Xiaomi Redmi 10

Xiaomi Redmi 10

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  • 07 May 2024

TrueReview, 28 Apr 2024Tbh all okay except for the front camera (washed out qualit... morethe PowerButton issue thing is just a bug. They haven't fix it

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    • Anonymous
    • 37Z
    • 29 Apr 2024

    no compass. no stereo.

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      • TrueReview
      • t7L
      • 28 Apr 2024

      Tbh all okay except for the front camera (washed out quality), software unreliability, keyboard unresponsiveness to lower corners, and in my special case, power button doesn't work correctly (hit more times to work)

      The only good thing is the display and lightweight design.

      Redmi phones used to be reliable in 2017. I'm changing brand now.

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        • txG
        • 21 Apr 2024

        It heats up quickly so the battery doesn't last long and it doesn't charge quickly

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          • cuchiblood
          • 0Ua
          • 05 Mar 2024

          trash phone imo, battery lifes ok but thats as good as it gets. for that budget get a moto g play or any snapdragon phone

            rev, 15 Feb 2024nah i have the 6gb/128 gaming these days is hard there are ... morepoco m6 pro

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              • rev
              • fna
              • 15 Feb 2024

              Hassko, 19 Jan 2024I have been using this phone now for the past 1 year plus, ... morenah i have the 6gb/128 gaming these days is hard there are usually many stutters. Also can anyone tell me which phone to buy next im tired of this one budget is 600+

                I got the 6gb 128gb version, the smartphone is okay for everyday use but when I try to do some hard intensive stuff, it cannot handle well, none the less it is okay for 80% of people

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                  • Anonymous
                  • tZ0
                  • 30 Jan 2024

                  I've got a problem which it says "slow charging"
                  can anyone help me with this problem?

                    I have been using this phone now for the past 1 year plus, the phone has never give me any issues, I works perfectly for anything I use it for. Though, I am using the 128gb 4gb ram series and it serves me better. I am using it for TV remote, AC remote and other things.
                    Playing games on it is very superb, very quality graphics and with great sound.

                    The only problem I am having with it is that the battery is not charging full anymore (it charges and stop between 78 and 84) mostly.

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                      • Kel
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                      • 19 Jan 2024

                      suniva2000, 12 Jan 2024Does it really support 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res audio?Yes. The sound quality of this phone is amazing.

                        Does it really support 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res audio?

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                          • Fajr
                          • DEP
                          • 12 Jan 2024

                          Use GCam for redmi 10 you want great picture

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                            • Anonymous
                            • R5h
                            • 02 Dec 2023

                            Try to connect VPN and change region, otherwise you have to update manually

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                              • mMN
                              • 23 Oct 2023

                              I cannot update my Redmi 10 2022 model 22011119UY to MIUI 14, it still has the MIUI Global SKUEUHG version, I don't even see a newer version anywhere. I use it in Poland. I have already changed the regions to Switzerland and other European ones. Does anyone know what to do to update to 14?

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                                • 2W5
                                • 19 Oct 2023

                                very very bad phone

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                                  • Keanu
                                  • XG3
                                  • 17 Oct 2023

                                  This phone is bad, it overheats extremely quickly which turns off your mobile data, the Bluetooth randomly disconnects and reconnects, the 50mp camera is false as well, it's very very bad 1/10 for this phone.

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                                    • Khalid
                                    • XNe
                                    • 17 Oct 2023

                                    Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021i bought it yesterday really the worst and third class phon... moreI agree bro, this is a very disappointing phone.
                                    Camera is not 50mp, rather it is 2mp.

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                                      • kernymi
                                      • tue
                                      • 09 Oct 2023

                                      Phone can be upgraded up to MIUI 14 (Android 13). Your performance may vary though depending on the RAM variant. I have the 4GB variant of this phone, most apps will run smoothly.

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                                        • Kelly
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                                        • 06 Oct 2023

                                        Promsy, 28 Sep 2023I want to buy this the 4GB version, please does it play gam... moreI already tried playing pubg on it. Yes, it can play pubg mobile but in minimal settings only. Call of Duty, Mobile Legends and Wildrift also good in this phone.