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Mike, 24 Dec 2020Oh, hi Mike, thank you for you time. :-) No, I was talkin... moreYes all these cheap phones are getting good, so you're good to go with either one. And although I share the sentiment, the pop up camera on this phone is less of an issue than we make it feel. In reality I don't take selfies and have very little use of the front camera, which is true for a big majority of people as well, and I appreciate the fact that it's hidden somewhere so I get to use all of the screen in all it's glory without any notches or camera cutouts. Same thing with the ads baked inside the MIUI, it's not that big of a problem as far as I can tell. And there are things you can do to disable them. Personally, both my F2 Pro and my previous X3 NFC has no ads in it whatsoever. I disabled the ads in the MIUI, I use Youtube Vanced and Brave browser and the games I play don't show any ads (traditional ads, not promoted contents or its kind).

  • Pyramid Head

It looks good. But now i don't know if I buy poco f2 pro or mi10t pro. Here the price is not much.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2020Try setting SIM 2 to WCDMA only in an area with strong LTE ... moreThere are no WCDMA but 2G, 3G and 4.5G. And either of SIM cards can be set to any. Also two of my SIM cards have active VoLTE which is only available if 4.5G is active on both.

  • Mike

Mike Coxlong, 24 Dec 2020Hi Mike, Mike here as well. You're comparing Note 9... moreOh, hi Mike, thank you for you time. :-)
No, I was talking about Redmi Note 9 Pro without 5G. The one with 5G is not yet in stores in country where I am, and looking the specs of it, I can see what you mean with "it's a different story". Maybe I should wait until it comes out if its price is going to be around 350 euros ? Funny thing, i was considering hard about Poco X3 NFC, but i heard a lot of complaints about the non stop ads poping out everywhere..About the Poco f2 pro is that i am not big fan of pop up camera :/ and i would rather have IPS LCD display with 90 or 120 Hz rate then AMOLED with 60Hz for smoothness. I would not even asking about other models if i havent heard about the problems with MiUI on Redmi Note 9 Pro. Users here, and on my local websites/forums complain that it has fair share of bugs...like when you get phone near the ear during a call, mic gets turned on or the call get put on hold, problem with battery drain, etc etc..

Mike, 23 Dec 2020Hi everyone! I hope you are all well :-) Could you please ... moreHi Mike,

Mike here as well. You're comparing Note 9 Pro with F2 Pro, which is not in the same category. If money is not an issue, you should go for F2 Pro. If it is an issue, you should go for Poco X3 NFC instead, not Note 9 Pro. You would get so much more with the X3 instead of the 9 Pro (unless you're talking about the Note 9 Pro 5G then it's a different story).

But since you're going to use any of these phone for a long while, it's best if you could spend a little extra and get the F2 Pro. Amoled 60hz when paired with Snapdragon 865 is better on the eyes than any LCD with 120hz. The blacks are deeper and colors are better. It's also a full screen display with no camera notch. The Always on Display on F2 Pro is also very useful, with many customization and is easier on the battery compared with a high refresh rate display. It's also the only phone in the world with a telephoto macro lens, so the macro lens here is actually usable unlike the rest.


  • Mike

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well :-)
Could you please help me choose between this Xiaomi model and Poco F2 Pro ? I am aware that Poco has better display and chipset, but is it worth it paying for 100$ more(In my country at least) for him ? Important things for me are, CPU, camera and battery, and browsing the internet i haven't noticed that Poco has much better camera then Redmi Note 9 Pro. Is it the overall impression better and thus profitable buying Poco F2 Pro instead Redmi Note 9 Pro ?
Thanks everybody in advance for you opinions and advices, I hope you all stay safe and healthy :-) Wish you happy Christmas holidays.
P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes, english is not my native language

  • AnonD-961247

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2020I'm sorry you can't appreciate facts and would ra... moreI never carry Powerbank or Charger at all. One full charge lasts more than enough for the day. Also, with these 5G Phones, do you even know how fast they will drain your battery? And also with Bluetooth Always On Phones are not coming without 3.5mm Jack so only BT Headsets can be used if you wish to talk.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-961247, 22 Dec 2020People who post fake news have been found doing so with Ano... moreIf your logic is correct, it means fake news cannot come from dummy names and fake names. And yes, lifting weights and doing hand grip exercises are different from just holding a 219 gram phone which is barely an exercise in itself. Doctors advice regular exercise for health and a little exercise is better than no exercise at all. And here you are peddling fake news that holding and carrying a 219gram phone is not exercise, even just a little bit and that it is bad for health especially if you use the same 'heavy' smartphone straight for 10-15 years. Seriously? Just read my post again so you'll see how ridiculous your claim is. Again, if you only admitted your mistake - claiming FALSELY the adverse health effects of heavier smartphones, - which, by the way, are not supported by a single iota of scientific fact or evidence, this discussion would have ended. Some people buy lighter phones because they prefer convenience, portability and lightness, not because they are avoiding adverse health effects coming from miniscule added weight.

