Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

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  • Anonymous

What's price

With that price F2 will die in its 1st quarter of sale. F1 survive the market for 2yrs. People will buy Vivo IQ000 neo 3 which is cheaper with SD865 for gamer.

  • Siddiqui18

Pop-up Camera is disappointing

  • SK

Plz gives
#6.5"fHD+Samoled+5000mah+30w + rear64+13+5mp & front 20mp + gg5+ Snapdragon 855+ & 6/64gb under 25k price India then gaming lover can enjoy gaming at good price 30k+ budget not much people can't afford....

So far so great also the back camera looks cool.

Oscar1, 04 May 2020no memory card slot why didn't they put a memory card slo... moreMan 256 GB is more than enough. Whats your problem.
I have 64GB in my Moto X4 ad still have 25% free

  • handsome boy

waiting for nothing, no refresh rate too expensive

y75, 04 May 2020A powerful phone with a fair price Nothing for me, but agree with you (Y)

no 90hz screen? bad new:(

  • Galaxy A70

what Mean "Macro Telephoto"!! with 5MP!! Camera ?!!!
Where is Optical 10X Telephoto Zoom with 32 MP or 64 MP Camera ?
600 Euro ?!! for 5 MP LOL Camera ?!

  • Anonymous

Well if these are going to be it's spec and looks then the phone is DOA.

A powerful phone with a fair price

  • Rehan

Stop rebranding phone, Xiaomi please!

I would not care if Xiaomi put a Snapdragon 855+ instead of the 865, I mean I don't care the 5g because in my country it's a technology that won't came in at least another 3 years. It also would allow to make this phone cheaper. Although... It's not the Zoom Edition, what the hell is going on with Xiaomi/Poco?

Why can't we have pop-ups in LCD screens, too? The puncholes look a lot worse on LCDs, but Amoled still het the pop-ups, and LCDs not...

lol poco f2 costs more then 2 times then poco f1 lol ... trash

  • Say whaaat

Super AMOLED tuochscreen? Gorilla glass back? Aluminium frame? No card slot? Poco F2?
Dunno... Without this can be cheaper, much cheaper and it would be still a killer...

  • Anonymous

make it 158mm or lower
just like Huawei P40 Pro

  • bluesclues

it's not a rebranded k30 pro, they say... zzzzzz

  • Anonymous

No 90 Hz no OIS and heavy price should be 500 euros