Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

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  • Jacx
  • tuh
  • 8 hours ago

Rubbish phone die motherboard

    buyerPoco, 20 Apr 2024This is my farewell message to my Poco X3 Pro It was three... moreCongratulations

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      • FLOPPAGG
      • thw
      • 17 Jun 2024

      bruhtop, 17 May 2024very good Phone in my Opinion this phone like a$$ rn, Xiaomi does not recall all defective units with its terrible CPU

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        • mina
        • N0Q
        • 16 Jun 2024

        dani, 16 Jun 2024had this phone for 3 years then one day it started crashing... moreThe same happened to me yesterday
        i went to the service center the told me that the CPU died

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          • dani
          • HC4
          • 16 Jun 2024

          had this phone for 3 years then one day it started crashing and the screen went grey.
          it crashed like this twice but it turned on afterwards, third time it crashed it died completely, I couldn't start it any longer, only way was to get a professional look at it but at that point I just decided to upgrade, phone was good overall though, served me good for 3 years for the price it goes at this is definitely worth the money.

            I have five x3 pro in my family. All of them still working fine. We don’t abuse them and don’t over charge them. While it is obsolete in many ways, I think Xiao Mi has done a good job to deliver affordable phones with good longevity. Compared to my Samsung phones before, which would just die without warning, I only buy Xiao Mi now.

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              • Joey
              • Bty
              • 13 Jun 2024

              Yusuf shah, 12 Jun 2024seems like we all can agree that this phone can only last f... moreI read about it ,all Xiaomi devices just for 3 years maximum then it die alone , i am just not recommed them phones

                Maan, 12 Apr 2024Best phone for gaming definitely but it's too heavy an... moreright? like seriously 8gb ram is obviously NOT enough for this laggy ahh miui smh

                  seems like we all can agree that this phone can only last for 3 years and everything will go downhill.. cant complain much for a mid range phone with a flagship cpu. in fact, it shocked me that it can lasts for more than a year tbh

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                    • iris
                    • YUU
                    • 12 Jun 2024

                    Evil crash bandicoot, 07 Jun 2024Why everyone saying this phone is dead and that galaxy a73 ... morecuz no more software update.. and samsung has better camera quality and reliability

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                      • joey waller
                      • Bty
                      • 12 Jun 2024

                      L, 05 May 2024I found this device randomly turned off by itself while idl... morethis device just want die try sell it hahah , it will die after 3 year it hase problem in cpu

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                        • mike
                        • PG5
                        • 11 Jun 2024

                        my otg is not working . how to enable please tell me

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                          • Evil crash bandicoot
                          • 7Pk
                          • 07 Jun 2024

                          Why everyone saying this phone is dead and that galaxy a73 5g better with snapdragon 778 5g?!

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                            • Himal
                            • XWj
                            • 01 Jun 2024

                            Nice. Had been 3years nearly but still work perfectly fine. Sometimes had few problems here and there but it's fine after update.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • K7i
                              • 27 May 2024

                              gone deadboot xiaomi didnt do anything waste of money for something only last 2 years

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                                • Anonymous
                                • tPG
                                • 24 May 2024

                                Still using this phone WITH HEADPHONE JACK & MICRO SDCARD support after 3 years. Battery still strong.

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                                  • Saaaaa
                                  • K1y
                                  • 24 May 2024

                                  After so many cons, yesterday the battery is gone, today I change new battery, it works like a charm again.
                                  It is blazing fast, for promotion price of just around USD 150 for 128GB, I cannot complain any, the performance is unparalleled. WiFi 5 is good, 4G+ is good, NFC is working, gaming is ok, overheat here and there for high demanding gaming due to the aging processor. The rest just don't bother, the global version is ok to use.

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                                    • PlasticDoor
                                    • xhp
                                    • 24 May 2024

                                    this is perfect phone Micro Sd Card

                                    Headphone jack

                                    Snapdragon 860 i wish x6will have similar stuff as x3 pro

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                                      • hasan
                                      • aXJ
                                      • 20 May 2024

                                      although it's dead, but i fix it and it work greatly again !

                                        oh my gosh poco!