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This September my Redmi 3 Grey "Bought 2016" Got Endless Bootloop and Sometimes can boot in but the All Apps always not responding and return to home screen. The Repairman said the eMMC got Rekt R.I.P.

I used this for 1 straight year, it's laggy and the battery performance is bad.


Is there any screensaver? in the Redmi3 android phone. Is there any? If so please tell me how to activate that? Thanks B 4

Sincerely yours.

  • Arrry

it's a good device and also lasts 3 years of wearing it. with devs still caring about this device, it would be nice to have one.

  • tender

Mahfudh, 19 Apr 2020Try to Root and install custom rom "swing rom". Believe me... morewhere can I find this rom?

  • strywcksn

for all of you who still had or use this phone, I'd recommend to flash a new custom rom to AOSP Extended, then add an additional 16 or 32gb of sd card to formar it as internal storage. Works like a charm.

  • Rofiqk

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020Everything is ok.. But... This phone doesnt show battery lo... moreTry to reset or update your phone

  • Mahfudh

Try to Root and install custom rom "swing rom".
Believe me, super waw...

you guys can try mokee roms on Redmi 3.
it has great support.

  • Anonymous

Everything is ok.. But... This phone doesnt show battery low notification.. How to on it?

  • khanif

faisal95, 14 Jun 2019thats sad. I've been using it for more than 3 years. Sti... moresame here,and about my battery,now only 3110 mAh remaining,it can 9 hours and 5 hour Screen on time,no problem

  • AreeXander

bought jan 2016, and now this cheap phone is still works fine. Awesome and lots of dev that still care to build rom for this old potato. A memorable device.
but now im using redmi note 7 for about 6 months

  • Iste

Using since 2016. Was lagging so I installed AOSP based rom on it and some mods now it's smooth. But still poor storage r/w performance due to usage and the main visible problem is the display corners became washed out and getting worse over time. Memory cards don't work anymore. Oh and most annoying problem is the wifi system has degraded so much that it slows down and becomes unusable...needs reboot every now and then Well it served me well enough.

  • Arman

I have been using the device since 2016.worked it very good and smoothly.
all in sudden while open SIM slot to change sim card the phone become off and its now don't become on.But if call to the number ring going on but the phone seems dead.
what the hell it is!!!

ShafaZ, 10 Mar 2018I've been using this phone several 2 years and i'm so in lo... morethats sad.

I've been using it for more than 3 years. Still working fine. Though the sound is low now.

Ica, 31 Jan 2019Bought in April 2016 and still until now. Don't understand ... moresame here.

But dont say like that. Love the device

  • Redmi 3 (2016)

My Second Xiaomi Device Other Than Xiaomi Note. Pretty Good Device Snapdragon 616 Better Then My MI4I, I Think I Sold This Around Early 2017.......... Wasted!

  • mobfors

my IR the infrared stopped to work and cant command tv anymore, all was ok with mi remote, and suddenly stopped.. anyone have this experience and some advice how to fix it..

  • Ica

Bought in April 2016 and still until now. Don't understand why it isn't broken yet. I can't buy a new one cause its still in a good perform 😂😂😂😂

  • Ibnu Zandra

dk, 10 Sep 2018Hi! how about 2GB RAM? is it enough?2 Gigabytes of ram is enough though