Xiaomi Redmi 10 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 10 Prime

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  • totaldhamaal

Kumar, 17 Jan 2022Can we buy this mobile for online class to daughter? please... morelol 😂😂😂

Generally a very nice phone the battery pack simply amazing stats

  • Sunil

Coming from Redmi Note 5 I would say Redmi 10 Prime is a garbage. So many bugs
1. Sometimes phone keeps ringing but the option for accepting/rejecting the call will not appear.
2. You can not identify whether you are receiving the call on Sim1/Sim2
3. Phone hangs for no reason

For the amount of battery packed into here, this phone must get more than 10h SOT. Probably a very good option if what you care most is battery life.

  • basha

camera quality not good
other wise battery pack is good

  • Hemang

This mobile is can connect 5ghz wifi network ? Because i am try too much but i can't connect 5ghz wifi any one help me for this

Redmi 10 Prime user here , my phone missing dual app feture . Any other Redmi 10 prime user having same problem ?

  • Nitin

Worst phone
Camera is bad

  • Yes

deep, 25 Sep 2021call recording Available in mi 10 prime .Yes Or NoYes

  • Mishraji

Kumar, 17 Jan 2022Can we buy this mobile for online class to daughter? please... moreyes..

  • Anonymous

If it had gyro i recommended it to my friend but i had to recommend narzo to my friend because of lacks of gyro

  • Anonymous

BobTDB, 29 Dec 2021This Is A AMAZING SMARTPHONE! Everyone Doesn't Like... more12 lol
Your writing is like older guy not 12 , so expertise typing...

  • Kumar

Can we buy this mobile for online class to daughter? please suggest

  • Kychi Chatting

My Redmi 10 sometimes have blue glitches like in a milliseconds, is this normal?

Naseem , 28 Nov 2021Is it double sim or notDual sim with dedicated sd card slot .

  • BobTDB


Everyone Doesn't Like It. it's A Nice Cheap Phone For A Kid Or Teen. I'm 12 Years Old So I'm Happy With this phone
So I have left my pc for quite a while because I was occupied By this Phone.
I'm commenting This On The Redmi 10 prime

  • Yo

Emmc 5.1 that's it it's 2022 it's totally garbage phone.

  • Naseem

Is it double sim or not

Adnn optmz, 11 Oct 2021Bro, it's a really amazing phone in that price range. ... moreAre stereo speakers equally loud or unbalanced????????????????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021Definitely a big failure in camera. Both front and back cam... morenot a good phone,battery easily drain, camera resolution not good, waste of money