own specific 256GB Poco F2 Pro phone model running the latest MIUI 12.5.2.

It's probably the same issue with the bottom center bar in which the hide option will not be available in the settings if you are using a custom launcher. It's proof enough of Xiaomi's horrendously buggy software updates.

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2021I can confirm after 12.5.2 update, the Poco F2 Pro no longe... moreStop spreading fake information. I see a user here who've gotten 670 Mbps net speed on 5G. I've also toggled on PREFER 5G, and 5G ain't showing because my area doesn't have it. So, Xiaomi has fixed the complaint you've been spamming everywhere here, and you turned to say that it's fake 5G.
I hope you ain't paid to advertise against Xiaomi, because the way you've been attacking this phone is becoming suspicious

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2021Try this: Go to Settings - SIM cards & mobile networks.... moreThat's a very wrong information, Sir. I've done that (turned on prefer 5G) and for days now, I've never seen any 5G logo, because I don't have 5G in my area! There's nothing like "fake 5G logo"

  • Mehrshad

After update to MIUI 12.5
Accessibility menu on corner is stuck and I can't remove it in any way !
In settings Accessibility menu is off, but icon is stuck and can't disable or remove it from corner and buttons

  • sd

already change charging motherboard. bad luck.