Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

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hotdog, 16 Sep 2021Question Samsung S10 plus or thisS10+ obviously 🙄

  • hotdog

Question Samsung S10 plus or this

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Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021poco x3 nfc vs poco x3 proPoco X3 Pro for Gaming (90FPS in PUBG).

Poco X3 NFC for Camera, NFC & stronger body (aluminium frame). It's good gaming wise as well (60FPS in PUBG), but gaming on 90FPS is a lot better.

  • Anonymous

poco x3 nfc vs poco x3 pro

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Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021Im facing a weird problem.. When copying files from intern... moreUnless there's something wrong with your SD Card (like a fake one), my best guess is a bug.

Probably associated with wrong I/O Scheduler in kernel, like "deadline". If you pass too much info through them, some schedulers like deadline can't keep up & device ends up restarting.

You can try to confirm it by repeating what you were doing, but don't do anything on your phone during the process & also leave the phone screen on. Though, interrupted moving of files can damage them.
Or if your device is rooted, you can simply check it in Kernel Manager - I/O Scheduler. You can change it freely as well.

If you just want a solution, I suggest saving your data somewhere & doing a hard reset.

Updates always have risk of bugs due to problems during installation (rather than the update itself). Doesn't matter you've an iPhone or luxurious Samsung/OnePlus/Huawei. Usually, not everyone faces the same bug because it's just a matter of bad luck.

I've pretty much never had a problem with any phone because I always hard reset my phone after a major update. And I don't install minor updates unless that update has some feature that I want.

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Jay1977efc, 10 Sep 2021Did you just pop the sd in without prepping the phone by an... moreNo .. i formatted it before using then popped it into the phone it was FAT32
I changed it into exFAT recently and noticed a pump up in speed and more stability
It was weird thought ... Any copying operation for files larger than 4GB seems to be the problem so far

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021Im facing a weird problem.. When copying files from intern... moreDid you just pop the sd in without prepping the phone by any chance as that happened to me on a device a few yrs back

  • Anonymous

Why when I open scope in pubg korea it shivers and vibrates for xiaomi poco x3

Hello, good morning, I bought this phone a few months ago and I did not find any weaknesses in the method, and I am really very satisfied with its camera. It seems to me that this is a weakness, but the phone is excellent in terms of hardware.

  • Anonymous

Im facing a weird problem..
When copying files from internal storage to sd card ( 32 GB SANDISK ) the phone suddenly stops and reboot ..
This happens when copying large files around 3 or 4 GB
is there a solution to this?!..
Im on MIUI 12.5 ANDROID 11 ...

  • Amal

Sony xz2 better than poco x3 nfc rt

Im still facing this issue, cannot use external mic.. plz help

Ali11, 30 Aug 2021I don't get why people always complain about this phon... moreAbsolutely agree dude! I paid less than £200 for the 128gb model and honestly for the price (which is even less now) there's nothing to complain about. Yeah there's an odd glitch occasionally but nothing to spoil using the phone and with all the features I'll never go anywhere near spending silly money on a flagship when a so called 'budget' device is this good. Can't recommend highly enough 👍

Minx, 02 Sep 2021If I could remove the latest update I would do so as it is ... moreask in the mobile shops do they do downgrades. its a little bit risky process.
maybe you should try with hard reset first. usually hard reset was required after updating android, two years ago from android 8 to android 9. you know... good luck however.

If I could remove the latest update I would do so as it is totally useless , the phone was 100% better without this nonsense . If anyone has a solution I would be extremely grateful.

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Devesh, 03 Jan 2021Some bugs we should report to mi 1.improve stereo quality ... moreHello
Is that zoom problem of front camera solved?

The latest update is truly awful , it has caused me unbridled irritation , how a company can impose such a dreadful update on customers is mystifying, I think a total overhaul is needed , IMMEDIATELY.

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021I've played PUBG on it. It gives 60FPS without issue, ... moreThanks for the reply.

I don't get why people always complain about this phone. My phone works flawlessly. Had it for 5 months now. It cost only 200usd. It's an absolute steal at this price point given the features. If it were a other phone company like Samsung or vivo or oppo, they would gi you a phone that has a dreadful mediatek helio p35 chipsets. Yes xiaomi don't have the best ui around but the thing is they can only get better.

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021Yes. Its chipset is among good ones in this price, so it ca... moreThe most positive feedback I've seen on this page yet🙌.