Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Redmi Note 5)

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Redmi Note 5)

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  • Jhunnie

Still using it, with MIUI 12.5 (Android 10) custom rom. No issues and lags. Battery still lasts a day.

  • Frz

Jojo86, 08 Feb 2021I'm using it for almost three years, and still works l... moreMe too, I've been using it more than 3 years. Bought this phone April 2018 and still using it till now. Planned to upgrade to newer phone though.

  • Anonymous

I bought a 2nd hand for $72 with a 4GB/64GB configuration, it was also unlocked so it was easy to flash a custom Recovery & ROM, using it for business purposes and it really works well, Google Camera improves a ton

  • Anonymous

your mom fat, 19 Feb 2021planning on buying it, hope it's worthedIf you do beware of fake roms . And don't update your phone to miui 11 - it is disastrous. Stay in miui 9 to enjoy smoothness. Xiaomi has stopped giving support to this device so I advise you to buy Redmi note 9 pro .

  • your mom fat

planning on buying it, hope it's worthed

  • fernando silva

Update PLS, 03 Feb 2021When will this get updated to miui 12? It's already Fe... morethis model not receive more upgrates

Bruh, this phone is getting outdated really quick but if you really don't wanna spend a little more on a decent phone then I guess this is good for like, texting and calls I guess? lol

  • Jojo86

I'm using it for almost three years, and still works like a champ. Camera is good, battery can now hold up for a day. He fell few times on the flor, nothing happened, he has maybe one or two scratches. Sound is good, videos are good. Honestly, it's best spent money for me on one phone so far. I'm still going to use it, as far as I can.

  • charlie

kora, 15 Nov 2020Suddenly turned itself off for no reason after 2 years. Def... moresame experience, became very slow and suddenly went off, was told motherboard needs replacement!

  • Update PLS

When will this get updated to miui 12? It's already February. Redmi note 5 updated a month ago...

  • Anonymous

Razib, 30 Oct 2020This Phone I am Using march 2018 till date .it was masterpi... moreYes totally agreed.

  • Anonymous

Screen and fingerprint scanner got worse to the point that the phone is unusable.
No system updates. Good phone, but for very short time.

  • Chander

Worst front camera, still not upgraded to android 10, it seems, Xiaomi don't care about its previous models updates.

  • Pissed off

Duryodhan, 27 Nov 2020Security patch is too old. Please provide new security upda... moreI agree. There's some kind of bug in security settings and no one seems to care. And I think security is a major issue ALWAYS and must be taken care FIRST.

Also, my fingerprint scanner got worse significantly. Compared with a much older Huawei, it is crap.

I wish the Orange man would have not impose those stupid embargos, we would have some decent quality phones right now.

  • ......

Very good phone

  • Duryodhan

Security patch is too old. Please provide new security update. Also no Android 9 update. Really Xiaomi abandoned this phone like a stepchild. No support just because it is a budget phone but today I'm changed the battery at MI service centre and I'm use this phone for another year bcoz no money to buy new phone. Haha

  • kora

Suddenly turned itself off for no reason after 2 years. Definitely going to stay away from xiaomi phones from now on.

Also, this phone isn't even going to get Android 9, let alone 10. Someone should correct the info on the description.

  • Anonymous

Hello, 16 Aug 2020Does redmi 5 plus get miui 12 ?not yet, it will come in early 2021

  • Anonymous

Shawn, 15 Sep 2020No updates from Xiaomi, shame on them BUT you can install L... morebut may cause brick i bricked one

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