Xiaomi Poco X3 GT

Xiaomi Poco X3 GT

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  • Anonymous

EM, 08 Oct 2021I think i should buy it in my Region

X3 Gt

Nord 2


  • Marcel

chester, 23 Sep 2021 why does the brightness goes down? It is a bug from MIUI, it's not only xiaomi, my samsung A50S have that kind of bug too

  • EM

I think i should buy it

IZANAMI, 30 Sep 2021Overall is awesome, but it has one minus that will be a bad... moreOverall, these are some of the better photos from a smartphone's primary camera we've seen lately, and not only within the mid-range bracket. "" This. what he writes gsmarena about this phone. You have the opposite opinion. Why.? You bought and take pictures with this? Thanks in advance for your reply.


Overall is awesome, but it has one minus that will be a bad idea for someone who likes taking photo. It will give you a bad photo in place with very minimum light and the place is so dim.


ZIZBERT181020, 26 Sep 2021Dear , POCO X3 GT is it supported OTG . I have 2TB hard di... moreIt supported otg

i have poco x3 pro gt , and the call recording cannot locate where is the file saved? can you help me when i can see the call record file saved?is there anyone can help me please

  • areeb

i have read that poco x3 pro has some issues with screen touch is poco x3 gt is the same

Idanbobo, 07 Sep 2021My GT works well except the sound. It seems has no bass and... moreDear ,
POCO X3 GT is it supported OTG . I have 2TB hard disk , in GSM ARENA not mentioned if this model is USB on the go. PLease help me if supported of OTG?

POCO X3 GT PRO is it supported USB or Hard drive 2TB? is it usb on the go?
please help me to know. Thanks

Please help me to know if this POCO X# GT PRO is can read hadr drive or usb ? is this USB on the go?Please hel me to know.

  • Anonymous

Good thing I chose the Realme Q3 Pro over this.

- AMOLED (not seeing screen flicker after 1 month of owning this)
- Earphone jack
- Cheaper (went with 8/256 variant for only around $290. Meanwhile, Poco X3 GT's price is $320 1 month ago)

Only thing I'm missing with the X3 GT is the memory card slot. Also maybe the IR blaster and NFC (which I'm seeing myself as rarely, if not completely, using it at all).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021does ur phone have NOTIFICATION LED LIGHT ???????? bc... moreNO it doesnt have it

  • Anonymous

chester, 23 Sep 2021 why does the brightness goes down? does ur phone have


bcuz the lonely products of xiaomi that they have Notification Led LIght form 2.5year ago is

poco x3 nfc
poco x3 pro

some models with Amoled screen they just have AOD...no notification led light at all

what about this model????

  • chester

why does the brightness goes down?

  • moose

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Me too bro. Did u have the solution?its major issue from the game, not the phone. even iphone has same issue.

  • Atrgvnn

Mursaleen, 09 Sep 2021I am using Poco X3 GT with 256GB/8GB variant, from three we... moreYea it's a bug, I've experienced those in my redmi note 8 but not such a problem for me because you can clear the storage alert without any problem

  • Alan

Started getting minor ghost touch issue now while gaming... Damn

  • Giridevi

Shall I use the jio fi sim card in this mobile phone.

Anybody help to me how i standard mode enable.