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Xiaomi Poco X3

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  • Anonymous
  • uu@
  • 08 Aug 2022

sudden phone turned off without warning done everything possible still not turning on.

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    • Anonymous
    • X}2
    • 31 Jul 2022

    Ranakoti, 26 Jul 2022I bought this phone in January 2021. Worked great so far.ne... morehow to check battery percentage in poco x3

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      • ponjoink
      • E0c
      • 26 Jul 2022

      after 2 years of use..so far so good just a battery gradually deteriorating as expected

        I bought this phone in January 2021. Worked great so far.never had any problem with software either. Battery was great but now its about 65% of initial capacity. Main issue I found with this phone is its weight and night time camera performance. With cover it's close to 255 grams and feels painful after continuous single hand use. Camera is decent in daylight bad in challenging backlight and low light situations. Have exchanged it now for Oppo Reno 8 non pro version which I got for 16000 after exchange and discount in India.

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          • Anonymous
          • rKH
          • 15 Jul 2022

          My phone problem is front and up speakers not working poco x3 phones has a west and worst urgently this phones ban all the problems solve the company

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            • Noor E Azim
            • 2W5
            • 07 Jul 2022

            Black Noir, 22 Apr 2022Front and rear ultra wide camera not working it is stuck wh... moreI am facing the exact same problem and also having issues in bluetooth connectivity.

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              • Noor E Azim
              • 2W5
              • 07 Jul 2022

              I have been using poco x3 for 1.2 years. But recently the phone has got some bugs after updating to miui 12.5.8. First, when i switch to the front camera and wide angle lens the camera app freezes showing blurry screen. Second, the issues in bluetooth connectivity specially when the phone is connected to an earbuds or a bluetooth speaker the phone audio doesn't work. Many people are having the same issues like mine. So my suggestion is not to buy a poco phone.

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                • user
                • uuf
                • 02 Jul 2022

                if u are instersted to buy this phone poco x3 is aa big mistake in my opinian please don't buy this phone and after 1 year the phone become dead and we contact with service sender they tell if their is no varenty they con't service it and the main board of the phone is not available so please not but this xiaomi phone THANK YOU

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                  • lalith
                  • 7k3
                  • 22 Jun 2022

                  VIVEK , 13 Jun 2022POCO X3 i bought in the month of March 2021,just completed ... morejust put in flipkart as a exchange get some good branded mobile

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                    • VIVEK
                    • vGp
                    • 13 Jun 2022

                    POCO X3 i bought in the month of March 2021,just completed one year my during march 2022 my phone camera and speaker dead after updation.If anyone bought this phone dont update software.i will never buy this brand anymore. MI service is very bad

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                      • Anonymous
                      • g3h
                      • 10 Jun 2022

                      my phone got fried before a year

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                        • Milon
                        • ubI
                        • 31 May 2022

                        AjyKmr, 31 Aug 2021Anyone got 12.5? I just downloaded and waiting to install a... moreYes my poco x3 is
                        12.5.7 stable
                        Android version 11
                        MIUI 12

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                          • Milf
                          • 04Q
                          • 28 May 2022

                          After 1 year, X3 still performs very well. 'issues' with Android 11, and MIUI 12.5.7 are minor, you can live with them easily. No heating problem, no battery problem, no lag, nothing..everything is good

                            Did you put charge on your phone... during lightning when it was raining... at that time, the phone must have short circuit due to which the ic is damaged... This is the same condition in TV also... Please take care during charging

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                              • Dev...ashish
                              • DkC
                              • 27 May 2022

                              Mak, 19 Sep 2021Does anyone else phone feel the phone is slower after 12.5 ... moreI know it's a little bit slow after miui 12 update... the older version was fine, smooth as butter..... I have only issue about Android 10 and Android 11 versions... The new android 11 version done a good job about phone heating but the sound quality is reduced to half... The previous 10 version has a high res audio that would feel like cinematic experience... Now it's dull in new version... People had lot of complaints about phone back part vibrating during holding the phone... But i would say, it was very less you barely know about vibrating... The high quality speakers used in led tv or in any marriage occasions also vibrates if you touch the top side of a speaker, but that is the nicest thing about it... you know the sound quality of a speaker... The phone vibrating issue had been solved if people would use the phone for 1 month... After that.. they would have adjust to this feature### the new 11 version have some battery draining isses also, this was not in previous 10 version### Both Android 10 and 11 versions have their own merits and demerits... 🙏🙏🙏 Please have a look on my message Xiaomi ... I hope you understand 🙂🙂🙂

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                                • Mathias
                                • pYk
                                • 24 May 2022

                                For the first few months, it seems like the best phone. High-speed charging, runs smoothly, and has long battery life. But now after a year, the battery sucks and it is slow as hell. It also overheats a lot. If you hold it longer than a minute your hand will start hurting.
                                If you for some reason need a phone just for like half a year it is fine but if you would like it to last for at least 2 years don't buy it.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • rJK
                                  • 14 May 2022

                                  Worst phone ever don't purchase anyone iam using around one year now the phone is totally dead condition the phone ic has gone dead there is only features that not working properly bullshit

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                                    • Rifat
                                    • X%Q
                                    • 12 May 2022

                                    Using this phone for around 1 year & 4 months. Only had a problem with gyroscope glitch in Pubg mobile, other than that no problem at all. Best phone for that bugdet of its launch time.

                                      one of the worst phone ever made too much bulky and impossible to hold.....this phone is perfect for hulk!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 63x
                                        • 03 May 2022

                                        John, 04 Aug 2021#SmoothAF my bottom! I've been using this phone for a ... moreYup, couldn't agree more. Whoever came up with that #SmoothAF tagline should be fired!