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  • Amitkjangra

SUS, 09 Oct 2021This Phone is awesome even in 2021 !, If you root it and in... moreWhich heavy games u played

  • SUS

This Phone is awesome even in 2021 !, If you root it and install custom rom in it, it will give you far better than miui, I can play heavy games without lag and with good battery back up !!

  • to redmi 7a

i hate this phone i cant connect to my email i cant play the games that i want i can download App Store i cant so my homework right this phone sucks its been a year and they haven't fixed anything what are they doing i know there not reading this but if they are right now their phone is bullshit fix it already pls

  • mr not a bot

best redmi 7a ever.. get fast charging and blue/black phone skin very good game.with 13 mp camera 2/3 gb ram 32 gb storage 4000mAH battery 5.45 screen i saw the best phone ever. get you're redmi 7a at amazon at the stores of your current country buy blue/black skin 16/32 2/3 gb ram storage you can also call and watch youtube. get your redmi 7a today

  • sebee

this phone sucks i bought the chinese version when i try to download the app store it wont work and when i update my phone every app doesnt open i hate it.

  • jhijhi

I've been using 7a for years now but the latest update is a bit disappointing because my playstore won't open and when i connect my gmail to other Apps it won't work and get the app lagging.....I hope they can gix this... if there is just a way to uninstall the latest update i would do it....

  • Nellie

So..hi, I'm owning Xiaomi Redmi 7A 2 years now and.. this phone it's getting worse and worse, I'm editor of videos and I'm using my phone for it..and it's really laggy..this phone doesn't turn on some games because of GB RAM..for this price is this phone horrible.. I'm sorry, but.. that's my opinion, i wish i had money for better phone so.. that's why I'm using this phone now.

  • 67TwinEngine

I bought it in April 2020 and it's a good phone for the price of 110 euros that I've paid. Has a good battery capacity and life, the processor is octa-core, fast for normal usage, the RAM is only adequate at 2GB, has a good set of hardware features, Android es upgraded to 10 and MIUI, now upgraded to version 12.5 has a lot of useful functions.

  • reviewbert

Have had this phone since Jan 2020. It is an absolute battery beast with the huge battery, small screen, and slower processor. If I use battery saver mode and put it on airplane mode, it can standby for ~20 days. I find the speed to be fine and the MIUI to be better than stock android. The only bad thing about this phone is the camera is pretty horrible, it has lots of bloatware, and it doesn't work on verizon. Otherwise, it's a very solid phone for the price.

  • My grandma

Tech75, 21 Aug 20212GB Ram Is not sufficient... It has BloatWare that kills th... moreMy grandma has had it for 2 years now
It still works

  • Anonymous

By using XiaomiADBFastbootTools on my laptop I have removed all the bloatwares.
This phone is good for its price. Captures good photos with Gcam (processing is slow with HDR+). Good phone for its price. I am using it since 2 years.

  • Tech75

2GB Ram Is not sufficient... It has BloatWare that kills the Phone after a year or so...! Had to sell it for 2K...!

  • Henry

I can,t use google play😡 i cant download any app in this phone😡

  • Zuk

Had to update to miui 12 because like so many times before the phone would just restart suddenly when it is not updated. After updating yes the battery drains so damn fast like i could watch youtube for a whole day straight but now i can only do it for less than half day before it requires charging

For this price you can get much better. The cameras suck, same with the storage and RAM. The battery is ok for the price though. I understand you can't expect much from a 100 dollar phone, but like I said, you can get better phones for this price. I bought it and I regret it.
However, the size is small and there is a headphone jack and FM radio, so it's a good phone for people that just want to use it for facebook or whatsapp and for capturing important moments once in a while.
Also, it's cool to see that it recieved MIUI 12


i'm not a geek, but i had not major problem with it

the idea of two spaces in one phone is awesome, only that it's not well protected at all, you can literally see the code to change spaces

besides, not the very bets but it does the job rather well and is reliable

  • Anonymous

ReadMe, 06 May 2021I noticed the same after the new update, now i have to char... moreAll oem's to that on purpose.. they deliberately update all older models to slow them down and kill the batteries too.. to force u to buy newer models.. don't ever update ur phone. Just keep it updated through Google Play Store.. that will be more than enough.

  • deathblow

Why my Google app is not working in my phone how can I use my account if the application is not working... On my phone

LowNitro, 21 Apr 2021The major reason one may choose one phone from Xiaomi Redmi... moreThe build you posted is extremely unstable, LTE doesn't work, requires Havoc OS which is an absolute garbage rom, and the guy using LineageOS 17.1 is LARPing because LineageOS 17.1 is not available for the Redmi 7A, only Redmi 7. Stop being an android shill, this phone is already discontinued.

I own both a Redmi 7 and a Redmi 7A (both global versions). The smaller, less powerful Redmi 7A has a prompt to update to MIUI 12, but the bigger, more powerful Redmi 7 is forever stuck in MIUI 11.

Really tought that only the chinese versions of both phones would receive MIUI 12 + Android 10, since these have more RAM and more attention from Xiaomi.