Xiaomi Redmi K30

Xiaomi Redmi K30

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2019Serious this AMOLED craze needs to stop! There's two opti... moreThat's wrong. K30 has IR blaster while the K20 doesn't.

  • Anonymous

lenovo z6...sd730...157mm...super amoled..6/64...120hz...hdr10...ud fingerprint

lenovo z5 pro gt...SD855...155mm...super amoled...8/128...full screen...manual pop up selfie...ud fingerprint


  • Anonymous

mi cc9 pro have 159mm screen size & 5300mah
this come with 166mm tall & 4500mah

  • Anonymous

even bigger than REALME 5S
really soooo big...like a desert monster
you need to borrow one hand to work with it
bcuz such a monster screen need at least three hands to handle it

Wish they went for a better design

kinit, 13 Dec 2019IPC LCD is not bad. Unless you want your super amoled to ha... moreI have a 4 year old J7 2015 and there is no screen burn in. You just gotta know how to use a smartphone

IPC LCD is not bad. Unless you want your super amoled to have a Screen burn. Thats a shame

Love the Community, 12 Dec 2019No no. UFS 2.1 is still Ultra Fast Storage. It's just those... moreWtf. Thats not the real meaning of UFS

  • kicks

when it willl be availaable in philipines?

  • Anonymous

Serious this AMOLED craze needs to stop!
There's two options:
Redmi K20/Mi9T - You get smaller AMOLED, no hole punch and price is the same.
Redmi K30 4G - You bigger screen, 120hz, and price is the same.
If you care about AMOLED so much get the K20/Mi9T because performance difference between the 730 vs 730G is only like 10%. The Sony IMX686 is still only a 64MP with marginal improvement over the Samsung GW1. With both phones price the same, there's really not difference other than the AMOLED display vs 120hz IPS display. So what's the problem?

IPS LCD ruins this phone. Shame.

  • Love the Community

Redmi , 12 Dec 2019Is ufs 2.1 memory is bad? No no. UFS 2.1 is still Ultra Fast Storage. It's just those stuck up social climbers only want the latest even though 2.1 to 3.0 makes little difference.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2019OLED is not the same thing as AMOLED. OLED is much more exp... moreBro amoled , oled , poled and superamoled are names of the same pannel ......lcds is a nother type with a back lamp wich amoled doesnot has that back lamp because the pixels material shines of their own

  • Redmi

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2019Everything looks good except the UFS2.1 memory otherwise th... moreIs ufs 2.1 memory is bad?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2019New A51 has 9611 cpu, and cost 300++ euros. So this k30 bea... moreThe reason to get a non chinese phone is adware/spyware (besides google's) that may be present and that helps pay for stuff so that these phones can get so cheap. Said that I don't have in my phone anything that would be of interest to anyone so like most people I don't care but many people think they do. Also besides ads many people don't like MIUI, to many, software experience is more important than raw specs.

  • Anonymous

Redmi k30 has liquid cooling? Not the 5g version.

  • Anonymous

New A51 has 9611 cpu, and cost 300++ euros. So this k30 beats it, only screen

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2019I was excited until I read it had an LCD screen. LCDs with ... moreHopefully they will have a way to make it right but I am pretty sure it will come with that typical issue.

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Dz1, 11 Dec 2019You may be happy getting an LCD phone with annoying double ... moreYou see why Xiaomi would care to put a good display without a punch hole like with the excellent Mi 9T (K20) if most people care only about price, love inferior stuff as long as its cheap. So those who of us who see LCD displays for what they are will need to pay more because decent phones can't be sold in large enough numbers.

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Dz1, 11 Dec 2019And I'm sick of Xiaomi fanboys. It's an LCD phone with doub... moreOLED is not the same thing as AMOLED. OLED is much more expensive to make and procure (that's why you see them in expensive phones from Apple and LG). AMOLED is cheaper and almost as cheap as some good LCD displays. Still preferences are personal.