Xiaomi Redmi 8A

Xiaomi Redmi 8A

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  • j
  • joe
  • aaM
  • 08 Oct 2021

I used it two years as now it is 10/2021. it becomes slower and slower. I cleaned up photos not many hold, yet when I press photo there is a few second before it goes in camera mode.
face recognition not always work, or I'm not sure when it will force me to enter passwd.
It stuck 2-3 times I need to use combi key to reset it. Other than that, this phone is good enough as it is cheaper, new one costs me about $115 on Amazon. Compared with Korea phones Xiaomi are much better.

    • S
    • Shahriar mikat
    • XTu
    • 04 Oct 2021

    AnonD-821125, 25 Mar 2021my bad. the indian variant does use a different sensor. sorryBro my phone is made in India🙃

      • M
      • Mikat
      • XTu
      • 04 Oct 2021

      JW, 06 Jun 2021whatever said by others. I am using this phone over 02 year... moreI've also been using this phone for 1.7 years..I haven't faced a single problem..and also after the miui 12.5 update it feels as good as new.It's a budget device so If you handle it carefully it will surely give you a good service..tip: always try to keep internal storage as empty as possible this way your phone will surely stay as fast as new specially its true in budget friendly devices like this one..my phones internal storage is still 11GB empty

        It's working well. Almost the best budget phone i've ever had.

          JW, 06 Jun 2021whatever said by others. I am using this phone over 02 year... more👍👍👍💯

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            • Teegro
            • re7
            • 09 Aug 2021

            Azury, 02 Aug 2021Didn't buy the phone but my cousin has one and she can... moreMine works perfectly all google apps it a global version

              • s
              • solomon
              • fqF
              • 06 Aug 2021

              its a pity the phone doesn't support google playstore anymore after few updates and other google related apps like youtube and maps otherwise the perfomance is fine for a budget phone like this. the camera is good especially the front selfie camera.

                • A
                • Azury
                • I@a
                • 02 Aug 2021

                Suez, 05 Jul 2021My phone is not allow me to install google play store. It&#... moreDidn't buy the phone but my cousin has one and she can't download google play anymore because she "updated/is in" 12.0.3 version

                  • B
                  • Bilal24k
                  • sUv
                  • 27 Jul 2021

                  It works fine for daily usage. I'm using this phone Android 10 miui 12.0.3

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                    • Azo
                    • PTp
                    • 20 Jul 2021

                    Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021is this water prof? No, its have Water-repellent coating which means small water drops would be fine and on that phone would survive but with all water undergoing it will not survive.

                      • S
                      • Suez
                      • Gft
                      • 05 Jul 2021

                      My phone is not allow me to install google play store. It's saying it is an old system.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • PZK
                        • 26 Jun 2021

                        is this water prof?

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • rJI
                          • 25 Jun 2021

                          Anonymous, 17 May 2021Worst phone I've ever bought. I bought this phone for ... morethe main problem of your phone being laggy is MIUI 12 the phone is not that powerful to handle this heavy operating system.

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • ijs
                            • 13 Jun 2021

                            I have been using this phone for like a year and it already have a lot of problems. I came here to comment about this because I am in the situation where I feel fully frustrated. I am currently facing a problem with the android, it happens multiple times. I suppose it shouldn't wreck like this but the fact that the reboot system doesn't reboots to it's normal state is very frustrating. I am not sure with what happened to current device, it's devastating to face this repeatedly. Though I clicked reboot many times, It still doesn't work. I don't know what happens, but hey. This ruins my whole mood. I am still trying to reboot this thing but it still won't budge. Please, MIU system is a disaster. I have to mention it, the first time I've used it is alright but as time goes by, I am not sure with what happens to the music app that is created in the phone. It just keeps on stopping on it's own as if there's a ghost trolling around. It's never peaceful to listen to music these days, even though I used Spotify to avoid this problem. Moreover, it often quits the applications that I use over and over. I wonder why does that happens. Hence, regarding the music application on this phone. I think it is completely wrecked because it use to not have any advertisement, but now it does, I feel like Im in the world of Youtube of entertainment instead of Music of blessing.

                              • J
                              • JW
                              • P@S
                              • 06 Jun 2021

                              whatever said by others. I am using this phone over 02 years with zero errors. Compare to Huwaei & Samsung budget phones this is BEST budget phone. I am online more than 12 rs daily without any issue. Only problem sometime transferring medias through bluetooth to other phones failling. I will give 4.5 stars our of 5

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • X$U
                                • 17 May 2021

                                Worst phone I've ever bought. I bought this phone for my mom. At that time it looked like a very good deal and I had been using a Redmi Note 5 for almost 2 years. After a couple of months of moderate use this phone has become extremely laggy. There are lots of ads on my phone and it seems to get worse after each update.
                                DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Save your 100 bucks and get something else instead.

                                  • L
                                  • Lady Twinklefangs
                                  • LHk
                                  • 05 May 2021

                                  Mobiles have one basic function. To RING when a call comes in and have a very visible notification when you miss a call. This mobile rings whenever and might even notify you when you receive an email. Might is the keyword here. Very disappointed and would not recommend it at all.

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nUA
                                    • 09 Apr 2021

                                    The most unreliable device out there by far. If you want a phone to just talk and play old games on, this is the phone for you. It literally has no other uses, steer clear of this phone

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mvI
                                      • 09 Apr 2021

                                      Synz, 25 Mar 2021I have it for only one year and it's gone. The phone s... moreXiaomi has 2 year warranty.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-821125
                                        • fIS
                                        • 25 Mar 2021

                                        Shahriar mikat, 05 Mar 2021I checked through xiaomi's dialer bro..by typing *#*#6... moremy bad. the indian variant does use a different sensor. sorry