  • AnonD-961247

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2020The more you talk the more you highlight your fake news tha... morePeople who post fake news have been found doing so with Anonymous profile :) Not with some name. Doing exercise is different and holding and using such a heavy phone is different. You will need to go long way before you can understand these in my view.

  • Fff

Update not working

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2020Try it first with different routers/wifi sources that are u... moreTry also changing settings under Wifi assistant enabling/disabling 'Select best networks automatically' and 'Traffic mode'. If your portable hotspot is on while using wifi, disable "Support sixth generation standard" or disable hotspot altogether. If everything else fails, have your phone repaired or replaced.

  • Anonymous

New, 21 Dec 2020I bought the phone i like it so far. The game is so smooth.... moreTry it first with different routers/wifi sources that are using a different fiber/broadband network provider. Try with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz settings. Try changing the router SSID and reconnect. Also try it on a different wireless network provider (setting another phone as hotspot/Wi-Fi source) on another area or place. If it's the same problem, and you're on Android 10, it may be the phone and/or the software. Try a factory reset. If it doesn't resolve, it's likely the phone. You may also update to Android 11 and do a factory reset. If that doesn't solve the WIFI problem still and you had the problem both before the update and still uncorrected with the update despite a factory reset, have your phone replaced. It's likely defective.

  • Anonymous

dooglus0, 21 Dec 2020I wrote this comment about 2months ago. I still feel the sa... moreInstall GCam with Night Sight if you still haven't done it. It will put the iPhone's night mode to shame.

I wrote this comment about 2months ago. I still feel the same about this device!

-> On a 150ms server, it goes to 100ms, I swear on this! I can play on any server I like.
-> I move/peek/jump faster than any player I've played against. I'm on a sensitivity Waay higher than High sensitivity and this device handles it like a PRO!
-> I can hardly hold an iPhone after an hour of gaming, I've played 17hours on this device and not feel a thing! On top of that, the game gets smoother after a long session which is ironic compared to iphones for example.

This phone beats any iPhone or Asus DOG phone in performance and endurance!

However, flashlight is still garbage. An iphone 7+ has better flashlight than this device. its just a bit brighter than the sodium light in my bathroom! Camera is very sharp but garbage at night. Loudspeakers also not on the level of iphones and Phone app is a bit buggy!

  • Shan

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2020Poco f2 pro Or S20 FE ?? Which one has a higher purchase value?S20 FE or Oneplus 8T (Optional)

  • 7Fadi7

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2020Poco f2 pro Or S20 FE ?? Which one has a higher purchase value?The s20 fe 5g cost about 150$ more than poco f2 pro.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-961247, 20 Dec 2020I think you are one of those fools roaming outside who thin... moreI return the phone how can I get it pis

  • New

I bought the phone i like it so far. The game is so smooth. Weight is no issue. Has anyone experienced the tendency of the unit disconnecting from wifi from time to time or do i need to exchange this?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-961247, 21 Dec 2020And for your info, when you add Glass Screen protector and ... moreThe more you talk the more you highlight your fake news that a little extra phone weight is 'bad for peoples' health'. It goes against all scientific logic because doctors have been telling people the need to exercise more and do more weight and resistance training to improve muscle mass so they don't get frail muscles and osteoporosis in old age.

Again, if you just say it's just your preference because light, anorexic phones are your thing, there would have been no argument.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-961247, 20 Dec 2020I think you are one of those fools roaming outside who thin... moreI'm sorry you can't appreciate facts and would rather create fake news that the teeny weeny bit of extra weight on the Poco F2 Pro is making you unhealthy when the opposite is actually the truth. Healthy muscle tone, stronger grip from holding a significant amount of weight is good for health: it helps prevents fractures brought about by frail bones and weak muscles.

If you mentioned you like phones to be lighter weight because it's just your preference since you'd rather carry a much lighter phone with a charger or powerbank all the time, I would have understood.