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  • 10 Feb 2024

Please add 3.5mm audio jack

    JimmyTheGreatest, 09 Feb 2024They might end up in the Poco F6 actually, which is why I&#... moreThe F6 is not going to be cheaper, and it's not going to have such a powerful soc inside it. So jump on the X6 Pro now.

    Also whats the addiction to FM Radio?

      jellydaemon, 09 Feb 2024I have about a week with this phone (12GB RAM, 512GB). The... moreI have no idea about gaming since I'm usually very busy and I don't do gaming on my phone but I might give Citra emu.
      I don't use the 67W charger unless it's an emergency because the phone tends to heat up quite a bit when I use it so I prefer my LG 18W fast charger.

        I have about a week with this phone (12GB RAM, 512GB).
        The phone is buttery smooth, the screen is quite bright and the cameras are decent and the speakers are awesome.
        Batter life however could be better but it isn't terrible, right know the phone has dropped 30% and I charged it 5.5 hours ago.
        I noticed a bug with the dynamic refresh rate where if you have your brightness at less than 60% the phone doesn't drop the refresh rate to 60hz so that might be the culprit about the battery.
        Haven't noticed any other issue.
        I'm very happy with my purchase (I switched from a G8 ThinQ)

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          • gnb
          • 09 Feb 2024

          unfortunately, we're facing two serious issues, heating and battery drain.
          phone heats really fast and doesnt cooldown even in normal tasks.and battery drain is really fast

            Anonymous, 04 Feb 2024The phone is great, it would have been ideal if xiaomi kept... moreThey might end up in the Poco F6 actually, which is why I'm a little hesitant purchasing this particular model, despite its good specs. I can live without the 3.5mm jack, but the absence of FM radio is problematic... I'm eagerly waiting for any news about the F6, I can't find anything reliable on the Internet. If Xiaomi doesn't put better components in F6, I might reconsider the X6, hopefully the price has fallen by then.

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              • Hatsune Miku
              • PZa
              • 09 Feb 2024

              i heard that the ISP on mtk chips aren't as advanced as qualcomm's alternatives so the image performance of the x6 pro should be marginally weaker than the F5. The headphone jack depends on whether ppl have the need to use it, so some do not care and some scream for it. Anyways the F5 refuses to go down in price in my country so I can resist the downgrades.

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                • 09 Feb 2024

                Spanky, 09 Feb 2024The battery is about the same, check the OFFICIAL GSMArena ... moreYou do you.
                Not here for flexing credibility.

                But, best of luck buying X6Pro.
                You've been warned.

                  OMJ, 09 Feb 2024I can't help but laugh at this ... Every category? ... moreThe battery is about the same, check the OFFICIAL GSMArena benchmarks, not some rumors about „a friend of a friend“ who supposedly wasted his money. Some customers from India claim to have battery issues, but that is in no way representative of the global version.

                  The cameras are the same, so no advantage for the Poco F5 there either.

                  The 3.5mm jack is not a category. Performance, memory, display: those are categories. And the 3.5mm jack is irrelevant, as there are adapters available.

                  The supposed heating is once again claimed by this „friend“ of yours. Until your „friend“ comes with official laboratory measurements and comparisons with the Poco F5, everyone should treat your claims as disinformation.

                  I’m waiting for you to come up with some claims from a „trustworthy source“ about how the Poco F5 has longer and better software support, too.

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                    • 09 Feb 2024

                    Spanky, 31 Jan 2024This! It makes no sense to go for the Poco F5 even if you c... moreI can't help but laugh at this ...
                    Every category?

                    I know a user who owns both F5 and X6 pro, and guess what he regrets he even bought the X6Pro...

                    • Battery life sucks
                    • Camera is mediocre
                    • No headphone jack
                    • Heats more when gaming
                    Many more...

                    I can't elaborate...
                    Save your money if you have F5, don't be fooled by Antutu Benchmarks, our fellow user wasted his money on X6 pro so you don't have to...

                    If you insist,buying x6pro I wish you the best.

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                      • 08 Feb 2024

                      waku, 06 Feb 2024That phone is great, but what is the point in QHD displays?... moreOne of the reasons why Note13ProPlus battery is average.. it has 1.5K resolution too...

                      It's actually a trade off, as the content in Netflix is superb esp if you watch HDR contents the colors are almost true-to-life

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                        • d%{
                        • 08 Feb 2024

                        Rowell, 08 Feb 2024Is this gud for non gaming. Just for internet use like YT TiktokPerformance si great, but cameras are shit

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                          • Rowell
                          • wYG
                          • 08 Feb 2024

                          Is this gud for non gaming. Just for internet use like YT Tiktok

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                            • babak
                            • 8tw
                            • 08 Feb 2024

                            nice phone for gaming but signal strenth on my unit is terrible,i lose signals in most places for no reason.had motorola before and didnt have this problem

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                              • Olsem
                              • JjL
                              • 07 Feb 2024

                              bhikaru, 07 Feb 2024anybody can confirm is black part on right side camera bump... moremy X6 pro has a material looks like gloos in back, is not easy to scratch, but you need be careful with falls

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                                • Bval
                                • NfK
                                • 07 Feb 2024


                                  Anonymous, 30 Jan 2024hey can you tell me if there's any problems with poco ... morePoco F5 tends to throttle in long gaming session. Even though the phone barely gets hot, you will experience stutters occasionally ang drop in FPS

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                                    • Ejb
                                    • 07 Feb 2024

                                    How is the battery? Any issues - Standby, Normal Usage, Gaming, Usual drops?
                                    Which variant?
                                    Os version?
                                    Mobile data or WiFi?

                                      anybody can confirm is black part on right side camera bump made of plastic or glass?
                                      also is camera easily scratch or not?

                                        I think I see why people like Chinese phones now. 256gb for so less compared to Samsung