Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

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  • Wojmistrz

Browny, 10 Sep 2020I got early bird deal on AliExpress, 128gb version, deliver... moreI've the same. 7-days delivery waranty, but after buy is will send by next 10 days :(

  • Lin

I prepare to buy this Poco X3 NFC for replace my old Xiaomi Max2 and one basic phone.

  • May I add more

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020Realme x2 is 10 times better than this you get an amoled di... moreAnd you also forgot the Realme X2 is a one year old phone, so less updates in the future. Realme X2 also has plastic frame, weak single speaker, smaller battery, no high refresh rate and no liquid cooling system to make it lighter.

  • BS

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020this phone looks so bad in person the back looks 10 times w... moreOh great, here come the haters with their lies again. The phone is still in pre-order and not available in physical stores yet. And you already got your hands on one to criticise the looks 'in real life'? Try harder next time.

  • Anonymous

aryons, 10 Sep 2020guy.. within this poco x3 nfc price, which alternative phon... moreRealme x2 is 10 times better than this you get an amoled display fast charging sd 730g has an in display figner print sensor and its 180 grams rather than 220 like this poco

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020The specs are really great though for me the camera's ... moreLol... That was a special package for that specific youtuber

  • Anonymous

This is for Browny. Realme X2 Pro costed me just £220. Have a nice day

ALonZo, 07 Sep 2020There is no way on earth that the price gonna be that much ... moreI got early bird deal on AliExpress, 128gb version, delivered for £191. No kidding. And it's shipped from Spain. Ordered it Tuesday and tracking says its already at the Post Office depot. Should have it the next few days.

Poco is typical offspring of MI. Launches heavyweight phones all the time. 215 gms for a phone, can u imagine. Half an hour on a call and u had it.

  • aryons

guy.. within this poco x3 nfc price, which alternative phone you can suggest me? because i don not find any better phone within this budget.

  • XiaomiHEAD

Xiaomi need to optimize the cameras and increase the videosound bitrate to at least 192kbit. I hate the frontcamera without EIS, fix it! If they fix some stutters also it will be a good phone. I got the grey version. Poco X3 need some firmware update magic now.

StojSha, 10 Sep 2020why ips lcd???the phone is 200$ they had to save on costs somehow

  • Anonymous

this phone looks so bad in person the back looks 10 times worse than in the pics and the bezels are bigger

why ips lcd???

  • Anonymous

Covered, 10 Sep 2020Yes, there is a screen protector already applied from factory.Thanks bro.

That is nice, so i don't have to worry about the screen protection.

Eagerly waiting, is not available in my region yet, likely between one to two weeks time i guess.

  • Anonymous

Mike Coxlong, 10 Sep 2020AMOLED can suffer from burn ins, yellow tints, black spots ... more765G>>>732G. In what world does 732G even have 5G. Antutu of 765G is 330k while 732G is flat 300k. Antutu benchmark can't be trusted to begin with. Redmi Note 8 Pro's G90T scores 295k while 9 Pro scores 279k yet in actual performance they're pretty much equal. The actual performance of the 765G still exceeds the 732G. AMOLED being inferior is a myth. The X3 doesn't even have EIS in it's camera.
It goes like this:
Mi 10 Lite 5G>Poco X3, Mi Note 10 Lite>Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi

If only could they release a version with 8GB / 256GB with dedicated SD Card, I might have immediately bought it.

  • You

Make a review about that Poco X3 NFC.

  • Anonymous

Watched it too, 10 Sep 2020You were referring to the Youtube review by Mark's Tec... moreblack color looked fine

  • Anybody

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Fantastic specs for great price a lot of people will get ev... moreThey can use dimensity chipset but dimensitys production can't keep up with demand.