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  • COBA

today .. new rom update .. global V12.0.11 .. after reboot .. new bricks .. .. second time in 3 months .. this time totally dead .. :(

  • Shafeeq

seonhwa, 22 Oct 2021Don't buy this phone. It has an issue with the PMIC ha... moreDon't but this phone.I have same issue with my phone. I restart my phone then it do not turn on, then after several hours it got turn on. Now after 1 to 2 months my phone was not working properly it has a lot of bugs then i shutdown my phone then it do not turn of after attempting more than hundred times. Now I have given my phone to xioami customer service center they said that my phone will be repaired in 2 weeks. Now let's see what Happen.

  • Wasim

Poco M3 has serious issue every second device turn OFF and then doesnt switch ON..
My Device was in warranty and i summit it to care office and after 10 days they replaced my PCB with new imei number..
i was happly using my device but after 7 days my second device also dead now i m waiting for my second replacement..

  • seonhwa

Don't buy this phone. It has an issue with the PMIC hardware. I bought this last March 2021 and experienced the deadboot issue for the first time last August 2021. Phone won't turn on no matter which combination of buttons you press. Charging it didn't solve the problem too. After 16hrs, it miraculously turned on. After that, I never shut it down again except last September 9 when I had to restart the device because System UI and Chrome kept crashing and the camera wouldn't open. Unfortunately, even after almost two months, it wouldn't turn on again. A few times it did manage to flash the charging screen, but attempting to long press the power button would cause it to deadboot. Connecting it to a computer would show the device as QUSB:BULK along with other characters. If you're willing to lose your phone after 7 months or earlier, then buy it. Otherwise, don't waste your money on this.

Goddy, 16 Oct 2021Does these booting issues been fixed with an update or cust... moreNope

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021After 7 month of use this phone, it switch off automaticall... moreReally?

Hi everyone.
The device,returned yesterday from the ''service''(that they told me,from the shop i bought it)
but it doesn't recognize the Sd card.....So i reboot it & of course,it doesn't turn on again.....3d time.....Anyway,in Europe,the guarantee is 2 years,so i will send it back,for 2 years,untill they fix it or replace it.....

  • Salman

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021After 7 month of use this phone, it switch off automaticall... moreSame happens on my 4 poco m3 phones

  • Salman

I purchased total 5 mobiles in Dubai by online purchase. But now four phone is dead, company said battery problem, touch problem but how it is possible because 4 phone suddenly dead if 1 is ok, but 4 is not ok. Any way this is not suitable for more than 1 year its my opinion.

  • Your Poco is dead

Just got mine today from warranty center Poco M3 it's bad better put WiFi extender around you're house and don't drain youre Poco M3 battery it's all bad wouldn't recommend it there are better options than this 2021 have a good list of cheap but good phone better than this if your planning to buy this user here it's bad it's a warning!!!! Take care and good luck I hope you find a good option

Does these booting issues been fixed with an update or custom ROM?

  • Mans

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2021Anyone else experiencing bricked phone, I am no expert. But... moreusless after update don't buy this phone

  • poco m3 user

Shiboi, 14 Oct 2021Did you update the firmware and OS to the latest ones or le... moreMy poco m3 is presently running MIUI Global 12.0.4 stable. I didnt update my phone during that time. it just randomly happened.
After opening the phone, disconnecting the battery, then turning ..my phone turned on..but the second time my kid accidently turn it off..while it was charging..again I opened it disconnected the battery then turn on again. but this time it didn't work...Then I decided just to wait for the battery to drain. then plug the charger and if battery charging will display I plan to turn it on....but miraculously when my kid turned it on the next day..it turned on again...this is just weird...but this time I advised my family to never turn it off again..

  • anas7287

This phone has weird demons. Overall, it works fine as in I have had no turning OFF or ON issues. But the both the comms, WiFi and Bluetooth are terrible.
While the WiFi connects with both 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz, it is only able to maintain a stable connection with the 2.4 GHz one. That too it randomly turns OFF after an hour or two.
The bluetooth does not work smoothly with the headset if you have the phone in your pocket which is a big shame.
Would not recommend to anyone.

  • Anonymous

Anyone else experiencing bricked phone, I am no expert. But after extensive search online for any possible solutions, I got my phone back to normal.

2 weeks ago, my phone was bricked. Turns out, when the update happened, the phone automatically restarted itself. The morning I have to use my phone, it won't turn on.. or rather it has no display at all. Tried connecting it to my computer using USB cord. It only shows "QLoader *blahblahblah*". I read that a possible solution is draining the battery. So I did. It worked.

So all you guys having problem with your Poco M3, drain the battery. Hold Volume Up + Power button. Then leave it for a few days or so. Then when it's drained, turn it on and try if it has display (mine displayed a drained battery.) I charged it, turned it on, and it works properly. But don't turn it off or restart your phone immediately. Copy your files, back it up, etc. Then soft reset your phone. You will be able to use it again.

If this doesn't work, there are multiple accounts online you can send a direct message to help you. But it'll cost you like $35 or more or less Php1700.

  • Shiboi

poco m3 user, 12 Oct 2021me too, it happened to me today (october 12), I bought it v... moreDid you update the firmware and OS to the latest ones or leave them updated?

  • Anonymous

Irfan , 07 Oct 2021Plz dont buy Xiaomi Poco M3 comes company built-in fault wh... moreOmg really?

  • Anonymous

After 7 month of use this phone, it switch off automatically and then it unable to switch on. So Don't buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

pls dont buy this bullshit phone . got turn off and never went on again AFTER LESSS THAN 2 WEEKS puta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • poco m3 user

chamila, 10 Oct 2021worst xiaomi phone. it turned off and not turn on again. x... moreme too, it happened to me today (october 12), I bought it via online shop on LAZADA just last march 27, 2021 . what happened is that I turned it off, then an hour later I turned it on, but it will not turn on...I followed the basic troubleshooting videos from youtube but still the phone is dead. then tried to open the phone ..disconnected the battery for about 10 seconds, then after that I prssed the power button then it turned on... but when I turned it off again later that day beacause I was charging it..it wouldnt turn on again. I guess I had to open it again , diconnect the battery then turn on and never to turn it off again.