Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

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  • Anonymous
  • gNT
  • 02 Oct 2022

Jio sim support

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    • Pedro
    • I@H
    • 29 Sep 2022

    Best phone ever!!!

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      • Anonymous
      • DkI
      • 25 Sep 2022

      hana joxy, 20 Sep 2022And after 3 and a half years, still the best phone ever. I ... moreExactly, its been approx 4 years now. Running smoothly

        And after 3 and a half years, still the best phone ever. I love it so much and I won't switch to any other as long as this one works.

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          • Anonymous
          • QwS
          • 09 Sep 2022

          Its the best poco phone till date

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            • Rocky
            • raQ
            • 09 Sep 2022

            My X3 NFC was stolen so bought this, as used for 148$. 8/256 variant. Everything is okay except for the fast charging.

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              • Anonymous
              • t7%
              • 08 Sep 2022

              It's almost 4 years since I bought this phone and still performs impressively well. I already replaced the battery since I use this phone heavily. They say that android phones lags after 3-4 yrs but the poco F1 lives up to it's reputation, it really is The Master of Speed even after 4 yrs. The finger print sensor and face recognition on the F1 is damn fast and accurate, it even beats my A52s 5G. This phone truly is a bang for the buck.

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                • AnoM
                • uC3
                • 08 Sep 2022

                Sin, 11 Aug 2022This phone was the first true flagship killer When ever... moreThe first flagship killer was Xiaomi Mi3, after that it was Oneplus One that shake the world for flagship killer.
                Then, this quickly escalated to many competition from other brand such as Huawei's Honor brand, Realme, Meizu, ASUS, Lenovo, and LeEco that no longer exist.
                While many brand already blur the line where the price no longer budget friendly even for Xiaomi own Mi series, Xiaomi launch the POCO brand for global market and Redmi brand for China market to continue the flagship killer trend.
                This Poco F1 was launched back at the time where other flagship killer started to become true flagship.

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                  • Don Queen
                  • I@H
                  • 30 Aug 2022

                  Lucky to have this phone it looks like a gem hope it last atleast 10 years! lol

                    I cannot stress enough how good this phone is, even right now. Whenever I want to change my Xiaomi mi 9t for something else I just pick up my old pocophone that was after a battery change and a screen change, everything done by me, and it's still snappy and fast. Great option even in 2022, my only regret is not getting that exclusive version of the phone but you can have some grip stickers on the back of the normal one and it feels almost as good.

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                      • Ananta Akash Podder
                      • X}g
                      • 27 Aug 2022

                      Bought it way back in Nov, 2018 still using it till 27 Aug, 2022... only have to change the Battery recently in July, 2022... Excellent Hardware... the Phone is a Beast in that time & Had Great Cameras in accordance in that time... Still there is no Lag in the phone... though the Cameras has gone Old... Otherwise, absolutely a great Phone to use...

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                        • Ray
                        • swU
                        • 25 Aug 2022

                        Best phone I've ever had.
                        Now using the F3, It's great but I still miss the F1.

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                          • Trililing
                          • I@H
                          • 24 Aug 2022

                          best phone I've ever had!!!!

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                            • HN
                            • yTh
                            • 18 Aug 2022

                            I have been using this device for almost 4 years, and still can compete with other devices

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                              • aydayd
                              • mkm
                              • 18 Aug 2022

                              Still using with lineageos 19.1 and nikgapps. Now android 12L patch level is 5 august 2022. Price/performance leader👍👍

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                                • nakis
                                • BRD
                                • 13 Aug 2022

                                Wisely, 11 Aug 2022I want to buy this phone for playing genshin impact game. D... moreI could play Genshin Impact without issues (as you can play on a phone, instead on a PC...) This phone has enough power to overtake many new phones.

                                  I want to buy this phone for playing genshin impact game. Do you think it's can be a good phone for playing genshin impact game? Because i had been a little bit trauma by poco phone

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                                    • Sin
                                    • 0Fj
                                    • 11 Aug 2022

                                    This phone was the first true flagship killer

                                    When ever I think of flagship killer this phone comes too mind flagship performance in a plastic phone

                                    Flagship processor at mid range price
                                    Value for money phone that should last for year's

                                    It's kinda unfortunately Xiaomi stopped production of this phone because if they have stayed in production it of gotten cheaper too make and I can't see a reason why people won't still buy it today

                                    The Poco F1 was said too be one of the easiest phones too replace the battery in
                                    Making this phone usable for long time

                                    It's not perfect the notch screen is awful design choose and the screen suffer because of it and software a massive draw back on all Xiaomi phones

                                    Will there ever be any new flagship killer like this made again hopefully with better screen

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • KS7
                                      • 08 Aug 2022

                                      Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022Anyone having problems where it randomly reboots sometimes?... moreReplace the lock and volume strip

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 61B
                                        • 07 Aug 2022

                                        Hi, mine was lagging foes anyonr facing the same issue?