Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro

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  • AnonD-498716

AnonD-478940, 21 Dec 2015now, it's $ 150,00 in Brazil.... with 8 mp camera.....Sad but true D=

  • Anonymous

AnonD-478940, 21 Dec 2015now, it's $ 150,00 in Brazil.... with 8 mp camera.....Don't look the Xiaomi camera short, it might just be 8 megapixels but i has an excellent lens.

  • Vpass

It cames with two câmeras. Rear 8mpx. Front 2 mpx
Vídeo fullhd 30fps only rear câmera. . front 720p

  • AnonD-478940

now, it's $ 150,00 in Brazil.... with 8 mp camera.....

  • Nano Gennari

I'ts already been sold in Brazil, it's specifications look a lot like the Redmi 2 Prime. Here: http://imgur.com/pOm6vEW

  • Jacko

Does it really come without camera???. If so great. It is much needed for professionals across many companies where camera phones are not allowed.

  • WarleyA8

it's louched in Brazil R$729,00 (US$182,50)

  • jackie

what is the difference?
better is with m or l android versons....

still kitkat?? in what era they are living??
atleast lollipop was expected.

  • Ryan

Whts the difference between redmi 2 prime nd this??

  • imtiaz

Is it without Camera. Wow , finally :) , a carry everywhere smartphone.

HUH :\
What's different?

  • AnonD-361506

what is difference between this and Redmi 2 prime? all specs are same. no difference only new name

  • AnonD-380522

Is it the US version of Redmi 2 Prime?

  • bujila

Nice small phone