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Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

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This one looks better then me then the Poco F3.


1. Headphone jack.
2. Bigger battery.
3. 100$ less price.

And biggest reason is, it is not a rebranded Mi device.

    Anonymous, 23 Mar 202160hrtz no matter LCD or AMOLED is not justified with Snapdr... moreNO MOVIE IS BEYOND 60 FPS. EVEN flagship phone last year struggling to hit 60 FPS without getting hot to run heavy games like genshin impact.
    It this hrr really that matter? Just scrolling and scrolling is really that convenient without ANY REAL things you CAN SEE EVERYTIME YOU WANT. now only modern PC games have HRR.
    AMOLED is no exceptions for modern mid-range and up. It's tired to see lcd screen in long time.
    Meanwhile Amoled give dark black and clear white. It can even save battery by using dark mode. If you're gamer long last battery + Amoled and reasonably Fast SOC is must.HRR is depleted your battery very quickly.
    Most people ended up choosing 60hz mode.
    It's fixed.

      Anonymous, 23 Mar 2021why do you dislike the rn10pro? No, i actually like it. The design is very premium compared to this phone in this page.
      Make it laughable. When mid-range phone with 5g reasonably fast cpu became normal, this Phone is not relevant anymore.

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        • 7XY
        • 23 Mar 2021

        Anonymous, 23 Mar 202160hrtz no matter LCD or AMOLED is not justified with Snapdr... moreI agree

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          • Anonymous
          • X03
          • 23 Mar 2021

          Davidariyan, 23 Mar 2021I have to add: this phone really make me disappointed. 1.s... more60hrtz no matter LCD or AMOLED is not justified with Snapdragon 860, at least 90hrtz is necessary because Snapdragon 860 is powerful enough to run the system snd the games on 90hrtz easily...

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            • Anonymous
            • Py$
            • 23 Mar 2021

            Davidariyan, 23 Mar 2021i can answer your statement here: 1. X3 Pro has metal f... morewhy do you dislike the rn10pro?

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              • heroherohero
              • S6N
              • 23 Mar 2021

              FM radio!!

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                • some dude lul
                • YUU
                • 23 Mar 2021

                i have the poco x3 nfc, but poco x3 pro? i dont seem something that ‘pro’ about this phone. literally the same phone but with upgraded chipset, protection but downgrade camera which is suck, really suck. even a 12mp flagship looks way more detail than 64mp mid range, can't imagine 48mp. is the camera is better and the design is different, it could have that ‘pro’ title. but the only thing i love is the chipset and the 120hz not ghosting. about the display type? I'd prefer super amoled because a flagship phone with LCD... that's a no because people would love to watch movies with this thing because of the big display ans big battery. overall the performance is good except useless extra protection and same design with downgraded camera which i really hate.

                conclusion : this thing should have different design, better material (glass back) 1080p super amoled 120hz or 1440p and faster charging brick IN THE BOX
                (or maybe curved edge and tiny side punch hole notch for such chipset to make it looks match as the flagship title but this is additional because the phone meant to be cheap with superior power so i dont care too much about this)

                  oki, 23 Mar 2021xiaomi stop making punchhole cancer phones no1 even like itNo. The Punch hole is fine. What else do u want? In display camera is still in development. Pop up camera? Meh, just gimmick and not practical. Punch hole is simple better that NOTCH.
                  FYI: you can HIDE it by going into display settings.all Xiaomi phone have this feature. Give it a black bar. Would be symmetrycal if the bottom bezel bit bigger.

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                    • oke
                    • yrh
                    • 23 Mar 2021

                    punch hole cancer 860 chip is wasted!

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                      • oki
                      • yrh
                      • 23 Mar 2021

                      xiaomi stop making punchhole cancer phones no1 even like it

                        omzig, 23 Mar 2021oh yeah? 8 inch tablet for gaming? ok then, and which 8 i... morefor gaming, movies and youtube i actually use 10.8 inch tablet from Huawei Tab M 10.8 inch from 2018. Its great actually the bigger the better for tablet. It was 270 euro or so back then very cheap with flagship Kirin 960s with google play services. Now you can get Kirin 970/980 for like 250-300 euro but need to add manually google play services.

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                          • User22564
                          • Dk@
                          • 23 Mar 2021

                          Specs wise its a flagship killer especially for gaming. If the price is below 25000 it can easily be the best phone for pubg and other games. And its not a bad choice because 5g will only launch in india after 3-5 years. Compared to one plus nord at 29000 rs with only sd 765 this is a better choice

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                            • roseboy265
                            • thw
                            • 23 Mar 2021

                            omzig, 23 Mar 2021"X3 nfc just better in almost every way (EXCEPT THE CH... moreI was going to buy x3 nfc next month but saw this. This phone is perfect for me all full features. I can imagine the performance is Snap860,Adreno640,UFS 3.1. I don't really care about camera but it's still good. Just don't like the design.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • sxr
                              • 23 Mar 2021

                              The only thing that would make these guys stop is if they made a Poco X3 NFC pro variant with all upgraded features for nearly $350 USD. With all being said I appreciate the snapdragon 860, perhaps that's the only good about this phone... Well I'm gonna look forward for the next line up of xiaomi's great phones, for now I'm betting on mi10T pro

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                                • Guzzi
                                • YUU
                                • 23 Mar 2021

                                Looking forward to buy POCO X4 PRO on conditions no suppression of specs.

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                                  • Kikimax
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                                  • 23 Mar 2021

                                  The only phone that can hold and an actual "Pro" for Professional and being used for Professional Work is the Sony Xperia Pro. they should named this Poco X3 EX or Poco X3 +

                                  every Pro the attached to the phone name is just a gimmick.

                                  really good if you like gaming instead of shooting pictures.

                                    Davidariyan, 23 Mar 2021I have to add: this phone really make me disappointed. 1.s... moreEdit:
                                    1.same design as before, everything downgrade except for the chipset. New but WRONG color varian.

                                      omzig, 23 Mar 2021"X3 nfc just better in almost every way (EXCEPT THE CH... morei can answer your statement here:

                                      1. X3 Pro has metal frame instead of plastic (no , it's the same as before metal INSIDE but pretty much covered in plastic, so you can't feel "cold" holding the frame. It's a marketing trick. It's same use by google pixel 5 i think they call it metal phone while it can have wireless charging and Jerryrigeverything make it clear that is actually almost plastic phone because the metal in INSIDE the phone not outside. So it's clear now the poco x3 pro frame is plastic.

                                      2. X3 Pro has Gorilla Glass 6 vs 5 on X3
                                      Why would i need that extra protection if the back is plastic? Lame. Consider Redmi note 10 have glass back.

                                      3. SoC is much faster.
                                      That's is the only important upgrade i think.

                                      4.no 64 sony camera.

                                      So X3 Pro is actually ALTERNATE VERSION not pro of the NFC version. None is better.

                                      About gpu, i'm not a excessive gamer so I can't say much. If this Phone if everything you need go buy one man. I skip this one. I'm indeed isappointed about this phone and redmi note 10 pro. They messed it up.
                                      This is very hard years so should considering any advantage and drawbacks when buying a phone, or you ended up selling the phone in the next 6 month. By that time poco x4 will come and so x4 pro, with 5g. And so on...

                                        IpsDisplay, 22 Mar 2021The camera IS not a downgrade, having a flagship processor ... moreThat is true but I’m a gamer so imma throw it out the window anyway😂😂😂