Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power

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  • finest

the battery is fantastic, the back cover is awesome
the colors are really cool. red and green the best
The volume is super good .
as this phone has 2 speakers.

  • vishal

Also its the worst phone in my house
Hanged on day 1
sanpdragon 665 oh so bad
Also camera are so bad, 48mp really ?
13mp on redmi 9 are far better than this
display quality is so bad. Doesnt even feel Hd forget full hd

  • vishal

buy the fiery red color all
hands down best color
i have held all colors in my hand

  • sumesh sukumaran

recently brought the phone - unfortunately I've noticed the network issues after the return period - wifi and Cellular signal is receiving weak at all times- warranty claimed and replaced the mainboard - no improvement - comparing to other phones it is the worst one - might be the second quality delivered by amazon who is responsible

  • Anonymous

Pravincctv, 01 Sep 2021Worst phone. Touch screen not working. Brought this phone f... moreDon't buy this phone if you want to take good pics the camera quality is very poor in comparison with other.

Worst phone. Touch screen not working. Brought this phone for my wife as a surprise gift. But it gave me surprise

  • Anonymous

N, 19 Jul 2021Worst Phone Call recording not Allow, Charging Indicato... moreI have the same problems

  • Anonymous

the best phone bargain ever

Lulu, 23 Aug 2021Nothanks

  • Lulu

Not known, 23 Aug 2021Hi, does redmi 9 power have an equalizer which supports wir... moreNo

Hi, does redmi 9 power have an equalizer which supports wireless bluetooth (not wired)headsets similar to dolby atmos , dirac etc?

This phone's hardware is great for the money. It has 4gb ram, 64gb storage, dual speakers and a 3.5mm jack for under 13k rupees.
If you plan to debloat this phone(AKA get rid of all xiaomi and google bloatware) using ADB(Android Debug Bridge), it is going to be an absolute pain.

The first time I did it, I bricked my phone.(Even though it was my fault for deleting some important package, the amount of bloatware in this just makes you frustrated enough to accidentally delete stuff without taking your time.)
Thankfully, It worked after a factory reset.

The 2nd time I did it, the stock files app(com.google.android.documentsui) broke.
This sucks since I use a youtube client called "Newpipe" and now I won't be able to easily export my subscriptions anymore.

So basically, only buy this phone if you're okay with the absurd amount of bloatware in this and if you don't plan to make any modifications to the phone.
Either way, MIUI is very very bad.

good phone

  • Jack jegathish

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2021Problems with Redmi 9 power phone after using for 1 week : ... moreThis happen all redmi mobiles I think

  • Anonymous

Problems with Redmi 9 power phone after using for 1 week :
-Brightness decreases and increases on its own even when Autobrightness is off.
-Autorotate screen Orientation does not work properly.
-Problem with earphone hole, sound is not at all clear on headphones.

Note : 100% DON'T BUY this Phone. Instead I suggest Redmi Note 9 model as it's alternative in the same range and features or go for other brands

  • Anonymous

Salman Alam, 01 Jul 2021Worst phone, please don't buy, the camera quality is v... morePlease don't go for some negative comments. It is giving better battery life and Gaming Experience than my previous phone Redmi note 9. Just buy it.

  • Raj

Is this 6 GB RAM with 128 GB internal Storage? I saw somewhere internal storage was mentioned 8 GB and expandable upto 512 GB.

For those complaining about the poor battery life, its because of MIUI. I have tried custom roms on it and they all have great battery life. (SOT of more than 15 hours of heavy use)

As far as I remember, 12.0.6 was the last MIUI version that has no battery issues, after I updated to 12.0.8 it was worse like you all. Presumably the did it to provision some battery capacity to prolong it (their 1000 high cycle battery advertisement).

For camera, it's bad to begin with. Installing Gcam made it so much better (for night time shots and it's less noisy overall compared to the stock cam. Still no 4k recording however which is weird since other SD662 phones has it.

  • N

Worst Phone
Call recording not Allow, Charging Indicator N A,
Wi-Fi hotspot is very Poor, also internet is not Getting speed in this phone.

  • Azmeer

8MP is better than it