Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime

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  • Sunil Shetty

Dheeraj, 18 Sep 2015Low quality dsply...Have you ever used this phone? Don't comment without using!

  • Geekyranjeet

Mi.com, 18 Sep 2015We make phones which are long lasting... But the way you are spe... moreYes, we would all love that...

  • anks

Despite of having 4g connection none of the online applications like playstore,facebook or explorer open up...using wifi hotspot it works fine..ny suggestions to solve this???

  • Imran

Hi friends,
Today I received Redmi 2 Prime mobile it's buttery smooth in operation.
I have a question about this mobile. Whenever I tried calling proximity sensor works for auto screen off when I place mobile near face but when I remove it from face for looking at screen it doesn't auto on, then I have to click twice power button to switch back screen on.
Is same thing happening with everyone?
Please advise your suggestions.

  • sneha

i have lost my mobile moto g2 in train. wana buy redmi 2 shud I go for it or I shud go for moto 3rd gen.....

  • Gaurav

I'm going to buy redmi 2 prime suggest me is that good camera nd sound quality tell me about it's weakness??

  • Amar nath

This phon. Batrry problam.

  • Amir

Redimi 2 prime. Its have many problems. RAM problem, Camera problm, and after update many problm

  • Aljozy

Yashanjay, 20 Aug 2015Hello friends I got my redmi 2 prime delivered on 16 august. It... moreyes I'm getting the same problem if you are out of this problem then do tell me what to do please

  • raja

Its a gr8 phone ever I have used.specs like did in just 7k owe some

  • Anonymous

PVReddy, 17 Sep 2015Most of the time signal goes off. Data connection also takes lon... morecheck if battery saver mode is on.

  • Axy

Xiaomi Redmi 2 prime, 16 Sep 2015Xiaomi Redmi 2 prime has gorilla glass ? if anyone known tell meIt has dragon tail glass which is not tat gud as gorilla.. Bt still it gives u imperial look....

  • AnonD-399648

just updated to miui version 6 ( good the yellow tint in photos has gone setting the saturation to low.but noticed a bug in miui video player not able to play in full screen the notification window always there even changing the aspect ratio and also noticed a bug in miui video player's decorder while playing 720p video codec google vp9 seen some unknown colors and hangs too.before the update there were no issues.has anybody came through this issue and sorted out.plz help........

  • Anonymous

AnonD-433971, 17 Sep 2015which is best lenovo a6000+ or xiomi redmi 2 prime pls suggest oneOn one word redmi 2

  • Mi.com

Geekyranjeet, 17 Sep 2015You want a phone for "years"??? I'll give you my Nokia... moreWe make phones which are long lasting... But the way you are speaking above is wrong, we all want a phone which could last about 1 - 2 years

  • praveen

good to use

  • AnonD-234646

Dynamo, 17 Sep 2015Should i buy redmi 2 prime ? As its chinease brand so it could s... moreits made in India

  • AnonD-234646

hey guys is this phone is better than moto g2 plz... anyone i want to but this phone soo

  • Dheeraj

Low quality dsply...

  • jim

i wanted to ask should i buy the redmi 2 prime or the moto e 4g as both are same price in india which is better