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Xiaomi Redmi 7A

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Six months with this phone and I dont have a single complaint. Redmi hasnt disappointed me once. From using redmi 2 for 3years to this reliable phone. For basic smartphone use, this is great phone

shanth24x7, 11 Jan 2020I am really surprised, how Redmi is manufacturing quality class ... morethis is rational.
2 Ghz cpu (12nm)

medium display, 700x1000

quite small ram, 2GB

that's why quite powerful and longer battery life.

know this phone from techradar, and i think it is the best from their cheap / budget category. at least at better battery performance

I am really surprised, how Redmi is manufacturing quality class mobiles at such reasonable prices. This phone is perfect in every aspect.
First budget. I have a blackberry key2 le. Almost same specs as BB key2 LE except for the qwerty keypad. Batter lasts way longer, The dimensions of the phone are very similar to Iphone 6s. Very slight difference in height and width. Weight is normal. The zoom is good. I felt the picture quality was really good.
The main reason for me to select this phone is
i needed a secondary phone which has dual sim support and memory card support and the size of the phone. I am sick and tired of holding those 6 inch 7 inch phones. The screen colors are crisp and its AI is really good. the OS clearly identifies unnecessary notifications and suggests us if they can be muted based on the app notifications. This way we are not going to miss important notifications. Too many features in the phone which will take time.
its available now at a price of Rs. 5500/- which is Awesssssssome. So far so good.I love holding this phone.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me what the selfie camera is like for whatsapp video calls? Do you come across clearly. I want to get this phone but the 5 MP is making me a little cautious.

  • Ashish

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2020I am not getting MIUI 11 update in my Redmi 7A (Indian version) ... moreTurn off early get updates in settings of system updates

  • Karam

Bad Colors

  • Gloria the Trainer

This phone is super cute, adorable and cheap!

  • Anonymous

I am not getting MIUI 11 update in my Redmi 7A (Indian version) . Have anyone have solution for this.

  • Anonymous

Vishal Akbar, 03 Jan 2020Updated to MIUI11. All is going well so far. However, will upd... moreIt will be better with Poco launcher

Updated to MIUI11.
All is going well so far.
However, will update about experience after a week.

  • Redmi7a

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2019Make sure ur proximity sensor isn't covered by protective glass ... moreThank you.

  • Mired

Nouro, 16 Nov 2019Contrat IS horribleAgree, bought this phone to replace my old Redmi 4A that got drenched in water and the old model had a much brighter and sharper screen + although only quad core it was faster and smoother to use.
Luckily i paid only 70€ for this phone, so for the price its ok, good battery life but the rest is nothing special.

its camera app hangs a lot. every time i open its camera app. it takes 5 seconds to open app

  • Anonymous

www, 21 Dec 2019Camera error when I update to miui 11😡😡&... morewhat version? Because I received version today

How will get MIUI 11 in india

  • J

I got the 32GB version for 77 €.

  • www

Camera error when I update to miui 11😡😡😡

  • daniel

I suppose Xiaomi declared a war among budget phones. I got 7A for 85€. If camera is not your priority it is a nicely built phone (kinda heavy)

I only wish all Iphone counterparts would give up on their OS “art deco” and stick to Android One

  • Anonymous

One of The best 2gb/16gb phone around

  • Anonymous

Svp, 18 Nov 2019Here in South India I am still not getting MIUI 11 update for my... moreYou dwnLd the official recovery rom from the official site and flash it as the update is already available just google it or else take your device to service centre they’ll do it for you free if it’s in warranty,however don’t use the term root With them :)