Xiaomi Redmi 8A

Xiaomi Redmi 8A

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  • Lady Twinklefangs

Mobiles have one basic function. To RING when a call comes in and have a very visible notification when you miss a call. This mobile rings whenever and might even notify you when you receive an email. Might is the keyword here. Very disappointed and would not recommend it at all.

  • Anonymous

The most unreliable device out there by far. If you want a phone to just talk and play old games on, this is the phone for you. It literally has no other uses, steer clear of this phone

  • Anonymous

Synz, 25 Mar 2021I have it for only one year and it's gone. The phone s... moreXiaomi has 2 year warranty.

  • AnonD-821125

Shahriar mikat, 05 Mar 2021I checked through xiaomi's dialer bro..by typing *#*#6... moremy bad. the indian variant does use a different sensor. sorry

  • Synz

I have it for only one year and it's gone. The phone starts freezing for some months and now it's gone.Dead gone. it switches off and never comes on again.

  • igor

great phobe, great. i have it one month, beautiful. just dont update all those apps and systeems, and it works smoothley

  • Anonymous

Dont recommend. If you use it only for calls and chat, then its ok. My experience: recorded videos sometimes play audio while video itself lags. Gyroscope wasn't working properly for first few months. Now screen stops responding when gaming or watching YouTube, lock/unlock or restart fixes it for a while. Could be because of low ram.

  • Shahriar mikat

Vishal Akbar 20, 29 Aug 2020Indian versions have Sony sensors. Only Indian version. F... moreI have indian version too..but it has a samsung sensor with f/1.9.I checked it through CIT menu on dialer by dialing *#*#64663#*#*..

  • Shahriar mikat

AnonD-821125, 24 Jan 2021so you'd rather believe some app on playstore over xia... moreI checked through xiaomi's dialer bro..by typing *#*#64663#*#*.It will lead you to version information.. It works on any xiaomi phone..you can also do it by taping your kernel version 9-10 times. If you don't believe, try doing it yourself

  • Yulia

Purchased two of these for me and my husband back in April 2020, we both still hold them and they work perfectly fine. To be honest I didn't expect it to work for so long this well.
The camera is pretty bad as soon as it's not daylight, the processor isn't good at games at all.
Now, I read the reviews here and I believe that most critics are unjust about this phone. Guys, get a little more real: you can't expect a phone for 150$ to be as good as one for 1000$, it's just not possible. But for it's cost Redmi 8A gets the job done perfectly. If this is the only option affordable to you at the moment, go for it, it's not a bad phone at all, just keep in mind it's specs. As long as you don't demand what it's not supposed to be doing, you're gonna be fine with it.

  • Anon

Ammy, 19 Nov 2020What is the meaning of this 40 - Global 1, 3, 5, 8, 4... moreSim card operators use different bands to connect your phone to their network, that they have license to use. Global version can use more bands so foreign sim cards can work on them.

  • AnonD-821125

Shahriar mikat, 20 Jan 2021I have bought the indian variant of redmi 8a.but when I che... moreso you'd rather believe some app on playstore over xiaomi themselves? redmi 8 and 8a uses imx 363, the 1.4µm pixel size confirms it. whatever app you were using wasn't displaying the correct specs

  • Shahriar mikat

smaaz, 25 Aug 2020I have no complaints in this price range the phone has amaz... moreI have bought the indian variant of redmi 8a.but when I checked through dialer I came to know that my phones back camera uses samsung_s5k217 & for front camera it uses omnivision..Xiaomi truly lied about their sony imx 363 sensor..🖕

  • GregNZ

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2020Same problem. I reboot my phone every few days when i notic... moreYes have the same problem with home screen apps taking long to appear. I downloaded Microsoft launcher and most times no delay now with home screen loading apps. Try it.

  • Dan

Sharaf, 03 Sep 2020Worst One. I have purchased for my mom. The Ads are irritat... moreI disabled all of that, and with adb I left it with no bloatware. Now it works fantastic!

  • Anonymouse

Kira , 22 Oct 2020I bought the phone for online class,and also for gaming,but... moreTry using different launcher for homescreen problem.

  • Nana

Kira , 22 Oct 2020I bought the phone for online class,and also for gaming,but... moreYes, I do have the same problem too

Medo, 31 Dec 2020 this phone is not good for mobile legeds , and olso not ... morehello
I live in Iran. I had the problem that you have now. if you use sim card internet you must change manually your APN . if you use wifi, i have no idea how you can fix your problem.

  • Medo

this phone is not good for mobile legeds ,
and olso not good for online games ,reconnecting in 50% to 55% an then restart to zero ,and then reconnect even the network is good
kindly plx fix

A Really really good-phone. I'm so satisfied. With Gcam, its camera performs as good as mid-range phones.