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  • Anonymous
  • tui
  • 19 Sep 2023

i never seen such a failure m3 design

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    • Baka
    • jb@
    • 14 Sep 2023

    POCO User, 11 Aug 2023soo another motherboard issue - internet disconnection. I ... morealmost kinda same issue.... network and signal lag and finally after restarting its saying no network.Took to a service center and theyr'e saying network IC fuXXed up... idk what phone to buy now :(

      Manjiq, 17 Apr 2023Not for long i think cause it fixed temporarily for 2 month... moreAfter 3 months deadboot screen returns

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        • Anonymous
        • X5u
        • 12 Sep 2023

        esem, 23 Aug 2023hello i have this shitphone for 3 years i had dead screen ... morePoco is a good and nice phone
        Is also have 6000mah battery

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          • esem
          • aur
          • 23 Aug 2023

          hello i have this shitphone for 3 years
          i had dead screen issue then we had to repair and replace the IC
          display in sun is awful
          terrible data connection
          camera is fu..ed up
          battery is fu..king amazing 6000 the only awesome thing about this phone
          good speaker
          charging connection awful

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            • POCO User
            • rJ@
            • 11 Aug 2023

            soo another motherboard issue - internet disconnection.
            I am using this phone for 2 years now and I didn't have deadboot issues thankfully thought I was lucky with motherboard but from past 1 week faced severe problem - mobile data is on even then yt doesn't even work on 144p, can't scroll web - data is showing it's on but it's not working, sometimes it works for 10-15 seconds and another disconnection for 1-2 minutes again 10 sec connection and 2 min disconnect. went to repair - identified as motherboard issue, either try to reboot and check if it fixes itself and risk potential deadboot since motherboard is experiencing problems or replace motherboard....

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              • fkM3
              • pTg
              • 10 Aug 2023

              Miui 14 with Android 12 XD
              It's too early update!?
              Xiaomi support is very strong!

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                • GimOA
                • XV}
                • 03 Aug 2023

                I never had any issue with this phone, even successfully flashed a custom rom, magisk root, and a custom kernel. I guess I was just lucky this one didn't bricked on me, It's great for a budget phone or a secondary phone, since you're pretty much can watch any content for hours with that kind of battery.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • I@a
                  • 02 Aug 2023

                  Your phone is so bad....when me is turn off you can't open it.

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                    • PlUser
                    • dQT
                    • 16 Jul 2023

                    Jd, 15 Jul 2023Phone is getting restarted frequently completly third clas... moreIn Europe is POCO M3 , and MIUI Global 13 ( SJFEUXM), and Android 12.
                    Xiaomi planed MIUI 14, and Android 12.

                    In your region is in another MIUI version.

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                      • Jd
                      • Hku
                      • 15 Jul 2023

                      Phone is getting restarted frequently completly third class brand haven't even updated still on. Miui 12.0.12.never going to buy anything from mi

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                        • Minu
                        • ter
                        • 04 Jul 2023

                        Anonymous, 23 Jun 2023Hi guys I'am from Sri Lanka I purchased a redmi 9t wh... morePretty unfortunate to notice this. Thanks for sharing 😊

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                          • Anonymous
                          • ter
                          • 23 Jun 2023

                          Hi guys
                          I'am from Sri Lanka I purchased a redmi 9t which has the same deadboot issue as Poco M3.
                          The Xiaomi service center gave me a Poco M3 as a replacement, I lost all my old data with the phone.
                          And just a few months after the warranty expired the replacement unit also died in the same way when rebooting.
                          As it turns out Xiaomi service centers have a bad habit of patching up broken devices with temporary fixes and giving them as replacement units.
                          They do this because often they don't have the power ic or the time to repair the original units
                          If deadboot happen:

                          1.)demand that they fix a new power ic to your original unit (this can save your old data and is a safer bet than replacement). Reboot your phone to check while in store.

                          2.) If you opt for a replacement make sure you have warranty for replacement reboot your replacement multiple times to check before leaving the store

                          3.) Don't go for 3rd party repairs even if out of warranty Xiaomi will give warranty for repairs

                          4.)backup your data before updates.

                          5.)if within warranty you may demand a cash refund for a dead unit(may take months to process) it is also imo the best idea than risking it with this garbage model

                          It cost me 5900 lkr (June 2023) to fix my Poco M3 only time will tell if this repair is permanent or not

                          Best of luck to anybody suffering issues 🙏
                          All these Xiaomi Sales people should go to hell

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                            • Sauro
                            • fuT
                            • 04 Jun 2023

                            Mine just showing a black screen(dead) after performing a reboot

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                              • Clarkkent
                              • XS8
                              • 02 Jun 2023

                              Deadboot been resolved already, mine has been fixed way back dec. 2021. Unlireboot and updated to miui14 as of today. Xiaomi service center could not fix this. Go to expert technicians, they can fix your m3 within 30 mins. Not reheating method or any rubbish remedy. Still solid phone for normal use. Does not heat on ultra graphics mobile legends. Battery still 99% health as of writing.

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                                • Mr usman
                                • txE
                                • 15 May 2023

                                Nadil, 12 May 2023Mine just died after miui 14, there's anyway I can rec... moreD u restart your phone while upgrading MIUI 14?

                                  • N
                                  • Nadil
                                  • XNp
                                  • 12 May 2023

                                  Mine just died after miui 14, there's anyway I can recover my data?
                                  (it u know pls tell me guys!)

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                                    • Joey
                                    • xtS
                                    • 03 May 2023

                                    Mine just died been 4 months now. Usually my engineer could power it back on when it happens but this time he couldn't. I'm still shocked. Had to do an emergency purchase for a new phone.

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                                      • Manjiq
                                      • M20
                                      • 17 Apr 2023

                                      Spioct, 12 Apr 2023MIUI 13 and Android 12 fixed my deadboot screen, today I up... moreNot for long i think cause it fixed temporarily for 2 month at least for mine and now its deadboot again ; )

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                                        • Gin
                                        • f3j
                                        • 13 Apr 2023

                                        Ok I managed to reboot my phone but now there's no sound when i play media, the speakers work but whenever i play songs or videos nothing but open up my radio app and boom
                                        Anyone know a solution?