Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

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  • Goeu

Is this worth to buy even in 2020 for 330 usd?

  • ulala

honor play or poco F1, which is better??

The best flagship grade phone in a midrange price!

  • Anonymous

After upgrade on MIUI 10.5.0 global/stable, main speaker (bottom) stop working. Before upgrade everything was o.k.. Any tips?

  • babak

Besir, 11 Jan 2020Please dont buy it ,for my experience that was my worst pho... moreyou bought a fake phone cause we have no touch issue on miui 11 and also with liquid cooling it can reach to that degree. you better ask the seller you bought to change with a real pocophone

One of the best mobiles I have used since the old Oneplus one and Oneplus 3 days. Even after almost 1.5 yrs there is no lag in software/hardware support. Hope they launch a poco f2 for me to upgrade.

  • AnoM

You will only appreciate these phone if you are one of those get used to Xiaomi Mi3/Mi4 and Oneplus One/Two era of smartphone that is really cheap in price, but not compromise on the inner part where it is on par with flagship smartphone.
This smartphone pay homage to these flagship killer smartphone.
So, if you are someone that is look for saving money, definitely picking this smartphone is a no brainer if it is officially sold at your country.
But, on a realistic notes, there will be compromise on something if compared to those real flagship smartphone. So, please don't expect everything will be good on this smartphone. But of course, it nonetheless offer a choice for user to pick up a phone, that is not fancy, but very cheap in price, and is actually having a SD845 processor.

Pikaboo, 09 Jan 2020I want to buy Poco f1 in 15k but I'm afraid of touch heat a... moreI have bought my F1 from a nearby shop at EMI option. Played PUBg and Call of duty for few weeks, never faced any issue. As for bleeding issue, may be very first few thousand models have one, but mine is not.

Overall, a great device to have. Initially I want to use my F1 as secondary device, but now it is my only device. Regards.

  • bojans

Do you know that sometimes you have to set your region to another country to have face unlock option enabled?

  • guardian

Pikaboo, 09 Jan 2020I want to buy Poco f1 in 15k but I'm afraid of touch heat a... moreI have it for almost a year now... No problems. No LCD bleeding, nothing. Running as the first day I bought it. I have 3 email clients, 7emails on sync, 2sim cards, 4g and Bluetooth always on... SoT around 5-6h. Love my Poco.

  • Besir

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020I need some advice, I like to play games and taking pict... morePlease dont buy it ,for my experience that was my worst phone ever you cant play pubg because of touch issues temperaure sometimes goes to 47degree its waste of money save some money and go for iphone 8plus

  • Anonymous

Pikaboo, 09 Jan 2020I want to buy Poco f1 in 15k but I'm afraid of touch heat a... moreGo for other phones on the market. There are a lot of better phones now. Mine got screen retention after 9 months of use. Pocophone did cut corners on the LCD thats why a lot of users complain and have their phones taken to the service center for lcd replacement.

I think that is the real reason why they stop selling pocophone on Mi stores while the demand is still very high. I know xiaomi fans will hate this but I am a fan and my sister as well. But the pocophone has too many defects mostly LCD problems.

Go for Nova 5t. I have tried it and its a bit faster than the pocophone. And the camera quality is very good. New Realme phones offer quite a good spec for its price. And also take into consideration the Redmi Note 8 Pro and Note 10 and K30

  • Pikaboo

I want to buy Poco f1 in 15k but I'm afraid of touch heat and screen bleeding issues. I just want the phone to play pubg and cod. No preference for camera.
I read many reviews about Amazon selling used phones as new, of course they'll be bad.
Should I but it from offline mi store?

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020I need some advice, I like to play games and taking pict... moreJust go for it. I am using my F1 for the last 3 months and very happy. In fact, I have bought it as a secondary device for gaming, but now I am so impressed that I have replaced my Galaxy. Thinking to buy in next summer another mi Note 8 for camera.

  • ATR

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020I need some advice, I like to play games and taking pict... moreI have had mine for more than a year and can tell you that the pictures are still very good and clear and plays games as good as it did on day 1. Depending on which games you're playing on a full charge, battery can last a good 8 hours at least of continuous play of something like Candy Crush or similar or can do like a solid 3-4 hours playing Call of Duty. Phone does tend to heat up quite a bit, as does any phone, but nothing to be worried about and doesn't affect performance.

  • Anonymous

I need some advice,

I like to play games and taking picture
In my daily basis I spend about 2-4 hours to play them
I dont care about design, speaker, and UI

Am I must try this?

  • Your ordinary person

Having it a week after the 1st day release

Im lucky as my device didn't have any ghost/backlight/delayed touch problem cuz i buy it offline

6/128 @$290 variant still handle every day/gaming task easily, keep in mind that this is 2018 device, which is great. And cheap as heck from the performance ratio.

Camera is decent, i can't really tell you about the camera since i don't know what to judge, same goes to every camera ever. As long as it's similar to what i see with my own eyes, then it's good.

Performance, gaming for 4hrs @70%brigthness and max setting available on the game is pretty good, left me with 15% left (with sim card connection). Battery got heat up to 43°C as excpected but the CPU is staying at 35-43°C the entire gaming sessions. You know whos to blame.
I use device HW/Antutu/heat gun to check the temp, i can't buy a thermal imagining camera tho its expensive.

Im @ Singapore with temp around 29-36°C.

The screen is decent, nothing special from it, if you want a crisp display then go with AMOLED display.

Notch is pretty big, but i couldn't care less about it. Fun fact the notch is like a face (o-O), and i LOVE it🤣🤣.

Speaker is stereo.....kinda, why? The earpiece part is only deliver about 10-20% total volume and no BASS whatsoever, only treble, but it's there. Better than nothing.

Dual sim or 1 sim 1 sd card, your choice. If you want all of them then you need to look else where.

Fast charge capable as expected.

Design is nothing special, plastic after all. But i like the "sleeper" Phone if you know what i mean.

It's a good phone on it's time and probably still till today, you can still buy it and worth your money as they are getting cheaper. It's and kinda old device but if you are the type who want a cheap phone to handle everything you throw at it like i am + don't care of even want a non-eye catching device as i am, then this is still up on the buy list.

If you are a fashion type then..... WTF are you doing here???

  • Rgz121

Having this phone for about 1+year (October 2018 is when i bought it).

My thoughts:
1. Performance is still blazing fast even after a year, and still capable toe to toe with the newer device which is great already.

2. Extended playing time (~3hrs is my max play time at a time before my eyes start to get really tired, this goes with TV/laptop as well which is suck)

BK10, 30 Dec 2019i planned to buy a new phone but i cant decide whats phone ... morego for F1, it's cameras are pretty good. I am Playing COD Mobile on it and it looks damn good.

  • PocoLoco

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2019Did you buy it at store or online? The 256gb variant. I can... moreOrdered it through a friend.
He was in Malaysia and ordered it online there.