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  • PocoMon

Anybody get official miui12 update? I'm still on v11.0.9 and jun security patch.

  • Anonymous

Nerophine, 21 Oct 2020It's bang for buck at it's finest I've looke... moreBut F2 Is cheaper than F1

  • Nerophine

It's bang for buck at it's finest I've looked into buying a f2 but just can't due to its price and not much more than the f1 which still performs great, I'd only suggest getting a new one at this time but if it's a hand me down it's a solid phone

I use mine for games mostly but let me list the things it does wrong

Camera software limits, but can fix that with gcam
Sd card blocks a sim card if u use dual sim
Mono speaker, wish it did stereo instead
It's has some weight to it but not the heaviest
Cases offer limited screen protection lip
I'm a clutz screen protector is mandatory!!!
Screen n fingerprint gets wonky if wet but phone is def water resistant lol
Screenshots are uploaded to ur google photos kinda annoying

If these are not an issue for you then hands down this is one of the best phones available at any price point !!!! Because it does everything else and does it very well

  • Anonymous

Rafique, 29 Sep 2020Does this device lags while playing pubg after MIUI 12 updateDO a factory rest and then play. It will run smoothly after hard factory reset.

  • Rafique

zack, 27 Sep 2020you kidding me? poco f1 aced pubg by miles away!Does this device lags while playing pubg after MIUI 12 update

  • Saffu

anonthough, 08 Sep 2020So here's my review and opinions about the legendary F... moreWhat abt the touch response during pubg as i am facing touch issues during game play. Like pressing reload never reloads or gun switching. I have to press 2-3 times or sometimes harder. Please help me

  • Anonymous

sanoos, 28 Sep 2020the mobile show lots of bug can't open any xioami apps... moreTake it to the service centre

  • sanoos

the mobile show lots of bug can't open any xioami apps can't sign in Xiaomi account can't reset my mobile so what is the solution for this

  • zack

jujud, 06 Sep 2020helloo...can anyone tell me the performance of poco f1 in g... moreyou kidding me? poco f1 aced pubg by miles away!

John be, 18 Sep 2020Any news about miui 12?Latest news was that they're deploying MIUI 12 on Russian ROMs.

Any news about miui 12?

  • Toni

Robin , 13 Sep 2020Will Poco F1 get Android 11 OSNo

  • Robin

Will Poco F1 get Android 11 OS

  • Robin

Will poco f1 get Android 11 OS

I've own the Poco F1 for about a year and I got a fair share of experience with it since it's technically my main phone. I came from using a iPhone 6 before this so moving to Android I have a very specific requirement for my migration device. I wanted an overpowered Android phone that my wallet could afford and this happened to be the one. So my specific device is the 6GB RAM/128GB Internal Storage, Carbon Edition variant and I will start with the design.

The design itself looks really cool placed on the table but after some wear the material can look a bit tired. However the main issue with this Carbon Edition, I'm not sure about the normal one is that this specific material they use will become sticky and glue-like in the long run since I have had similar experiences with an Alcatel Idol S back in the day and it's pretty much the same type of material. The phone itself is pretty big but this is normal now.

The display is really good. I'm not going to compare it to an AMOLED because it's just not an AMOLED (I have a Samsung S8+ as well and yes AMOLED does look better) on the plus side there's no screen bleeding. The screen itself gets bright enough for outdoor use and it's clear enough that you won't complain. There's no issue with the screen display in terms of quality except for the overly sensitive touchscreen that even your earpiece WIRE can set off the touch but you get used to it.

So the physical buttons, they are responsive and I like how they are durable because I have massive thumbs and smash that power button a lot harder than most people (don't ask) and it last the test of time, or rather strength. The fingerprint scanner is fast and is about the same speed as most flagships however sometimes if my finger gathers a bit of dust or oil it can have difficulty reading it but when it works it's speedy, a farcry from my iPhone 6.

The camera. It's shit. The software is the culprit not the hardware. I remember when I first got it under Android 8.0 (Oreo) it was really good! However subsequent updates on Xiaomi decided that it was TOO good and they dropped the performance as to not make it beat out their newer phone offerings. Now that's just stupid. Anyway, I use GCam after some recommendation from my friends to get around the problem. The camera quality with the GCam can easily match top tier iPhones (8/X/11) in terms of picture quality not so much on video quality however.

Next, the performance. With 6GB RAM on board, this is more than enough. Most of the time I have about 14-15 apps running at once (don't ask that's just how I roll). Chrome, Messaging, Outlook, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, Discord and Google Drive. These are the daily apps I always use so as a utility device this is a solid 10 out of 10.

