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Currently I am not experiencing any battery drain use at all.

The battery last easily last one day with two 4G SIM with normal use and video.

I no longer play games in my device as my interest has vanished.

Anyway I was afraid of the MIUI 12 because of the

1. New changes which may feel weird.

2. the new control center/ notification which is ugly to me.

3. Phone may get slow.

But here is the reality.

1. No new weird major changes at all. I mean UI is the same, some small details are added here and there which you hardly notice. But the najor difference is the display is now looks more better now. Earlier it is also good, but now it looks more crispy and colorful. My father has a Galaxy A50 which has Amoled display and now my display also looks similar.

2. The new control center/notification is optional. You can either use this new design or keep the old one like me.

3. Phone is not slow at all. I have been using Android devices since 2013 and knew well that these devices get slow because of unclear cache and left overs by apps. So, if you regularly clear the cache, use only limited but essential apps, then your device will be always fast.

I remember in 2017, I was having about 100 apps on my galaxy device, out of them 20/30 were bloatware, 20 were games and 50 were apps for various purposes including duplicate apps.

But now I have about only 40 apps on main F1's first space and 20 apps on second space. Out of them only 5/6 are bloatware, no games at all including play games and only essential apps like gmail to handle both my gmail and Hotmail. Office app to replace word, excel, powerpoint. And so on.

I already quit Facebook, twitter, LinkedI

I got the official Indian Miui 12 version for my Poco F1 yesterday after midnight.

The size is about 800MB and took about half hour to download, unzip and then re-start the device.

The process was smooth.

Got the official OTA update of Miui 12 on my Poco F1 today about 2:30 am 27th October 2020.

Size is about 800 MB.

I was sleeping when I saw a nightmare, then I woke up with fear and terror. To change my emotion take a bath and check me phone, then checked the update instead of anything else. And the update was there to download.

Request everyone in India using Poco F1 to download the Miui 12 now.

I will share my experience later.

For now I am sipping my red tea and then sleep again.

See u later guys.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi nerf pocophone f1 cpu speed from 2800mhz to 2323mhz, what the point using flagship cpu if it run like midrange. Sometime stuttering occur when play genshin impact.

  • nice value seeker

Robin , 13 Sep 2020Will Poco F1 get Android 11 OSi guess not, even samsung s series that launched at same year will not get android 11. in fact i think xiaomi are kind enough to give pocophone user android 10, because when you bought this device, you pay for the 800 series chipset, not the software

  • Zee

Zen, 16 Aug 2020I'm having issues with fast charging. It doesn't ... moreHave you found any solution to it? I am facing same issue with my phone :(.

I have upgraded to MIUI 12 manually but still the fast charging issue is there.

  • Vilas

PocoMon, 23 Oct 2020Anybody get official miui12 update? I'm still on v11.0... moreNot yet. I'm using the same OS version

  • PocoMon

Anybody get official miui12 update? I'm still on v11.0.9 and jun security patch.

  • Anonymous

Nerophine, 21 Oct 2020It's bang for buck at it's finest I've looke... moreBut F2 Is cheaper than F1

  • Nerophine

It's bang for buck at it's finest I've looked into buying a f2 but just can't due to its price and not much more than the f1 which still performs great, I'd only suggest getting a new one at this time but if it's a hand me down it's a solid phone

I use mine for games mostly but let me list the things it does wrong

Camera software limits, but can fix that with gcam
Sd card blocks a sim card if u use dual sim
Mono speaker, wish it did stereo instead
It's has some weight to it but not the heaviest
Cases offer limited screen protection lip
I'm a clutz screen protector is mandatory!!!
Screen n fingerprint gets wonky if wet but phone is def water resistant lol
Screenshots are uploaded to ur google photos kinda annoying

If these are not an issue for you then hands down this is one of the best phones available at any price point !!!! Because it does everything else and does it very well

  • Anonymous

Rafique, 29 Sep 2020Does this device lags while playing pubg after MIUI 12 updateDO a factory rest and then play. It will run smoothly after hard factory reset.

  • Rafique

zack, 27 Sep 2020you kidding me? poco f1 aced pubg by miles away!Does this device lags while playing pubg after MIUI 12 update

  • Saffu

anonthough, 08 Sep 2020So here's my review and opinions about the legendary F... moreWhat abt the touch response during pubg as i am facing touch issues during game play. Like pressing reload never reloads or gun switching. I have to press 2-3 times or sometimes harder. Please help me

  • Anonymous

sanoos, 28 Sep 2020the mobile show lots of bug can't open any xioami apps... moreTake it to the service centre

  • sanoos

the mobile show lots of bug can't open any xioami apps can't sign in Xiaomi account can't reset my mobile so what is the solution for this

  • zack

jujud, 06 Sep 2020helloo...can anyone tell me the performance of poco f1 in g... moreyou kidding me? poco f1 aced pubg by miles away!

John be, 18 Sep 2020Any news about miui 12?Latest news was that they're deploying MIUI 12 on Russian ROMs.

Any news about miui 12?

  • Toni

Robin , 13 Sep 2020Will Poco F1 get Android 11 OSNo

  • Robin

Will Poco F1 get Android 11 OS