Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro

Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro

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what a trash phone... there is no new poco phone this year and i bet there wont be anymore , f1 was one and only .. forget about poco ...

  • poco

good specs at this price

  • Drey

I like the specs but these phones are becoming too heavy and large these days.

  • Emran

There was nothing new. I expected something special......😔😔😔

  • Vicky

poco m2 pro vs redmi note 9 pro.
please share the difference between the two.
is this a joke or what.. i think they are bluffing.
same product - two different names - fooling everyone

  • realfact

redmi / poco doing same as oppo,,,vivo,,realme doing in india,,,same phone with different brand name,,,making people fool..i dont know what kind of strategy this is.
really dispointed with poco this time .... after poco f1 they becoming shit,,
looking to oneplus nord now ...may be its my new phone..

  • sayabosanhidup

man these phones are getting more n more interesting
will be interested to buy a big battery n water repellent

  • Bruh

So only a pro ver?

  • Xperia

Redmi note 9 pro?

  • Jmac

Not a fan of punch hole design

  • Anonymous

DannyS, 07 Jul 2020This is poco phone....but don't have what previous or ... moreNo Poco is gone.

  • Anonymous

It's like a rebranded note 9s

This is poco phone....but don't have what previous or latest poco things....quite bad for poco🙁🙁