Gaming, this phone shines back in the day and it still do. I've tested PUBG for this review and it seems fine, it's much better than the SD600~ based on my friends phones experience and their spoken remarks and on par with the SD720G in terms of performance. I play Honkai Impact 3 as a benchmark game because apparently that is the most demanding game for Android at this time, do correct me so I can test even more demanding games.

With all that performance this phone needs a gigantic battery to be able to deliver that experience for a long time. On average I can get the battery to last near 20% at the end of the day with tons of messaging, slip in some videos during lunch and light gaming. The quick charging can get the battery to 90% at about 40+ minutes so I can say that's pretty good in itself. Let's say you wouldn't need to worry about getting a power bank to work.

Alright so that's a lot of information but do I recommend it? As of today I would say yes ONLY if you can find a new one in a store. Since most F1 owners will use this phone as how it is intended, a phone that is close to two years of heavy usage is not going to be as good as expected. I think the newly released Poco X3 seems like a deal that's hard to ignore at this very moment.

So here's my review and opinions about the legendary F1 after about 2years of use.

My decision to buy the legend specially for the flagship processor still holds up gracefully. Day to day apps have never seen lag or stutters till this day, except when the battery percentage is below 10. But the age of the SD 845 can be seen while playing Asphalt 9, specially with the recent 60fps enabled update. The phone gets pretty warm after few races maybe because of the lack of optimization from Gameloft's part.

The build quality is pretty durable though not very beautiful to look at but still it has held up quite well. I had a kind of display issue, like a portion of the left edge of my screen had turned yellow for some reason, but thankfully after about a month or so the issue was gone without me having to interfere. I've been using my phone without a screen protector for about a year, and found some micro scratches here and there but not too problematic. The display quality is pretty much on the top of most 60hz LCD display, there's no darkening on the edges which could be seen in recent phones like POCO X2 and Redmi Note 9s.

The sound quality is the part where I would have liked to see some upgrade but the 3.5 mm headphone jack was too useful for me than the speaker.

Battery life has held up quite well. I've been charging with my 18 watt charger for the most of the time, but I didn't see any noticeable degradation of my battery in this couple years. I get around 6 hours of screen on time which includes watching YouTube videos playing games for about an hour, using social media and chat apps and using the camera once in awhile.

The camera with gcam mod 7.3 is phenomenal. I have gotten results which were far better than my friend's pixel 2 XL and very much comparable to iPhone 11 pro, but unfortunately the slow motion mode doesn't work on my gcam. But regarding the default camera app, it's pretty much garbage. I took about 12000 photos in these two years excluding the deleted photos. And about 99.9% time I was more than satisfied, of course with the gcam mod.

And lastly the software, it was quite a mix bag, personally I like MIUI and its features. But the stability is more to be desired. I hope MIUI 12 has more in-store for the F1. And I don't think F1 will get Android 11 update, and frankly it doesn't matter as MIUI has the most of the Android 11 features and more.. of course with the cost of some stability.

So my statements would be,,
I'm planning to use the F1 for another two years and I'm quite confident to say that I would not be disappointed. Those who want to buy the phone in 2020 I'd advice them not to buy a 2nd hand, or used, or refurbished phone. If you get to buy an intact or fully fresh F1 then you have my thumbs up, if you're planning to use this for three years max.

(I am not a reviewer, but the legend made me think twice about how it was a great value champ then, and also now, hope my opinions helped your decision making, peace out)

  • jujud

helloo...can anyone tell me the performance of poco f1 in gaming pubg? does the building became like boxes if i land at bootcamp? does it frame drop too much?

  • Kika

switched to poco f1 from a oneplus 3 and and lately (about 1.5 years in) I've been having a few quarrels with it.
I'm having lags, launcher crashes, notch related display issues (as in I'm trying to not use the notch and upon every restart I have to go to the options and fight my phone over not wanting the damn notch), and some other issues with how software behaves (google searches all working on the same task so you can't search multiple things on Google and switch between them like i could on my oneplus)
cameras are also behaving bonkers most of the time (poor quality photos from vanilla camera, whatsapp photos coming out ridiculously blue or yellow, and I'm not even gonna mention instagram and snap hat cameras bc it's a known issue w android phones)
I mean, considering the price I can't really complain and I know these things are minute but everything stacking up makes the experience move between meh and frustration. most of the time and for most thing the phone is okay, but I'm definitely gonna try to buy a flagship phone after this ol boy, just because it feels like so many things are not optimized and I am craving a premium feeling experience.

  • Anonymous

Lots of bloated battery issues.

  • Shinik

AnoM, 21 Jul 2020This maybe is your sim card issue. You may try go service ... moreI've tried with new one SIM card and with second SIM card slot and problem is still here. I've contact mobile service and they've said me that motherboard is probably broken and need to be replaced...