Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Xiaomi Redmi 6A

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  • Igor

3 years with this phone and nothing to complain. Maybe, just maybe one regret, because I could have bough Redmi S2 at the time, but anyway...

Recently, I noticed it has been increasing the internal storage usage even without doing downloads or installing new apps. Any hints of how to solve that without factory reseting the phone? And yes, I use an microSD card and moved everything I could to it.

  • R I Z A L

im playing pubg mobile with this phone :(

  • Ste

Sayaka, 11 Sep 2021yes whatsapp still support arm-v7Which other phone has all & more than Redmi 6A

BHARAT, 24 Aug 2021WhatsApp supports in this?yes whatsapp still support arm-v7


WhatsApp supports in this?

K21086, 05 Aug 2021Hello friend.... just download Storage Analyzer Disk usage ... moreSorry friend... it is OPUS file, not OBB

CJ, 20 Jun 2021Mine doesn't have AI portrait and AI face unlockHi friend.... you can use portrait mode using a symbol which appears at the top on selfie cam mode. Face detection is automatic in Redmi 6A. a box appears on the screen for 1 or 2 faces to detect.

Chx, 03 Aug 2021How to remove the other files on the memory? It kept in add... moreHello friend.... just download Storage Analyzer Disk usage app from Google play store. in the app, go to Other files, except OBB files you can delete all other files, coz OBB is your Whatsapp audio files. this will help you definitely to reduce your Other files storage capacity in your mobile. Redmi 6A is such a wonderful phone, i have been using it for 2 years. hope you problem will be sorted out. Kindly reply once you are successful

  • Chx

How to remove the other files on the memory? It kept in adding up after I erased some files and data. It's the only one occupying a lot of memory space on my phone. Thanks

  • ray

CJ, 20 Jun 2021Mine doesn't have AI portrait and AI face unlockfor those can't get face unlock just change the country into india or united kingdom.

  • CJ

Mine doesn't have AI portrait and AI face unlock

  • Nida naaz

How to save mobile data because some pics and Video Show storage space ful

  • Yzenberg

Why my phone did not get update to miui 12? Is that information accurate?

I could actually live with this phone. It does everything I need in the day to day at such a bargain. It's miles better compared to the phone I'm currently using.

  • Bruh

MHKHING, 10 Dec 2020The performance of redmi 6a is bad. Roblox isn't using... moreRedmi 6a is only 2gb RAM, where you put your brain?

  • Marlon

Is this phone going to get android 10?

  • Kagebunshin

Good phone performance no heating issue you can play CODM,PUBG and ML, but the problem is low in storage i regret upgrading to miui 11 from 9 it eats a lot of storage.

  • Redmi fanboy

Dilbert, 06 Jun 2020This is honestly my most favourite phone ever. For the pric... moreLmaooooo what an exquisite sarcasm

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Does Redmi 6A google supported? yes it can use google

  • Anonymous

I used it for more than 3 years. It is very good in performance.