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Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

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Tanvir, 13 Jan 2022I am confused, which one is the global version of poco x3? Global version maybe has NFC feature (there is a word marked NFC on the box).

  • Tanvir

I am confused, which one is the global version of poco x3?

  • Melzy

Ok so I've obtained this phone on the 2nd week of 2022 and I must say it's a brilliant phone. Battery is good, camera is decent but everything else is great. Never overheated once never froze once but I've come on here to put my review on gaming performance. So far it's the best phone for PUBG I've come across so far and owned flagships in the past 5 years that don't even compare to the performance this phone brings. It's actually an amazing phone and I've low-key been a fan of Xiaomi. Guys not even kidding you, this phone beats out every android phone out there when it comes to playing PUBG and the best part about it is it never overheats or loses a lot of battery when playing games for hours .

  • The honest review

After using the phone for a year now, I got mine on the 17 December 2020, I'm still satisfied with the purchase. So far I haven't noticed any significant lags, the phones performance is still very much up to desirable standards, the camera is good, I won't say great because I've seen better but, it's okay for every day life the picture quality is clear and you can still capture good pictures or videos at events (it's not good if you're trying to show off to someone).
I'll be honest that I thought that the battery timing would decay after a year's worth of use, but fortunately for me it hasn't. And still gives a good time, and charges quickly. If anything I don't like that the charging doesn't automatically stop like in newer phones but other than that I can play games and use the phone heavily and I still have 50% battery by night time.
Many people have complained about a heating issue in the phone, but so far I've never encountered it even after playing games like genshin impact or wild rift for hours.

Overall the phones good, it's not exactly flagship material but is at the very least keep up with those phones, and delivers a good decent performance for the amount of money it costs, over the years I've seen many embeciles complain about various problems regarding the phone, comparing it to flagship pieces, but these are merely the complaints of a uneducated poor class that cant afford flagships and even with a decent device in their hands still keep their eyes fixated on flagship models comparing everything to something they can't afford.

  • murasaki

after using this phone a year++ it finally had problems and phone auto restart and now the mobile data signal is constantly at 0 to 2 bars, how I wished it lasted longer

  • Owner of Poco X3

don't buy this phone or the poco x3 series if you're a heavy user of mobile data.
i swear this phone sucks at mobile data, you cant even play games decent with it.

  • Sin

I saw a video of this phone vs the nokia x10 in gaming

Snapdragon 732G after 10 mins over hearts only runs as good as snapdragon 690 nokia x10 painful

Also i think this phone has software problems and lot of ads and a bad update problem buggly from a update

Everone in my family said the phone not worth 200 pound beware of problems cheap china phone that won't let u mentor the temps yes they block apps out unreal its so bad they have hide stuff

my sister she bought one she like that the speakers are load is why she got the phone in first place but told us she don't recommend it at all

  • Mohammed

without any problem my mobile poco x3 nfc suddenly off and stop working charging port also kind of death. can anyone explain it or anyone face this kind of problem.

  • zebedy

Had mine 12months and it hasn't missed a beat. i love it. updated itself to android 11 no problem and miui 12.5.2. fantastic battery and charge time. got it from official xiaomi uk website for £160 delivered. best phone for the price iv ever had. only got it for a temp untill i could afford a samsung but stuff the samsung. i'll stick with this. brilliant. i would buy another xiaomi in a heartbeat.

  • Alex

I own this phone for about 1 year. I am very happy ! Is still as fast since day one and the battery still going strong. 100% recommended

  • Sussybaki

jay, 30 Nov 2021im having issue on touch lagging and unresposiveness, need ... moreMine too, it randomly freezes for 3-5 seconds and recently takes a slight sec to register my input, unless i tap on it firmly.

  • Amir

I have x3 global and when i search for updates with phone i doesn't find anything
I downloaded latest update for global rom from Xiaomi firmware updater but when i choose update package i see this error " can't install unofficial rom"
What should i do?
Rom that i downloaded is this

Tanjim, 17 Dec 2021Which rom version is best for nfc global??I want to downgre... moreThe latest global ROM is version https://c.mi.com/oc/miuidownload/detail?device=1900385 and if you didn't do factory reset after update to Android 11 do it, my son have no problems with latest update.

  • Tanjim

Which rom version is best for nfc global??I want to downgread old version.coz i face lot's of problems on latest version 12.4.0 on my nfc global. So plz suggest me which rom version best for nfc?

  • Anonymous

ifdfy, 28 Nov 2021This is thrid clasS mobile with cheap quality and third cl... moreThe problem is in your unit, I have months since I bought the x3 and never had any kind of problems, imo is a pretty solid phone

One of the best phones, I like it very much. I own it since about 1 year.
Battery lasts minimum 1 - 1.5 days with heavy usage.
One negative side is the weight, it is a bit weighter than my older phones, but I don't mind it, the battery capacity worths the weight increase.
Speed, response time is great.
I like the MIUI feature to hide the notch hole!

I give 9 star to the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC.

Maybe one phone has higher rating (10 star):
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (because: smaller weight, thinner, amoled screen, better screen nit, dedicated sdcard slot, 108MP camera, 5MP macro, a bit better cpu speed).

But if battery time is important, then Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC is the best at the moment (2021.12.05).

  • jay

im having issue on touch lagging and unresposiveness, need to reboot everytime this happens

  • ifdfy

This is thrid clasS mobile with cheap quality and third class gaming sensivity heatup just in seconds while the play game also screen toggle and creepy its bassed own experince and suggeted to avoid this shit mobile

  • Admiral

Had it been no ghost touch issue,this phone is great for gaming n daily usage.

There is no remedy for ghost touch problem. If u want to go for budget phone, choose xiaomi. If want to really stable performance fon, buy others instead

  • Himu

Hi I am poco x3 user. My phone was good when i buy it 6 month ago. But after using 6 math everything is all right. But
Very sad to say that my😔 phone's 64 mp camera is damage dy dust. I can't find any way how to enter dust on phone camera. It’s prove that the quality of phone is poor & now my camera is totally damage i cannot take any picture as before
So it’s my complaint to poco 🙂