Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro

Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro

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ishak7726, 25 Jan 2023🤬🤬🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔 We don't understand Xiaomi or Poco, the Snapdr... moreIt should have. The specs here are inaccurate

    le mao, 26 Jan 2023It's still weaker than the x3 pro. What a jokeTell me which part is it weaker in, then...

      Mohammad, 26 Jan 202364gb memory in 2023 is a joke Nah it should have more than that

        Anonymous, 26 Jan 2023why at least not snapdragon 870??Don't expect this to have it, it's a mid range

          69GigawattCharging, 26 Jan 2023Lol X5 Pro has weaker processor than the X3 Pro. Looks ugly... moreSure, it is weaker, but performs about the same and this phone consumes less power.

            Pradeep Sharma , 26 Jan 2023No Bro It's 5g Processor & poco X3 Pro Has Been 4... moreLol, that's like saying Dimensity 700 is better than Snapdragon 845. One is 5G, other is not, so 700 is better?

              Anonymous, 27 Jan 2023Yes, but that one loses it by not having microSD card and h... moreLol, don't expect phones to have that feature. It's 2023, these features are only found on Sony or mid range (or below) phones (in fact even some mid ranges don't even have headphone jack and MicroSD anymore)

                wadie gamer 37, 28 Jan 2023How do you put a stronger processor on a phone that has two... moreWhere in the world is it weaker? 778G has a very similar performance to 860, plus being also more power efficiency. Never judge chipsets by numbers.

                  NeonHD, 30 Jan 2023Specs look nearly identical to the RN12 Pro SpeedBecause this is a rebrand.

                    MaDicck, 30 Jan 2023why is the back design like that, so badThat's the picture of Poco X4 Pro, dummy. They used that pic because they can't find the real one.

                      Anonymous, 30 Jan 2023GSMArena, please update the picture of the device because w... moreThey will, but they don't have the real picture yet.

                        Oussama 750, 31 Jan 2023The best series was the X3 series, comes with a good proces... moreThough I prefer AMOLEDs, LCDs actually have their advantages.
                        It's not just cheaper, it has also more natural colours. It's also cheaper+easier to repair, and is more soothing to eyes.

                          joe nodden, 01 Feb 20232 generations later and Poco X3 Pro still has no successors... moreHave you even heard of Poco X4 GT? It probably succeeds that and the X3 GT.

                            Anonymous, 01 Feb 2023And have headphone jack!So what? Leave that alone. Don't expect phones to have that.

                              joe nodden, 02 Feb 2023You shouldn't get either. The G82 has a horrendously s... moreNot true. Poco X5 Pro 5G should definitely be able to record in 4K. It's just the specs are inaccurate here.

                                Stinger, 02 Feb 2023This is what the X5 Pro will look like. the video is not fa... moredamn it the video was removed

                                  Anonymous, 04 Feb 2023Will buy if there is Micro-SD Card slot and headphone jack.Ok, and what will you do if they don't?

                                    Well, if the processor is actually gonna be used... Great. At least it's not that crappy SD695.

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                                      • xiaomi sucks
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                                      • 04 Feb 2023

                                      xiaomi sucks my poco x3 is dead automatically and my fathers redmi note 7 pro is blinking just turning off and on i have xiaomi......... if you hate to use a smartphone then use xiaomi phones

                                        Anonymous, 03 Feb 2023Bruh, what mobile game doesn't look like a typical �... moreI love these wealthy tech heroes. It's always about winning and being better. Pretty childish, kid.