Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro

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  • Archer

AnonD-665621, 29 Apr 2017I got myself this phone in early January this year, and I h... moreIt won't get anymore official updates. Try custom ROMS. There are rock stable Marshmallow and Nougat ROMS and stable-ish Oreo ROMS. The performance of this phone triples on a custom ROM.

  • Ernst

I've been using the Redmi 2 Pro for a little over a year now and I'm suprised with how well it's holding up. I've cracked the screen twice and bricked it as well (I did get it to work again without help from anywhere except forums). But I struggle to get cases and system uptates are few and far between, but when there are updates, they're actually quite nice.
Would I recommend it? In 2017, NO. For nearly the same price you could get a Xiaomi Redmi 4a

  • Andys

After 14 months the screen started to delaminate and the touch screen started failing. Otherwise it would have been good value for money.

I do not recommend

  • AnonD-665621

I got myself this phone in early January this year, and I have to admit that I don't regret purchasing this device. I hope there is a software update as I want to upgrade to android marshmallow.

  • AnonD-604053

I have upgraded to 5.1.1 lollipop and miui 8 it not bad the battery improves, UI are very nice, have alot new features, little fast but not for gaming, the gaming experience are bad now, i play like Mobile Legend, Asphalt 8 and Bullet Force it was lagging and i have to change the graphics to Low but in Bullet Force it Medium setting. So i recommends if your a gamer and like playing games don't upgrades to Lollipop and miui 8

  • Ismael

It works in USA?

  • Anonymous

How is music system and gaming in this phone

  • Gallo

Choosing between this one and a Huawei Ascend p7. What do you think?

  • Akash

jezel, 12 Dec 2016how do upgrade my android operating system to a lollipopU will get update opition
so in soon u will get lollipop version

  • jezel

how do upgrade my android operating system to a lollipop

  • Navin timilsina,npl

Excellent phone,looks awesome like i phole, everything is grt.. Using 6 months i am proud of my decision.. Its durable.. Camera excellent.. Software awesome.. Sound qulty qrt,net surfing feels grt.. Battery charges fast and durable

  • AnonD-599209

delvo, 24 Sep 2016really? what providerr do you use??? my redmi 2 pro 4g di... moreYou should to change the region to malaysia in setting

  • delvo

chuvez, 12 Sep 20164G works on redmi 2 pro i've tried in soekarno hatta airpo... morereally? what providerr do you use???
my redmi 2 pro 4g didn't works.
i use telkomsel as a provider

  • chuvez

sontoloyo, 30 Jun 2016can 4G redmi 2 pro in indonesia..? 4G works on redmi 2 pro i've tried in soekarno hatta airport and its fast ...


Technology at its best. Extreme best designs ever.

  • Anonymous

does ar mode work on pokemon go?

  • AnonD-579359

Reliance jio 4g sim sport in redmi note2 pro

  • AnonD-568356

AnonD-575941, 24 Aug 2016i have a hard working redmi2pro. with miui 7 lollipop. and ... moreHave you played the game on the previous version of MIUI with KitKat? Because gameplay was smoother compared to the latest update

  • AnonD-568356

AnonD-569582, 07 Aug 2016did u start playing poke go before updating or after updati... moreI started playing it before updating. And it worked fine. After the update I noticed the lower FPS. Not just in Pokemon Go, but other games as well

  • AnonD-575941

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2016How's the battery life anyone?I got 9 hour in a daily working with music in bluetooth.