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  • Self

Rahul, 01 Aug 2017I have same problem with my phone if u get anything please share I am experiencing the same thing..I am so heartbroken because i love my phone so much!

  • Self

Hello all, please help, bought this phone December 2017, and now i cant access camera. evrytime i try to take a picture it says "Camera error, cant connect to camera", What could be the issue?

  • Anonymous

Abbie, 22 Mar 2018Updated to 9.2 as well, but still apps will jump out and re... moreNope i didnt. Check ur ram management in developer settings. I set mine to moderate. It is able to hold about 3 to 5 apps at once in ram.

  • Abbie

John, 07 Mar 2018Just updated to miui 9.2 global stable rom. The difference ... moreUpdated to 9.2 as well, but still apps will jump out and reload/restart automatically. Did you experience this?

  • John

Just updated to miui 9.2 global stable rom. The difference under the hood from miui 8 is clear. The phone is faster and more battery efficient. Xiaomi take care of their users through UI updates even though they dont change android versions much.
Redmi 2 is really a faithful phone. Two years and still a functioning phone.

  • Edwin

Jaka, 20 Dec 2017Very good and durable phone. I bought this phone in june 20... moreWow, we are same dude.. I bought this one in June 14th, 2015 and still using it until now...

  • Trojan virus

Hey guyzz
Used this device for testing
Honest review

#exellent display at its price 720P
#great camera with 6 times zoom and FHD recording
#Gorilla glass 2
#solid build (hard plastic back)
#outstanding battery life even though it has only 2200 mah
#cool MIUI
#very high sound from mono speaker

#lacks performance
#frequent laging after closing apps
#low clock speed of 1.2Ghz
#display is a bit small (just my opinion)
#front camera is very sluggish on taking photos and videos...and gets worse on indoors (constant shaking)

Thats it!...thanx for reading...

  • jack blake

am, 25 Dec 2017I'm using this device since 2015 until now still a loyal us... moretoo bad they dont give asahi on this one,my friends got worse than u and only minor scratches on screen,the kind u usually get on a regular unprotected glass screen on cheap phones afer a week w/o temper glasses on

  • am

I'm using this device since 2015 until now still a loyal user of this brand. My experience was great!!! Drop to the ground more than 20 times(all ground types). This device were really capable in term of build quality. My set was global rom and never ever hang! Specs wise, all were good enough and nothing to complain about because the price below 100 dolar. About the heating issue, for me this was normal. We use an electronic device same like laptop, of course heating issue will occured. Although i dropped it more than 20 times nothing happen to my beloved redmi 2. No screen crack, battery n back cover didn't move a bit, mobile still on and working perfect. That's the reason why xiaomi redmi 2 was GREAT!

  • Jaka

Very good and durable phone. I bought this phone in june 2015 and still use it until now. Plan to upgrade to redmi 5 but still not available in my country.

Camera is clear, screen is beautiful, sound powerful.
If you are in budget, buy xioami phone. But if you have money buy samsung and iphone

  • AnonD-709378

This phone surprised me. Considering its hardware I was not expecting much from it. I installed custom ROMS on it which made it even more of a joy to use. Its a great budget phone.

  • Kalyan

I am update with miui 8.5 for good result I got volte nice performance but battery drain issue no other problem is there

  • Jk

The Redmi 3 s prime mobile phone is not working properly. It gets restarted automatically after some time. The charger is not also not working. I purchased it just 10 months ago. it is better to buy other cos phone

  • Anonymous

Vijayan, 13 Aug 2017is this 4G or 3G phone..please reply friendsIt's 4g bro

  • Rushikesh

anil, 29 Jul 2017can i use 32 gb memory card in my redmi 2 without hanging m... moreYes you can use 32gb memory card without any problem whatsoever.

  • Suji

Actually my mobile has some problem due to that I will go some mobile shop he will install new software...in that time my phone updater not work every time I will check no updates it will give message no updates available for why ??plz give some answer . actually new versions is available

  • AnonD-692387

Vijayan, 13 Aug 2017is this 4G or 3G phone..please reply friendsits 4G bro. 3G is redmi 1s

Vijayan, 13 Aug 2017is this 4G or 3G phone..please reply friendsThis phone have both 3G and 4G.

  • Vijayan

is this 4G or 3G phone..please reply friends

  • fumozhe

Oh, pls. MIUI is really overrated. Xiaomi's phones themselves are good phones w/ cheap price, that I admit. I own Redmi 2 8gb since its launching more than 2 years ago. Decent chipset, enough for daily use, not for gamers and I'm not one. Great camera, decent display with poor sunlight legibility. Decent battery, lasting half a day for moderate use, but I own power bank, so it's no biggie. Great speaker and sound quality. The only fatal flaw is miui. Everything about miui is great tbh, except its multitasking. My gosh, most of the time I hold an app in background n go to home/another app even for just a moment, when I'm back opening it again it reloads/restarts.
And another fatal flaw of xiaomi phones, including Redmi 2 is HEAT. Sure during normal use - call, chat, browse - its temperature is still in comfortable zone, around 39-42 deg C. But for streaming long videos from browser/ a bit of light gaming/ recording video for only a few minutes, it starts being an uncomfortable 45 deg C and more. My place's temperature at noon is around 32-34 deg C for reference. If u live in cooler area, u might get away from Xiaomi's heating plague. My mom's old samsung phone's temperature is always top at 40 deg C, I never feel heat from that oldie. Maybe because nowadays phones use more powerful chipset, so they generate more heat? Who knows. I dunno about the "normal" phone's temperature nowadays, as I don't frequently change my phone, unless it's completely broken. But i still hold on my opinion, 45 deg C is already uncomfortable in my hand, and more uncomfortable on my ear during call.